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The Liger Plague (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lethal Chain (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Unpaved Surfaces (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Need To Find You (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Neighbor (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pray for the Girl (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Fujita's Itch & other stories (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Joseph Souza is an actor and a singer at the same time. He was born in 5th Oct 1970 in a place known as Bloomsberg in Pennysylvania and he attended The Hart School and that is where he graduated. Joseph Souza is well known because of his several appearances in television shows and also as a performer in adult pornography. He is a very good actor having starred in the Los Angeles world premium of Bark of which he had previously starred on the Los Angeles in the award winning world premiere of sneaux. Joseph Souza is also the award winning author of horror and crime fiction. He is also the 2004 winner of the award called Andre Dubus. This is an award that the writer received for his tremendous work in writing the short story novel called ‘Loss Prevention’. He won many awards of short stories and essays that were published in several journals that became popular everywhere. Without a doubt, these are the awards that have propelled Joseph Souza to write more books in his writing career.

Joseph is a member of Mystery Writers in America. He worked on the case that was the basis of the movie, Drug war and that was in the Enrique Camerana story. He also worked on the legal case that became the basis for the hit movie in which the star was John Travolta and that was the best -selling book. In the year 2010, the writer was also recognized in the Al Blanchard award. This award came because of the short story called ‘The stone walls of Lebanon.’ Above all, he is a contributing member of Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance and he is also an editor and writer of Northeastern History Newsletter, and public history book.

Later on, he worked at the South Boston dock during witney Bulger’s criminal reign. He also went to Northeastern University after which he worked in other esteemed organizations such as DEA. The short story that has been recently written by him is known as ‘The devil’s dumping ground’. He lives in Maine together with his family that includes his two children and his wife. Joseph also worked as an intelligent analyst for the Drug Enforcement Agency in Washington DC.

Review of the books that Joseph Souza has written

Joseph Souza is an excellent writer as he has written so many interesting books. Some of the books written by him include The Liger plague, The Reawakening, Darpocalypse and Darmagedon. These are amazing books that have curved a notablr niche in terms of popularity.


This book was shortlisted as one of the best zombie fiction books. One of the characters known as Dar was left alone by her parents and she was able to put a camp in Boston Common. This was a place that was in the midst of Hordes of zombies. There is only one person who lives inside the camp and he was responsible for their survival.

There are a few people on earth who are lucky and they have managed to develop immunity for ghosts. They are given a price because they have what it takes to walk with ghosts and get food without any fear. President Roberts gives an order to the Army’s finest soldiers to bring the ghosts to Washington DC. This was the place where there was one of the luckiest people on earth who managed to develop immunity for the plague.

As the world goes down to the madness of apocalypse, the horde grows more and more aggressive, therefore threatening the lives of each and every person that is in Dar’s camp. This place known as Boston Common then becomes the place for dramatic showdown and so Dar comes to realize that she has to decide and reach a conclusion that will not only threaten her life, but also the survival of each and every person that she is supposed to protect.

The Reawakening

This book is about a series of terrible things that starts to happen when a scientist that has a dark past starts his experiments in a small town. Animals in that town start to be aggressive for no reason and attacking anyone that is within their sight and that includes Rick’s wife.

After slaughtering his head, Rick realizes that they have come back to life and soon before he realizes anything else the farm is under siege by the animals and a small group of refugees who had come to the farm house must defend themselves the terrible animals.

The entire town finally is filled with human-flesh eaters therefore threatening the farmhouse together with the people who had assembled as refugees. The problem is that they all have the same message before they reawaken, the message is seeking the chosen one.’ Good news is that the onset of winter provides a temporary defense against the army of the dead, but as the supplies are running low they realize that they must formulate a plan before the arrival of spring and the dreaded melt-off.

As the world around them gets down to total madness a leader comes out as a surprise from a group and he is the one who will hopefully lead them to a safe place.

Books of Joseph Souza that were made to movies

Books written by Joseph are so nice and interesting that some of them are converted into movies so that people can enjoy more. The best thing about converting the books into movies is that more people will view the movie especially the people who are busy at work, you don’t have to flip through pages to enjoy, and all you need to do is have your popcorns as you enjoy the movie. Books that were converted to movies are: Lethal Chain and Reawakening is coming soon on your screen.

Books written by Joseph Souza are very interesting such that if you want to start reading them you just want to go on and on. They can be addictive at times because of the horror in the books as well as the amazing and captivating narrations.

Joseph Souza is an award winning author from Maine, who has written a number of novels in the zombie fiction category. He is most famously known for writing The Living Dead series of novels. Apart from that, he has also penned down a few short stories and independent single novellas. Before becoming an author, Joseph used to work on the docks of South Boston in order to earn his living. The area of South Boston was under the reign of the dangerous criminal Whitey Bulger during that time. Joseph used to continue his studies along with his work. He attended the Northeastern University and has dual degrees, a B.S. degree in Criminal Science and an MA from the University of Washington and the Northeastern University.

After finishing his college, he began working for the DEA in the Organized Crime division. During that time, he had started writing a few short fiction stories and essays which were published in various journals related to literature throughout the country. His short story titled ‘Loss Prevention’ had won the Andre Dubus Award from the University of Southern Maine in the year 2004. With a numerous novels getting published written by Joseph he has started becoming a known name in the community of authors. Because of which, his latest short story ‘The Devil’s Dumping Ground’ got published in the Quarry, the Crime Stories by the New England Writers. His other short crime story named ‘The Stone Walls of Lebanon’ won the Honorable Mention at the Al Blanchard Award in the year 2010. As of today, he lives in Portland, Maine along with his wife and a couple of children.

The short story ‘Loss Prevention’ written by Joseph was also featured in the literary journal Word & Images by USM. It was regarded as an interesting and intriguing psychological tale by the Forecaster. Joseph has been a contributing and regular member of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance. Other than that, he is also one of the members of the Mystery Writers of America. Joseph has been an editor and writer for the Northeastern History Newsletter and the Public History News magazines. His job at the Drug Enforcement Agency in Washington D.C was to work as an Intelligence Analyst. He was an important member of the Organized Crime Unit of the agency. As an intelligence analyst, he has worked on a criminal case that was adapted into a movie titled Drug War: The Enrique Camarena Story. Another case the he worked on was first adapted into a bestselling novel by the author Jonathan Harr titled A Civil Action and then into a movie of the same name starring John Travolta.

The novel series ‘The Living Dead Series’ written by Joseph Souza was published between the years 2013 and 2014. The series consists of three different novels based on the attacks of the zombies. The main protagonist characterized by author Joseph was named as Dar. The series revolves around the life events of Dar and his attempts to save the people of Earth from the zombies. One among the initial novels of the series was published in the year 2013 under the title ‘Darpocalypse’. It was published by the Permuted Press. The novel showcases the second wave of the zombie apocalypse, a plague which had struck with a deadly vengeance. The full-on apocalypse of the zombies had spread to all corners of the world. The plot introduces the main character Dar who is abandoned by her father. Dar attempts to set up a camp for the survivors of the apocalypse in the Boston Common. The camp is surrounded by hordes of deadly zombies as one of the survivors inside the camp holds the key to finish the zombies.

A few among the people of Earth are lucky to have developed a type of immunity against the plague. These people are considered very valuable and known for their ability to gather food and other supplies and walking among the dead without any fear. The immune people are known as ghosts and one such person was staying in the Boston camp set up by Dar. Knowing about the fact, the President, Roberts orders his soldiers bring the ghost back to Washington D.C at any cost. With the increasing horde of the zombies the world keeps descending into the madness of apocalypse and threatens the survival of the people in Dar’s camp. As the camp in Boston Common turns into ground zero for an eventful showdown, Dar thinks of taking a life-threatening decision to protect the survivors. Her decision not only threatens her own life, but also the survivors of the plague, who she is entrusted to save from the zombies.

The next novel of the series was titled ‘Darmeggadon’. It was published in the year 2014 by the Permuted Press and continues to show the life of Dar in the events of zombie attacks. The novel continues from where the previous novel had ended. In the introductory plot of the novel, Dar and his group of survivors are shown trying to flee from the Boston camp after the protecting fence of the camp is blown by a terrorist group. The survivors leave with a set of two groups on 18 wheeler vehicles and head towards Washington D.C. Dar intends to find her family in the State. General Townsend, an egomaniacal solder arrives with his army troops at the Boston camp to capture the ghost in living in the camp, on the orders of the President Roberts. He reaches the camp to find it in ruins and begins to follow the trail of the survivors.

The survivors take refuge in an Amish compound in order to take some rest and find some food to eat. The compound is divided into two groups and has its own ghost. Dar tries to convince them to change their old ways in order to survive from the attacks of the zombies. A militant group of the Amish youth also tries to overthrow the elders and gain control of the compound. General Townsend plans to become the next President of U.S after desperately trying to catch the ghost. His troop is pursued by the Chinese tank battalion, which poses a threat to his mission. He goes on to suffer a humiliating defeat by the survivors and escapes in his Hummer. The Chinese army captures him and think of treating him as their new conquering leader. Townsend leads the Chinese army and take shelter in Amish camp for the winter to pass away. The group of the survivors travels to Gentel Labs in Minnesota on the advice of an MIT professor named Virgil Snow.

The lab is run by Calloway and seems to be impenetrable. However, Calloway seems to be performing brutal experiments on zombies and guinea pigs in order to find a cure for the plague. Calloway unleashes a deadly virus into the horde by mistake, which transforms them into sprinters. Citing the graver problem, Dar and his group of survivors think of fleeing again. They head to the Black Hills on the advice of an Indian named Tony. The place in South Dakota is full of wind caves which can protect them from the zombies. As the zombies remain at bay from the wind tunnels, Dar senses a feeling of community with the Lakota. She decides to settle down and raise her son by making a fresh start. The survivors also seem to be relaxed by the return of the days when they can live freely without the fear of zombies, off the land.

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