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Josh Widdicombe is a popular English actor, presenter and comedian. He was born in London in the UK but when he was just three years old, his family moved to Dartmoor.

He spent much of his childhood in Haytor Vale a small hamlet that once boasted a pub and post office but now just retains the pub. When he was a primary school student, his class had only four people.
His father then was a builder before he became a house husband while his mother worked at Dorling Kindersley editing books.

From his father’s side he had two half-sisters and two half brothers and one of these named Henry is in charge of the running of the “Machynlleth Comedy Festival.”

Widdicombe probably got much of his creative genes from his grandmother who used to live in their family home and was a star in “Mrs Dale’s Diary,” a soap opera that used to air on BBC radio.

As a kid, Widdicombe went to school in Ashburton where according to him, nothing much happened. He was never super cool not an uber dweeb but was clever enough to get by without needing to play football or music.

Following high school graduation, he studied linguistics at Manchester University since there was nothing he desired more than living in the city and enjoying the music, even as he hoped he would one day become friends with Johnny Marr.

Surprisingly, he got used to the city pretty fast and he has often said that he would never go back to Devon.

After graduating from Manchester University, he got the classic I don’t know what to do next job when he got a job in Deansgate working for Waterstones. At some point, he started working shifts at the Guardian which was definitely better than his first job.
It was during this time that he enrolled in a comedy course run by Amused Moose and this provided him with the confidence he needed to book his first ever show.

This was the 2008 edition of the “Laughing Horse New Act of the Year” competition in which he went up to the semi-finals. He still remembers how low the level was in the first round and he believes he got through by not being mentally unwell.

It was in 2008 that Josh Widdicombe began performing live and it was in that year that he got to the final of the Edinburgh Festival’s “So You Think You’re Funny.”

In 2012, he expanded from stage to screen as he started appearing in “Mock of the Week” by BBC2. He also joined the cast of “The Last Leg” on Channel 4 and has covered both the Rio de Janeiro and London Paralympics with Adam Hills.
Josh has also been a regular guest on TV and has appeared on programs such as “Celebrity Mastermind,” “Have I Got News for You,” and “QI.”

Away from TV, Josh also works on radio and has hosted his own show on XFM and has also been in “Fighting Talk on 5Live,” Arthur Smith’s “Balham Bash” on BBC Radio 4, and “The Frank Skinner Show.”
He has also written for “8 Out of 10 Cats,” by Michael McIntyre, and also has his own situational comedy on BBC3. With his rib-tickling yet subtle humor, he makes for an ideal addition to any awards event.

Josh Widdocombe’s “Watching Neighbors Twice a Day” is a work about growing up during the 1990s. It is a work told through the only thing that at the time mattered to Widdicombe the most – the TV programs that he used to watch.
For his generation, TV was the great uniter.

While many kids liked football, others were into bands, and a weird one liked petanque which was some French sport, just about everyone loved “Pebble Mil”l with Alan Titchmash, “Neighbors” and “Gladiators.”
Josh Widdicombe in this memoir tells of his life living in rural England and how he came to realize how weird it was when he left home and started talking about it.

From how his school had only four kids to a family home where they did not have a key and never locked the door. He makes use of a different TV show from the time as the entry point for every chapter in the novel.
The work is part comic history and a part-time childhood memoir that combines 90s culture and television with everyday life.

It goes back to a time when watching TV was a shared experience for the nation and the family.

It was an era before the internet divided us such that we watch different things on different devices sometimes with headphones to ensure nobody can share in what we are watching.

“Parenting Hell” is a Sunday Times bestseller that chronicles the chaos, absurdity, and utter madness of being a parent by Josh Widdicombe and Rob Beckett.
It answers the question of what it feels like to be a parent.

The authors ask why no one ever warned them of the bore-inspiring, sheer mind-bending, snot-wiping, world-altering, tear-inducing, sick covering, sleep-depriving, and relationship-straining brutality of it all.
And just at the point when they believed things could not get any worse, why did not anyone warn them about the euphoric pride and joy that is simply unmatched and usually comes piercing through at the most unexpected moments?
It is a joy that drenches one in unbridled happiness just like how you get drenched in milk when you fail to properly burp a baby.

Join Rob and Josh as they share the madness and challenges of the parenting journeys with extra helpings of laughs and a lot of empathy too.

Full of all manner of things that you would never get in an antenatal class, it is a beguiling combination of conversation, rumination, and humor for never-to-be parents, prospective parents, old parents, and new parents alike.
Genuinely touching, fast, and fun, it is a hilarious cry for help from two fathers pushed to the wall by their own young families.

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