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About Joseph Schneider

The American author Joseph Schneider has been making a name for himself as a writer with something to say. Writing detective and thriller novels, he’s got a keen eye for what makes a good mystery, keeping the reader turning each and every page. With a background in arts and acting, he’s always had a strong flair for creativity, something which can be clearly found reflected within his work.

Writing strong and believable characters, his work has resonated in a manner quite unlike any other. The stories he writes continually keep the reader guessing, with their expert pacing and use of suspense throughout. Reaching a worldwide audience, he’s gained the attention of both the critics and the general public alike; a success which is set to continue for some time yet.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, Joseph Schneider would grow up with a strong creative streak from an early age. This would progress throughout the years, as he would nurture it, learning piano and dance, along with a passion for the theatre. Initially pursuing a career in acting, he’d go on to study the performing arts at a higher level, allowing him to ultimately inhabit the minds of his characters.

Studying the performing arts, Schneider would enter the Midsummer in Oxford, where he’d study abroad at sixteen. Following this and his graduation from Oakwood High, he’d continue his study of the theatre at UCLA, where he’d further his passion for the arts. It was also during this time that he’d begin to develop his love of magic and illusion, pursuing the field in order to become a full-time illusionist.

Becoming a working illusionist and mentalist, Schneider would also become a member of the highly prestigious Magic Castle in LA following a successful audition. He would also study in Coney Island at the Sideshow School there, learning a whole host of different practises, and would later turn to teaching dance. Later he would also go on to study again, gaining an MFA in creative non-fiction, which he receive from St. Mary’s college after his job working in television.

This would all then lead to him becoming a writer full-time, as he’d then turn his hand to writing his first fiction novel. Drawing from a whole range of different influences, he’d apply his own knowledge, creating something that would appeal to both critics and general readers. Now living in California with his wife and their two children, he continues to write, as there’s plenty more on the horizon.

Writing Career

Publishing his first book in 2020, Joseph Schneider would be introduced to the public for the first time with the title ‘One Day You’ll Burn’. This would also be the first in his ‘LAPD Detective Tully Jarsdel Mysteries’ series of novels, with its unique brand of detective fiction. Set in Los Angeles, he’d take the genre and turn it on its head, thus establishing him as a writer to watch out for.

Prior to this he worked as a consultant for numerous television programs, all the while building up his own voice. This would lead to his love of writing for himself, creating his own stories using the genre that he loved after pursuing a career in creative writing. Studying this he would become a highly gifted author with a lot to say, using his own experiences and learning to influence his work.

His influences include such writers as Michael Connelly, Ira Levin, Richard Levinson, Charles Williford, and William Link. Taking a fresh approach to the detective police procedural, he would introduce themes of loneliness and depression, all of which would strike a chord with readers worldwide. As a writer who definitely has a lot to say, the discussions presented in his work will stay with readers long after they’ve put the book down.

One Day You’ll Burn

Originally published through the Poisoned Pen Press publishing label, this would first come out in 2020 on the 4th of February. Setting up the ‘LAPD Detective Tully Jarsdel Mysteries’, it would be the first in a new series of books as well. Following the eponymous detective, they would feature new case files, which he’d then solve, with numerous different mysteries as the books went on.

With a past in academia, Detective Tully Jarsdel is initially a little in over his head, something which he constantly hears about from his partner. This dynamic gives it a fresh and inventive twist, keeping it fun and alive throughout, with what are set to be some enduring characters. The use of Los Angeles is also well utilized as well, bringing it to life and allowing readers to fully explore it upon the page.

Following the placement of a corpse burnt all recognition, Detective Tully Jarsdel of the LAPD believes this murder could be ritualistic. Partnered with Morales, the two of them come from different backgrounds, but they overcome their differences as they learn to work together. Journeying deep into the dark heart of the city, they aim to find the evil that did this and put it away for good. Will they be able to ensure that justice prevails? Can they find the killer in time before they strike again? What happens when they’re told ‘One day you’ll burn’?

Other Writing

Helping to create episodes and ideas for a television show on con-artists, Schneider would discover his love of writing. It was here that he would also find his voice, showing a lot of creativity and passion for the art-form, as he would apply his own ideas. Producing a number of outlines for episodes, he would use his knowledge of magic working with other shows, applying his experience to his work.

Making a name for himself within the industry, his writing speaks for itself, as Joseph Schneider has become a highly respected figure. The first show would feature con-artists operating on the French Riviera, but this would soon expand as word spread of his talents. Creating a lot of work, he’s still a sought after voice to this day, with a lot more work set to come from him in the near future too.

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