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Joseph R. Garber was a best-selling American novelist best known for his 1995 thriller novel Vertical Run and for the articles which he wrote for Forbes Magazine. He was born in Philadelphia and attended University of Virginia and later dropped out to join the United States Army and eventually with a degree in philosophy from East Tennessee State University in 1968. He worked as a business long distance consultant for AT&T and AT&T in house magazine as a writer. For ten years, he served as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton and wrote fiction and nonfiction stories during his free time. He quit his job after the prolonged flu and relocated to Woodside California, where he worked as a consultant and wrote for Forbes Magazine.
Garber became a published novelist in 1990 after his first novel Rascal Money was published. His second book, Vertical Run became was an international bestseller in 1995. Before his death in 2005, the author had written a total of 4 stand alone novels.

Vertical Run

Vertical Run opens up one morning when Dave Elliot is in his office when the company president, his boss walk in and in holding a gun in his hand ready to shoot Dave. In a lightning speed, Dave makes use of his special forces training techniques and knocks out his boss and grabs his gun. When he walks out of his office, he runs into a couple of big men, and a gun fight ensues.

Dave manages to escape and takes a lift up a couple of floors from his office to see his good friend. But his “good friend” is also trying to kill him and again, Dave is forced to escape. What could be wrong? Dave finds himself on the run for the sake of his life from men with a gun and from a crazy leader who communicates with him via radio that Dave has stolen from one of the people that he killed.

To find a way to escape from the skyscraper, he calls a particular television station to call in a bomb threat so that he can escape as the police evacuate everyone in the building. He escapes and returns to the lab he had visited a day before where something odd occurred. However, upon arrival, he finds the building empty. His search for answers as to why everyone seems to want him sends him back to his boss office to piece the clues together. When he arrives at the building he finds dozens of armed men waiting for his ready to pull the trigger, but the move that he does next is just ingenious and what he discovers is truly shocking. The second standalone novel by Joseph Garber is a brilliant read; the twist that the author has added in the last couple pages of this book provides an excellent climax to the story. It is one of the best thriller novels that you will probably ever read; it is a real page turner.

The main character, Dave is a brave, smart and possesses Special Forces class skills that enable him to outmaneuver and take down some mercenaries who are ready to kill him on sight. The story is fast paced, and there is lots of action which is satisfying.


From the author of bestselling novel Vertical Run, comes another action packed story . after a Russian spy discovers a top secret and classified technology known as Whirlwind and a former CIA agent Charlie McKenzie is hired to track the spy. McKenzie does her assignment as needed and he is best at what he does and does the CIA dirty work, (which he did until his superiors double crossed him to cover up intelligence leakage), and now he want to have some revenge.
For Irina Kolodenkova, the Russian spy stumbles upon a classified technology known as Whirlwind, which is a vital military invention since the atomic bomb. Charlie is the only person who possesses the unique skills to track the Russian spy and retrieve the stolen invention. The same individuals who betrayed Charlie and sent him to prison are the same people who assign him with this mission. But for Charlie, he already knows too much, and once he recovers the stolen technology, his bosses plan to double cross him again. They send a soldier of fortune on Charlie’s trail with only one single order: to take down Charlie the moment he recovers the Whirlwind.

Unfortunately, Charlie has his plans and proves to the mercenary that he is not quite an easy kill. Through a series of action and gun drama, Charlie and the Russian spy team up against the South African assassin and his hired gang. The action takes them from the southwest desert, through San Francisco to a small village town in central California.

Whirlwind is a brilliant fast paced action tale of a former CIA agent Charlie McKenzie. You will like the author’s writing style which features some excellent scene backdrops and some believable characters and dialogue.

Rascal Money

After the American Interdyne Worldwide Incorporated and its incompetent chair, Brian Shawby announces their planned takeover of the country’s influential computer company, PegaSys Inc, Chief Executive Officer; Thatcher believes that the attempt will fail. But what he doesn’t know is that there are some other forces at work- first, there is the Japanese entrepreneur who is angered by the World War Two and is eager to have a share in the American computer industry- and PegaSys is at risk of being lost.

Heading the defense team are Louise Bowman and Mike Ash who are secretly in love and struggling to keep their affair a secret from the strict Thatcher as they find ways to save his company. Then to add to the list of problems faced by PegaSys is a mysterious hacker known as the Wintergreen capable of penetrating any system.

Rascal Money is a real page turner, a wild roller coaster that will give you a ride through the world of financial manipulation. It is an authentic, funny and suspenseful tale about a world greed, corruption, revenge, and thirst for total domination rule. If you like fast paced standalone thriller and action packed novels, then Joseph R. Garber books are an ideal match for you.

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