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Josephine Angelini is today’s international bestselling author. Born in 1975, she is the youngest of her six sisters and one brother, she spent her childhood moments in Massachusetts and later moved on to live in Los Angeles where she currently lives with her family (husband, daughter and three shelter cats). Angelini joined New York University School of Arts and focused on the classics. The author made her entry into the novel publishing industry with the publication of her first young adult fantasy book Starcrossed published by HarperCollins.

Josephine Angelini says that writing of young adult fiction was greatly inspired by her childhood moments, having being the youngest of wisecracking, fiery sisters. She was a voracious reader and could read any book she came across. Most of her stories have a teaching directed towards the young girl generation on how they should focus to find their purpose in life by figuring out what makes them unique and more so how to embrace it and transform it into their strength. To ensure that her message is delivered in a creative manner, the author makes use of ancient Greek Mythology and adapts to the contemporary world of teenagers.

Starcrossed is the first novel in the Starcrossed series by Josephine Angelini. It is an Y.A fantasy novel that follows the story of a young girl Helen Hamilton who begins to discover that she is the modern day version of Helen of Troy. After this shocking discovery, she learns that her union with a new boy in town might trigger another modern world Trojan War. Other novels published as sequels to this great fantasy novel include; Dreamless & Goddess.

Starcrossed (2011)

The starcrossed novel follows the story of a 16-year old girl named Helen Hamilton, a resident of Nantucket. After having a series of hallucinations and strange dreams in which she sees three young girls who seem to be pained, she finds herself falling in love with a young boy named Lucas. It is eventually revealed to Helen that she is a reincarnation of Helen of Troy and the three girls she sees are Furies. She also discovers that many of the people she met are the archetypes of Greek people from the Trojan War who have reincarnated again and again for some unknown reasons. Helen also discovers that her union with Lucas might initiate another Trojan war. Amidst these shocking revelations, the couple seeks a way in which they will have to pursue their burning desire without having to bring danger to those surrounding them.

This novel is great in various aspects; the story line is presented well, however, what makes it unique are the relationships that exist in this book. For instance, there is an excellent relationship between Helen and her father, with her best friend, and also the volatile relationship with the Delos family and Lucas.

The author, Josephine Angelini makes this book more than just about Lucas, Helen, and their forbidden love, she makes it deeper with the plot twists and the family secrets that are gradually revealed throughout the novel.

Dreamless (2012)

After her world was almost shattered by the shocking revelations, Helen is given just a little time to contemplate with what had just happened to her, but instead, she sets to track down the Furies so that she can end their anger toward the Scions, and thus bringing an end to the war & bloodshed of the past centuries. Helen is a Descender, and it is up to her to do what others cannot. As a new ally comes to her aid, a new and a more powerful enemy has his sight set upon Helen, and if this adversary succeeds, then this means an end to the life that Helen has always known.

In dreamless, Helen continues with her stubborn nature, and as the only Scion capable of descending to the Underworld, Helen is given an almost impossible task. During the night, she must wonder through Hades so as to stop the evil that has cursed her family while during the day she must struggle and overcome the fatigue that is gradually eroding her sanity. With Lucas by her side as an ally, Helen is given the courage to push on with her quest to defeat this evil, but for how long?

Just as Helen is almost on her breaking point, a mysterious Scion comes to her aid. The brave Orion protects Helen from the dangers of the underworld; unfortunately, time is fast running out as a ruthless adversary is plotting for their destruction while on the other hand, the Furies cry for more blood.

Dreamless takes even a more appealing plot than the debut novel, the way antagonist are described indicate the lengths to which Helen must go if she means bringing an end to the new Trojan war. The author descriptions of the underworld are so vivid, with and every landscape explicitly described in every aspect such that as a reader you can contemplate these descriptions to the surrounding landscape.

Goddess (2013)

After unleashing the gods from the captivity on Olympus, Helen Hamilton must seek all the means to re-capture them without causing a devastating war. Unfortunately, these gods are angry and are thirsty for blood. Also, to make matters worse, the Oracle reveals to Helen that there is an evil Tyrant amongst them thus creating animosity amongst once a solid group of friends.

While the gods manipulate the Scions against each other, the Life of young Lucas hangs in the balance. On the other hand, Helen is unsure whether she loves Orion or Lucas, and thus she is forced to make a decision for war is waging towards her direction.

Goddess is the last novel of the Starcrossed trilogy, and throughout this series, Helen has always portrayed a fantastic character. She makes use of every challenge that comes her way and also adapts to the every new power that she discovers. On the other hand, Orion and Lucas are both foils for Helen to the point that even as a reader, you might not be sure of the one that would be better for her.

Generally, in summary, the Starcrossed trilogy is a fantastic series for every audience, young adult or adult readers who love Greek mythology or those who just require some epic stories in their lives.

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