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Josie Corsino Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Josie Corsino Mystery Books

The Josie Corsino Mystery book series is a well known series of thriller, mystery, and suspense novels. This series is written by a renowned American author named Connie Dial. The series is comprised of a total of 5 books, which were released between the years 2012 and 2018. Each and every book of this series consists of the chief protagonist in the role of Josie Corsino. Josie works for the Los Angeles Police Department. She is the newest addition of a policewoman into the department chosen to work as an undercover operative. The stories of the books take place during the 1970s and depict Josie Corsino getting indulged in a number of deadly situations in the line of police work. Being undercover requires her to take the identity of an unmarried woman named Josie Pastore. As soon as Josie joins work in LAPD, she gets immersed in the schemes and politics of a highly active radical group in Los Angeles. She is made to spend 3 years on her undercover assignment, but feels she has not been able to do anything fruitful. Josie Corsino becomes so much fed up of being around and doing nothing good that she starts feeling weary of her lifestyle. Josie even becomes tired of keeping her real identity hidden. She wishes to get noticed for some real police work and come up in rank. Josie wants to have the same opportunities and work like the male counterparts in her department. But, the situation keeps getting worse for her as she ends up getting arrested. After her release, Josie Corsino is informed that her cover was blown from someone inside the department and that a fellow undercover agent has gone missing. After this, Josie goes behind tracking the trails of the missing officer in order to find out what happened to him. Josie also strives hard to bring down the radical organization and its activities all over LA. She does not fear for her life and always puts her duties ahead of everything else. Author Dial has done a great job in creating the character of Josie Corsino. She is seen as a dedicated female police officer and seems to inspire a lot of readers to do good work in life.

Connie Dial is included among this generation’s top rated mystery writers. She is very famous for penning the Josie Corsino series. Prior to starting her career in the writing field, author Dial worked in the L.A. Police Department for 27 years. She had joined the force in 1969. Before that, she used to work in the field of journalism and was also involved in as a photographer/reporter. Connie Dial used to provide content for numerous newspaper agencies in San Gabriel Valley. As of today, author Dial lives in Southern California. She spends most of her time in the company of her loving husband, who is a retired Police Detective named Jon Dial. Author Dial’s fondness for pet animals enabled her to own a couple of Yorkshire Terriers whom she has given the names Bacall and Bogart. Dial’s husband helps her out in her writing works and serves as her first critic. He reads the first drafts of her books and gives important suggestions about the changes she need to make in order to make the stories seem much more interesting for the readers. The two make use of the vast experience of serving in the police force to set up the stories and do the character descriptions. Dial’s stories have been appreciated by many across the world. She has been praised by various critics and fellow authors for her interesting works. Author Dial hopes to continue her good work in all her future novels. She wishes that all her upcoming books achieve greater successes and help her establish herself as a prominent author of the mystery genre.

An earlier book written in the Josie Corsino Mystery series by author Connie Dial is entitled ‘Unnatural Murder’. It was released by the Permanent Press in the year 2014. The plot of this book takes place in Hollywood. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that a rich transvestite gets murdered on a street in Hollywood in the presence of many witnesses. But, none of them comes forward to inform the police. When Josie Corsino learns about this case she doesn’t get surprised to see the non-assistance of the people in catching the culprit. She knows very well that this end of the city is quite different from other parts when it comes to reporting criminal activities. Even the tourists fear visiting this menacing and dangerous place as it is full of prostitutes, teenage runaways, and addicts. Soon, Josie faces another challenge in this particular case when she comes to know that the victim had connections with some very influential people throughout Los Angeles. Such people also don’t seem to have any interest in helping the police catch the murderer. Rather, some high ranking individuals and political leaders look determined to prevent the case from getting solved by Josie Corsino. Then, after several hours one more homicide takes place close to the first crime scene. The increasing difficulties in reaching to any conclusion make Josie and her team realize that they are living in a bizarre world that they were wrong in thinking they knew very well. Josie Corsino attempts to prevent her subordinates from taking any more interest in this case as she feels that they will also end up facing career ending pressures on the home and work fronts. Her own life gets too much disturbed and this results in the moving out of her husband along with their son. Soon, an old acquaintance of Josie comes forward to help Josie in catching the culprits in the Hollywood homicides. She starts to feel a new energy and an opportunity to finally solve the case once and for all. After dealing with a few more problems Josie succeeds in tracking down the killer and getting him arrested for his brutal crimes.

Another exciting installment of this mystery series is called ‘Set the Night on Fire’. It was also published by Permanent Press in 2016. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Josie Corsino has newly joined LAPD in 1971. At that time, she was still unmarried. On her very first assignment, Josie is ordered to go undercover. Josie struggles to keep things straight as she doesn’t feel good about the task given to her. She begins to think of ways to get the jobs like others in the department with the freedom of using her actual identity. However, she gets arrested in an unfortunate situation, forcing her commanding officer to set her free. After her release, Josie learns about the disappearance of an undercover officer. When a case if filed against LAPD for being involved in the officer’s disappearance, they face a situation of a dilemma. The department cannot directly reveal that the officer was put to spy for them. So, they think of giving Josie Corsino another assignment of finding the missing undercover officer. This time, Josise remains fully alert and forms an alliance with an officer. Her search takes her to a violent network of radicals dealing underground and having ties with political figures and celebrities. Josie seems sure that she is in for a great challenge and could lose everything close to her if she doesn’t act fast and find the traces of the disappeared officer.

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