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Joshua Hood is a well known American writer of thriller, fiction, and war novels. He is particularly famous for writing the Search and Destroy book series. Author Hood is a graduate of the Memphis University. Prior to taking up writing as a career, he used to serve in the military. Hood was a part of the 82nd Airborne Division for a period of 5 years. During that time, he served as the team leader in the Parachute Infantry Regiment. Hood was deployed in Iraq in 2005, where he carried out combat operations while supporting the Iraqi Freedom Operation from 2005 to 2006. Between 2007 and 2008, he was a squad leader of his regiment and stationed in Afghanistan for the Enduring Freedom Operation. He has been honored for his valor in the Furious Pursuit Operation. Currently, he is serving as a SWAT team member in Memphis, Tennessee. He is said to have conducted numerous stateside operations by teaming up with the DEA, US Marshals, FBI, Secret Service, ATF, etc.

Author Hood is a great fan of Vince Flynn and says that he has taken a lot of inspiration from his work. He also likes to read the books of Mitch Rapp, which is the lead protagonist in Vince Flynn’s books. When it comes to choosing his favorite authors, Hood maintains that he has a varied taste. His list of favorite authors includes Brad Taylor, Joseph Conrad, and other similar authors. Author Hood came across the Vince Flynn’s novels for the first time in 2004 during one of his combat missions. He liked the minute details that Flynn had described in the book and since then he has read each of his books. His chief protagonist, Mason Kane, is often compared with Mitch Rapp and is believed to have many similarities. But, Hood thinks that the two are totally different characters. Rapp is someone who is signed up to kill terrorists, but Mason Kane is a patriot and a former soldier. He had never thought that he would end up doing what he does. Author Hood claims that writing is something that he always wanted to do and was very passionate about. However, due to other commitments, he could not pursue it straight after graduating. But now, he enjoys doing it very much and hopes to keep writing exciting thriller stories for many more years to come.

The Search and Destroy series written by author Joshua Hood is comprised of two books in total, published between 2015 and 2016. Both the books feature military thrillers and revolve around the central protagonist in the role of a Mason Kane. He is depicted as an American hero, who gets wrongly framed and in order to prove his innocence, must stand up against a group of murderously rogue soldiers and take them down. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘Clear By Fire’. It was released by the Atria Books publication in 2015. The setting of this novel’s plot is done in the United States and the Middle East. Hood has mentioned the primary characters in this book as Renee Hart and Mason Kane. At the book’s beginning, Mason Kane is introduced as a former loyal soldier of the American military forces. He was an important member of the Anvil Program, an off-the-books, elite program comprising of several specially trained black ops soldiers, who carry out special missions for their country secretly.

The situation takes a drastic turn for Mason Kane when he refuses his commander’s order to kill an innocent family in Afghanistan. This was a small part of an evil and twisted scheme for forcing the continued involvement of America in the Middle East. Mason Kane sensed that his commander was also a part of this twisted scheme and refused to fulfill his order. As a result, he is declared as a terrorist and is hunted by his own comrades. In order to save his life and prevent the evil schemes of the culprits from becoming successful, Mason Kane is on the run. He gets the help of a Special Ops operative named Renee Hart and relies only on his training and survival skills. Kane sets himself on the mission of unraveling the twisted conspiracy that is later found to have links with the inner circle of the President. Mason Kane tries everything in his capacity to stop his highly trained comrades from completing the treacherous plan. While doing so, he also aims to remove the tag of terrorist from his name with the support of Renee Hart. This book consists of an action-packed, realistic military thriller that is highly appreciated for its engaging characters and rich content.

The second book of this thriller series is called ‘Warning Order’. It was also published by Atria Books in 2016. This book also consists of the main characters as Mason Kane and Renee hart. This novel’s story shows Mason Kane joining hands with the CIA for neutralizing a radial ISIS offshoot and unraveling a deadly conspiracy connected to the inner sanctum of the White House. The book starts by depicting that after stopping a terror plot that threatened the United States draw into another deadly war and almost dying in the attempt, the disgraced special operations legend and American soldier Mason Kane still has his name on the blacklist of the government. In order to wipe off all the charges against him for the last time, Mason accepts a deal from the CIA and throws himself into the black ops’ deadly world again.

After a short while, Mason Kane learns that an ISIS-related asset has led one of his old acquaintances into a deadly trap, he decides to go off the grid and ends up getting trapped in a deep web of conspiracy. He comes to know that this conspiracy involves a highly capable and extremely violent terror cell that has connections with the White House’s inner circles. Mason Kane takes the help of his friend Renee Hart again and joins a team of special ops elite soldiers to prevent an attack on the foundations of the United States military. Just like the previous volume, this volume is also filled with shocking twists, action-packed adventure, thrilling missions, non-stop action, and the clandestine military operations. It was also liked a lot for its excellent storyline and the engaging writing style of author Hood. The book found numerous takers from all parts of the globe, who gave very good reviews on various literary platforms.

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  1. Cliff O'Connor: 9 months ago

    I agree I read many authors in this genre, and I agree with another poster the best I’ve read since Vince Flynn passed. When are you going to write another Search and Destroy novel? Just finished “Warning Order,”and starting “The Guardian” I’m at Page 5. I’ll rate the book when I’m finished. Mason Kane is a great character and is the closest to Mitch Rapp that I have read. Great work from a retired Marine, 3 tours in Nam.

  2. Barbara Zika: 2 years ago

    Will there be another Treadstone book in the near future? Love the series!

  3. Ronnie Hodges: 2 years ago

    Best books I have read since Vince Flynn


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