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All Gifts, Bestowed (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Joshua Gayou is a science fiction author from Southern California best known as the author of the bestselling “Commune” series of novels. Gayou published the first of the “Commune” series of novels “Commune: Book One” in 2017 and has never looked back since. By 2020, he had more than five novels in the “Commune” and “Worldship” series alongside several single standing novels. While he has written quite a lot in the years since he started, he works a day job at In-Flight Entertainment, where he is a senior engineer. When he is not writing or at work, he can be found at home doing tasks assigned by his wife that he calls boss, playing board games with his child, or building wooden items in his garage. He currently lives with his son Antony and his wife Jenifer in California.

Joshua is best known for the depth of character and clarity of purpose in his novels that has only gotten better the more he writes. In an interview, he said that the secret to strong character is writing characters that he would find interesting. He knows that if he is entertained by his characters, there is a chance that there will be some people that would be too. He thus paints memorable, vivid, and crisp scenes with his characters in technicolor. Gayou’s mind seems to have an almost infinite supply of interesting characters and plotlines which he weaves into thrilling stories. From side-splittingly revolting antics to tear-inducing and heart-wrenching moments, he writes some of the most memorable stories. It is not just showing off for Gayou as he seems to have a rare talent for writing highly intriguing characters and plotlines that rachet tighter and tighter throughout a narrative. He does a masterful job of making his audiences invest in his characters (both bad and good) so that the stakes are very high when it ultimately ends in an explosive climax.

Joshua Gayou’s “Commune: Book One” is the story of a catastrophe that had come to the earth. The earth is forced back into the Dark Ages when it is hit by the largest Coronal Mass Ejection event in history. It was a rock bigger than that of 1859 and it had a devastating effect on the most civilized societies of the world. They now have to adapt to a very different lifestyle to what they had been used to. The United States is on the brink of collapse and the military is called in to help the state survive. They have been charged with bringing travel and communication back online, putting down riots, delivering medical aid, and establishing relief camps. But just when some success is being experienced with the air force taking back the skies using ground control systems, military resources, and commercial aircraft, things go wrong. A novel virus has been discovered in the population. The virus is using the flight routes the military had worked so hard to bring back online over the past several months. Mortality and communicability rates are very high and soon there are only small pockets of toughies scrounging a living in the wild landscape.

“Commune: Book Two” by Joshua Gayou continues from where the first novel of the “Commune” series left off. The survivors of the devastation had finally made a home in the Wyoming Mountains but still have to struggle every day to gain a foothold in a world that had been nearly emptied of people. At first, things are very good as they adopt a short-term solution of scavenging and get much of their immediate needs. But it is not long before their supplies are running out and they will have to find a solution before it is all gone and they all face death in the face. Further south, there has arisen a band of people searching for a suitable place to call home as they are running out of supplies too. All around there is nothing to be had as the world becomes more violent and cold. Things are ever getting worse and it looks like it might come down to survival of the most violent who will do anything to get their hands on the scarce resources remaining.

Joshua Gayou’s “Commune: Book Three” opens to some good news. Gibbs and his fellow community members had succeeded in finding some badly needed supplies to bring back home but the cost had been too high. Meanwhile, the survivors at the camp have been preparing for winter with plans set in motion for spring planting and container homes getting constructed. While it looks like it will be one of the worst winters in history, the people remain hopeful of survival. Meanwhile, the news of the commune has reached the ears of a former Navy Seal and Commander of one of the last remaining military camps. Hearing of their preparedness he is mobilizing all the survivors he can find and preparing to move them north into Wyoming. What will happen when Jake the immovable object meets Otter the unstoppable force. In the West, a huge colony that had been scavenging the countryside for months is also on the brink of collapse and starvation. They have also heard of the flourishing colony in Arizona and are moving toward the commune.

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