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Joseph Reid is an American mystery, thriller and crime author. He’s best known for his novel, Takeoff, the first book in Seth Walker series about the adventures of an investigator turned air marshal, Seth Walker. The child of a Navy pilot, Reid worked as a marine biologist before switching his career to a patent lawyer. He is a graduate of University of Notre Dane and Duke University.


Takeoff introduces us to Seth Walker who’s just completed his work as an air marshal, but he still works as an investigator and a bodyguard and of the same. He has some dark past and tries to leave that behind and begin rebuilding his life. He has a case a guess that went wrong, and he ends up murdering the woman he loved. He is to guard Max Magic, a teenage girl and a famous singing star known and liked by many people.

Seth is somehow confused about why the girl has to have a federal agent to protect her. His job is a short one; all he has to do is accompany Max while flying from one group of F.B.I in New York City to Los Angeles where he is to give her to another F.B.I group to continue protecting her as she shoots her first movie.

A surprise awaits both of them at the Los Angeles airport, and now Seth will have to trust no one, and he has to be ready to protect Max. On arrival at the airport, six gang men appear with machine guns on their hands and try attacking Seth and Max. Seth is the only one armed with a handgun, and he manages to put down four of them, and the remaining two manages to escape. All that time he is fighting the gang, he wraps his hand around Max protecting her from harm. When their flight becomes a hail of gunfire at Los Angeles, Seth has no other choice but to take Max on the run.

While on their flight, they see a fight between two helicopters and a one engine Cessna and Seth fires on the helicopters through an open cabin window knocking them down with his handgun. After being introduced to Max, we learn that she is addicted to drugs, but Seth has not yet noticed. This second attack leaves him worn out and bloody, and he realizes that he should not trust the F.B.I anymore.

Seth takes Max to home after consulting his boss so that he can plan for the next step. He has to find the contacts of some trustworthy aviation staff who he believes can be of help for him to keep his client alive. Later they head to Austin which is Max’s home area to seek answers of why the bad guys are pursuing her where they find the main suspects awaiting for them. Both run to stay ahead of their dangerous pursuers, but they might be heading to more danger, the dark secrets Max has been keeping to her.

Every time Seth tries to figure out about the real mastermind behind the plan of killing Max, he turns out to be wrong which does not get him, or Max killed. Max decides to quit her addiction and becomes a happy teenage girl after finding the person planning to kill her.

The book takes you through all the adventures he encounters he is trying to provide Max with safety. Seth earns some trust from Max who had earlier been betrayed by many people she thought supported her. He played the role of both a parent and a guard and managed to remain Max’s friend. The story is narrated in the first person making it possible for you to understand Seth’s mind because some of the information is hidden. The lovers of actions and thriller stories will find the book more interesting.

The main highlight of the book is the developed relationship of the two characters, Seth and Max making the story delightful and touching. Seth is a very kind, charming and resourceful character with a good personality that you will end up loving. The tale excels in every page giving you a lifetime ride you will not forget.

The book’s characters are well developed, and the story has twists and turns as well as surprises which keeps you guessing what will happen next till the last page. There are many actions in the story with some romance which makes it more thrilling to read keeping you on the edge of your seat. The author has used a typical thriller structure, but he has also incorporated backstory adding more depth to the book. He uses a lot of character development and focuses on the skill of the protagonist. The story shows you Reid’s experience in the writing field with the research and details he uses.

False Horizon

False Horizon, the second book in Seth Walker series, is a sequel of the first, Takeoff. The story begins as a plane has fallen from the skies in West Virginia when its wings shear off at about twenty thousand feet to the ground. Air Marshal Seth is called upon to the Appalachia Mountains to investigate the plane crash. He is not aware that the area he has stumbled is a war ground and is very unpredictable.

Before he begins searching for what might have caused the plane to crash, Seth finds himself caught up in a confusing and lethal situation. There is a cross war between some eco-terrorists, drug smugglers, unstable frackers and the armed miners which is pushing to the breaking point. This mystery takes Seth to a personal turn as he gets close to the truth about the power, money, and politics motivating every party involved in the war including those Seth thought he could trust. He is left to decide whether he will sidestep the danger remaining in the hill and for him to discover it might be a threat for Max.

The book has a lot of actions which makes the story more thrilling and some twists and turns to keep you guessing as you turn the pages to the end.

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