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Publication Order of Animus Books

with Michael Anderle

Joshua Anderle is a science fiction writer born in Houston. He wrote the Animus series in collaboration with his father, Michael Anderle.

Initiate is the debut in the Animus series. With few prospects to choose from, Kaiden Jericho finds himself at the Emerald club in downtown Seattle searching for a job and becoming a boxer. Something he didn’t know was that becoming a bouncer would take him to a new world of possibilities with the Nexus Academy.

Recruited by one of their senior commanders, Kaiden is put through the paces only to find out that the life of an Ace might be his new path. It only took a single fight to change Kaiden Jericho’s life permanently. He’s a soon-to-be ex-member of the Deadeyes gang but was also trying to turn his life around when a board member of the elite advanced academy NEXUS came up with a quick decision and gave him an offer.

As Kaiden carries out his duty as a security enforcer at a local bar, he captures the attention of an undercover officer who is a major instructor at the intergalactic Nexus Academy.

The Nexus academy is a school for elite trainees from Earth and, currently, trials from alien allies as they get knowledge on the future generation how to fight, hack, lead, and spy, among other tactics. The trainees use virtual reality to train on missions so that they can go on regardless of whether the fatal lead to their re-animation.

Jericho has issues with authority and doesn’t connect well with his new teammates. The team includes a snarky AI, guns aliens, and inventively-written VR/GameLit battle scenes that enable the combatants to upgrade their skills and weapons depending on their kill scores.

The graduates are later hired by governments, NGOs, and companies and use their salaries to pay off the huge debt that the academy has accumulated since they began training.

According to Animus, you don’t become the best by staying alive; instead, you are closer to being perfect with the death you suffer, and for Kaiden Jericho, he would rather skip the death part.

Kaiden’s world in the academy is excellently built with the way he lands there with all his street ways. Joshua Anderle had a dry sense of humor that runs throughout the story with a blend of fantasy and science fiction.

Kaiden is the kind of hero who always thinks about others and fights alongside them as they build friendships and personalities to form great anticipation for the next installment in the series.
Initiate is a well-written and easy-to-read story with unforgettable characters. Even though Kaiden is cocky, sometimes he turns out to be lovable, considers self-improvement as a good thing, and takes advice at heart.

The storyline is captivating and intriguing enough to keep the readers hooked. Even though the novel is fast-paced, it still has character growth and world-building elements. The main character was so real in his flaws and blind spots, which made him feel more human.

CO-OP is the second installment in the Animus Series. The story picks up right from where the previous one in the series left with non-stop action and amazing characters. The strong characters in the previous book become stronger, adding more surprises to the story.

Kaiden and crew are advancing their skills and friendships as strange things keep happening. The professors have a scheme where they plan on gaining points through their students.
Kaiden is used to living on his own, but now he has no option but to deal with a partner. Who’s his new partner? Will the partner have the ability to handle his ego? The MC’s career at a top-secret academy depends on his tests, and the coming test is cooperative.

What the MC does is just train and pretend as if everything will work out without him getting involved. The MC’s friend is smart enough to come up with a team to prepare him for the test.
The Chief is trying to know how to be supportive until the chief of security, Wulfson, decides that some students will require a little more intense training. With extra injuries that Kaiden gets during his extra-curricular training, Will he be able to succumb to the blue goop pain killer?

Kaiden is aware that one doesn’t become the best by staying alive because, in the Animus, One nears perfection with each death they suffer. However, for Kaiden, he prefers to skip the death part instead.
In CO-OP, Kaiden will have to find out how best he can manage to work with a partner, especially when he is as great at their profession as he is in his own.

The entire novel is about him as he learns about Nexus, the Animus, and the opportunities a single fight brought him. He can see that the future has better things; the only problem is his pain.
The author weaved the story in such a way that it’ll capture the reader’s attention right from the start keeping them hooked to the end. He added some sense of humor and character development, which makes the story outstanding.

A great blend of action and character interaction makes the story more fascinating. The premise, characters, and plotline are all great to keep the reader overnight. CO-OP is a lighthearted action-comedy novel with good language.

It’s a story of a powerful, shadowy group of xenophobic humans planning to start an interstellar war. A student passing a test is treated like it’s the resolution to the story.

CO-OP is the story that will have you stay up all night long just to finish reading. There is great character development, which adds flesh to the story. Joshua Anderle uses his skill in weaving a storyline and unique characters that one can’t easily forget even after completing the novel.

It kind of book leaves the reader craving to know what happens next. The author did a superb job blending action and character interaction to catch the readers’ attention.

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