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The Tenth Case (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bronx Justice (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Depraved Indifference (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Overkill (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Guilty as Sin (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Author Joseph Teller was born and grew up in New York City. He graduated from University of Michigan Law School and College of Wooster in Ohio.

After graduating from college, he went back to New York City and spent three years working with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (which would later become the Drug Enforcement Agency) as an undercover agent.

He worked as a criminal defense attorney for the next 35 years; he represented thieves, at least one serial killer, drug dealers, and murderers. New York State reinstated the death penalty in the nineties, and Teller was one of the few lawyers that had the special training to defend capital defendants. This is something that he did multiple times, he even got an acquittal while defending a man that was accused for committing a double murder.

He decided to run away from the law and start writing fiction. His debut was “The Tenth Case”, which was released in the year 2008. He writes and lives in the rural part of New York with his wife, named Sandy, who works as an antiques dealer.

Joseph Teller writes the “Jaywalker” series, which is about Harrison J. Walker (or Jaywalker). He is a disgraced criminal defense attorney that is based in New York City. His work is from the mystery and thriller genre.

“The Tenth Case” is the first novel in the “Jaywalker” series and was released in the year 2008. He has trusted every one of his clients, until the last one he had.

Harrison Walker has just been suspended for his “creative” tactics and getting “gratitude” while in the courtroom’s stairwell from one of his clients that was charged with prostitution. He convinces the judge that his other clients depend on him, he is allowed to complete ten cases. The last one, however, is the one that tests both his acquittal record and his abilities.

Samara Moss stabbed her husband in the heart. That is what everyone believes anyway. Samara is sexy, petite, and young. She married an elderly billionaire at the age of eighteen, and she used to work in prostitution. It would seem that she is a cliched gold digger.

Jaywalker knows that looks can be deceiving. Who else would have killed the old billionaire? Has this young woman been framed? Or is he just driven by a need to win cases? Not to mention, this client’s undying gratitude?

Fans like the way that this novel has a sense of humor, especially when it comes to police work. It has great plot twists and some wonderful storytelling throughout. It is a fun and entertaining book that will make some stay up late, just trying to see what will happen next. The book is quite the page turner, and most cannot wait to read more about such a great defense attorney.

“Bronx Justice” is the second novel in the “Jaywalker” series and was released in the year 2009. Twenty-five years back, a simple phone call changed the life of Jaywalker forever.

It is late in the seventies and Jaywalker is having a hard time building his own practice. His real name is Harrison J. Walker (a defense attorney), but called Jaywalker due to his rebellious tactics. He gets a call from a mother that is desperate. Darren Kingston (who is her son) is arrested for raping five white women in Castle Hill. Castle Hill is an area in the Bronx that was forgotten by the city a long time ago.

Darren is a good looking and young black man, and has been identified by four out of the five victims. The fifth is about to do the same. Everyone, both the entire community and the prosecution, believe that the case is open and shut. The whole thing is complete with eyewitness testimony that is rock solid. Everyone is convinced, except for Jaywalker.

Jaywalker, a young attorney, investigates things with a fine tooth comb. He studies the character of society and the characters involved in the case. What Jaywalker finds is going to haunt him until the end of his career.

Fans of the novel found this to be an interesting story of an attorney getting an innocent man out of prison and the right person put away. It was another novel in the series that was hard to put down, something this author seems to be pretty good at. Some like the aspect that the novel is based on a true story that comes right from the author who writes from his experience in this novel.

“Depraved Indifference” is the third novel in the “Jaywalker” series and was released in the year 2009. An Audi sports car, that is going way too fast in the oncoming lane, forces a van to go off the road. The van goes up in flames and killing the nine passengers that were on board. Eight of the passengers were kids.

Jaywalker is just trying to serve his three year suspension, keeping his nose clean the entire time. A woman seduces him and wants him to defend the man that is being called the “Audi Assassin”. This man also happens to be the woman’s husband. It makes things messy for Jaywalker.

He struggles with the moral issues in the case, and he tries to focus on his goal. This would be limiting the damage there is to his client by trying to expose the hypocrisy in the legal system when it comes to drunk driving. He comes to a blind corner in the case. It makes him collide with a truth that may just turn his whole defense into an even bigger mess.

Fans of the novel found that Joseph Teller does a wonderful job of writing courtroom dialogue and weaving different aspects in the case that, by the end, jolt with many surprises. Another very enjoyable novel in this great series. This book is an in depth look at how hard it can be to get justice while being a lawyer. This author wrote yet another winning novel, and has a knack for writing legal cynicism. Some hope that he keeps writing these great books, as they are hooked and cannot get enough of them.

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