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Joseph Finder Biography:

Joseph Finder was born to be a spy. Much of his childhood was spent living around the world, including time in Afghanistan and the Philippines. Capable of speaking multiple languages, Finder began learning Farsi as a child navigating the streets of Kabul. From an early age, Finder was placed in extremely stressful environments with many unfamiliar faces surrounding him. Eventually, Finder’s family settled permanently just outside of New York. Finder was born into the Cold War era of detente and mutually assured destruction with Russia. Consequently, it is no surprise that someone as cultured and well-travelered as Finder became interested in the Soviet Union, the KGB, and Russian history. From high school to college at Yale, Finder devoted his studies to anything and everything Russian From history to politics to the government, Finder became an expert on Russian affairs. Interestingly, Finder could have pursued a musical career as he was a member of the famed Yale a cappella group, the Whiffenpoofs. After graduating from Yale summa cum laude, Joseph Finder continued his soviet studies at Harvard university where he completed a masters degree. After a stint as a Harvard professor, Finder’s ultimate goal was realized when he was recruited to join the Central Intelligence Agency.

It was at this point, that Finder decided to forgo his spy career and focus his efforts on becoming a fiction writer. While this may seem like a bizarre move for someone who had dreamed of being in the CIA for Finder it was a logical move. As a writer, Finder would be able to live out his life as a spy with the literary freedom to do whatever he wanted. In 1991, at the young age of thirty-three, Finder published his first novel The Moscow Club about a fictional KGB against the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. With the publication of his first book, Finder immediately received international acclaim and became an instant best seller in Europe. With his knowledge of foreign affairs and desire to be a member of the intelligence community, Finder is the ultimate thriller writer as he brings expertise, knowledge, and creativity to his novels.

When not writing novels, Finder lives with his wife and daughter in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a founding member of the International Thriller Writers Association and serves on a variety of intelligence boards. His non-fiction writing on current events, particularly espionage and terrorism, can be found in The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Thus far in his writing career, Joseph Finder has written a total of eleven novels. Two, Vanished and Buried Secrets, are a series about Nick Heller, while the remaining books are stand-alone stories. A movie, starring Harrison Ford and based on Finder’s 2004 novel Paranoia is due to be released in August of this year. Like the book, the movie will tell the story of corporate espionage that is full of suspense, romance, and drama. In this novel and movie, narrator Adam Cassidy is a low level employee at a telecom company who breaks company rules by charging a lavish retirement party for a coworker to the company credit card. Once caught, CEO Nick Wyatt offers Adam a take it or leave it offer: go to jail or go to work for a rival company and pass along information on their new product to Wyatt. This new product is the latest in telecom innovation and poses a threat to the survivability of Wyatt’s company. At the rival company, Trion Systems, Adam is in close contact with the company’s CEO on a daily basis. As he becomes closer to his new boss and gets accustomed to the high salary and perks, Adam begins to question whether or not he should feed Wyatt confidential information. With drama and suspense on every corner, the movie is sure to follow in the footsteps of the novel and become a Hollywood hit.

In Finder’s first novel entitled The Moscow Club, the protagonist Charlie Stone is a CIA analyst on Russian affairs. Set after the Cold War has ended, the CIA learns of an imminent coup within the KGB against the Russian President. The only evidence of the threat is a top secret audio tape. Soon, Stone is framed for a horrible murder and finds himself on the run from his country. With nowhere to run, Stone finds himself in the Soviet Union where he meets the leaders behind the coup. The novel tells the story of Stone’s efforts to thwart the coup and stop a major restructuring of good to evil from occurring. Readers will be on their toes throughout the novel.

While many of Finder’s novels are stand alone books that can be read in any order, he has written two books that follow the character of Nick Heller. The novels, Buried Secrets and Vanished, introduce us to Heller a former Special Forces soldier who specializes in digging up dirty secrets. In the first book Vanished, Nick learns that his estranged brother has been brutally beaten and kidnapped from the hospital. While searching for his brother, Nick is thrown into a secret world of lies and deceit when he learns his brother works for a defense contractor. Soon, Nick realizes that his search for his brother will be a violent struggle that pits him against individuals from his own country. In Buried Secrets, Heller has opened his own private security firm in Boston and is forced to defend his friends as enemies far and wide attempt to penetrate his inner-circle.

With twists, suspense, and drama on every page it is impossible to put down a Joseph Finder thriller. His unique prose and ability to draw the reader in instantly is what makes Finder among the best fictional espionage writers today. Finder’s books have received international acclaim and have made frequent appearances on various best seller lists. With Finder’s preexisting expertise and knowledge in espionage, his novels bring an aura of believability that is not found in many of today’s thriller novels. As Joseph Finder begins his foray into Hollywood, if his movies are anywhere close to as riveting and exciting as his books than he will be the next big star.

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7 Responses to “Joseph Finder”

  1. John Ealy: 7 months ago

    Best author of thrillers after John Grisham.

  2. Sherry Keck: 1 year ago

    I’ve now read 5 of your books in the last 3 weeks. Hard to put them down. Thanks for your knowledgeable and fascinating characters & story plots.

  3. Judy J Kiser: 2 years ago

    Just finished Buried Secrets and didn’t want to quit until I was finished! I’m off to library to find Vanished. Wish me luck. By the way saw the movie High Crimes years ago and enjoyed so will probably read this as well. Just keep on writing. It looks like I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

  4. Sherrod McCall: 2 years ago

    I’m nearly blind from retinitis pigmentosa and faithfully listen to books via audible. My wife is constantly on the lookout for authors in this genre. I was delighted to have her discover your series and stand-alone books. We look forward to many more jewels.

  5. Ellen Gurney: 2 years ago

    I hope that you continue your Nick Heller series as there has been no clear cut resolution to Victor’s financial use of Gabe. Has there?

  6. Ann Hardman: 3 years ago

    I’m retired editor and I just wanted to say how impressed I have been by your books. You have what I would call a Goldilocks approach to your writing—not too much description, but enough to bring the characters to life. I particularly liked your description in Judgment of the PI’s office, building, and a lovely little riff about flappers and newsboys. I was transported! Your use of specific details can only be described as “delicious.” And your plots! Amazing! I won’t take any more of your time. All I’ll say is, “Keep writing!”

  7. Bill Simmons: 3 years ago

    I am really enjoying your novels. Read about two books a week so always on lookout for new writers.
    Keep up the great work.


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