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Joseph Knox is a popular author from England, who likes to write mystery, thriller, suspense, and crime fiction books. He has written several bestselling standalone novels in his writing career, which are mainly based on the crime fiction genre. Author Knox currently resides in London and works from there. He has spent some of his initial years in Manchester and Stoke. Knox’s debut novel is called Sirens, which is the first of the few books that feature the lead character as Detective Aiden Waits. Author Knox was born and brought up in Stoke.

Prior to the start of his career, author Knox used to work in bookshops and bars in Stoke and Manchester. Later, he moved to London and began focusing on writing books. When he gained confidence and his work started receiving praise, Knox started taking it seriously. Currently, he writes, runs, and reads compulsively. The real name of the author is Joe Knobbs, while Joseph Knox is his pen name.

It took him 8 years to get his first book published. He had to go through a bidding war to find a leading publisher for releasing the book. Transworld, which is a division of the Penguin publication, handed Knox the deal to publish Sirens after facing tough competition from 9 other major publishers. Author Knox finished his schooling from the Painsley School and St. Mary Primary School, located in Cheadle and Leek respectively. Later, he completed his graduation from the Salford University. Immediately after his graduation, he accepted a job offer at Waterstones. As the days passed, author Knox saw his life changing from being made to stack shelves to write bestselling books. He says that he always wanted to be a writer and has always seen himself as one.

When Knox was small, he used to face difficulty in sleeping at night and used to wander everywhere in the house. So, his parents brought some books for him to read and stop wandering around. Knox got busy with the books and soon developed a habit of reading. And slowly, the reading gave way to writing and it eventually started writing stories seriously. It was while studying in the university that he got the idea to write Sirens at the age of 18. Subsequently, he finished developing the full novel over the course of the first year of his degree college.

However, he could not publish the book easily. While working at Waterstones, author Knox was involved in the buying of crime fiction. He used to take the decision about which crime fiction titles were to be sold nationwide. Knox claims that the job was a perfect one for him. After finishing the writing part Sirens, Knox first approached Antony Topping, the literary agent from Greene & Heaton literary agency.

Topping agreed to represent author Knox. When Knox received enthusiastic responses from 10 leading publishers, he used to visit the offices of each of them and listen to the ideas as to how they will be taking care of his book’s publication. Among all the publishers, Knox felt that Transworld was the passionate one. While still working at the Waterstones, author Knox is planning to write a follow up of his debut book. He says that he tries to utilize as much time of the day as possible in writing the stories and developing the plots. He even takes out time from his lunch break to work on his books. Knox believes that writing a book is a massive effort and every second available must be spent on it. Knox’s mother is a 58 year old practicing nurse named Liz Knobbs. She says that sometimes Knox used to get up at night and start writing. From that time onwards she knew that her son is going to make a big name for himself in the field of writing in future.

The first novel written by Joseph Knox is entitled ‘Sirens’. It was released by the Doubleday publication in the year 2017. This book is regarded as the next big game in the genre of crime fiction and is an assured and brooding debut. Author Knox has set the story in a twilight and sprawling northern city. The story also introduces the main character of Aidan Waits. At the start of the story of the book, Aidan Waits is shown as a disgraced and young detective, who gets caught by his own department for stealing drugs from the evidence room.

He is subsequently blackmailed by his superior officers to go undercover. Later, Aidan Waits learns that the daughter of an MP has run away from her home and he is ordered to bring the girl back to her home. He starts tracing her whereabouts and soon finds himself in the middle of a maelstrom of deception, blackmail, and drugs. The more Aidan Waits uncovers the motives of the involved people, the more he is thrown forward through the police, drug lords, and politicians. In the end, Aidan Waits reaches a conclusion and discovers a truth that he really does not want to get acquainted with. He wishes that he loses his memory and forgets the devastating truth before it could cause any harm to his life or those of his loved ones. The novel appears to be an atmospheric, compulsive, and a bleak debut by the author.

It appears to be the finest Manchester Noir and trawls through the dark and rain sodden nights of the brutal and criminal underbelly. Author Knox has depicted the Sirens as young women, who work for a drug lord named Zain Carver and collect cash from the clubs and pubs. One such cash collector is David Rossiter’s daughter named Isabelle. When Rossiter asks Aidan Waits to keep a watch on the activities of his daughter, Aidan takes help from a former Siren named Joanna Greenlaw and a current Siren named Catherine. Sheldon White is the leader of the Burnsider gang, who makes Catherine disappear by taking her in his gang. Aidan Waits follows the leads and becomes determined to bring down the reign of Carver as well as end his drug ring.

Another mind blowing book that Knox wrote is called ‘Physio-Chemical Calculations’. The book was released by Forgotten Books in 2015. It is based on a Germa book by Sackur and Abegg. The initial intention of Knox was to just translate the book into English. In the original book consisted of the formulae and law used to solve the problems. After taking the consent from Professor Abegg, Knox arranged the subject matter in the form of chapters. He simply dealt with physical chemistry’s main subdivisions. Because of adding solutions to the problems at the back of every chapter, the size of the book has becomes twice of that of the original book. The book was praised and author Knox was lauded for his efforts.

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