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One Day in December (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Two Lives of Lydia Bird (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Night on the Island (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Winter in New York (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Josie Silver is a romance and contemporary author. She has an incredible way of writing with her books and writing having been inspired by Marriam Keyes who mixes poignant emotion and comedy and from whom she heavily borrows in her novels. Her creations are filled with romance and a quirky twist. She lives with her two sons, their cats and her husband in a small Midlands town in England.

Josie has authored two books, one day in December and the two lives of Lydia bird. Authors and readers highly praise her books for their creativity and being original. She is an author who writes with passion evident in every word piece that has developed.

One Day in December

One Day in December is a romantic and touching story involving Laurie, Jack, and Sarah. Laurie believes that love at first sight only exists in movies. One incidence changes this belief turning her once quiet life into one filled with lapses of intense passion, friendship and betrayal. It is a journey that she never thought she would walk but finds herself trapped deeply into that she cannot deliver herself even if it hurts at times.

One snowy day in December through a misted bus window, Laurie is, magically drawn to a stranger. It changes everything that she has lived to stand for, and all she sees is the man that can feel her heart-the one. It is a brief moment that the staring and sparkling of love in the hearts of the two happens. The feeling created in Laurie’s heart takes her into a journey of looking for the man whom she even never got the chance to know his name at every café and bus stop in London. She spends a considerable portion of her time thinking about this man hoping that one day he will find him and satisfy her yearning.

Fate brings the two together during a Christmas party hosted by Sarah, her close friend. Jack is Sarah’s boyfriend but unaware that he is the mystery man that Laurie has always sought in almost every cafe and bus stop. The meeting of these two starts a series of misunderstandings, relationships, and heartaches as they battle to keep the strong connection inside them and maintain former lives. Jack tries supporting a friendship kind of relationship with Laurie but deep inside him, he has deep feelings that he absolutely knows will break the friendship boundary.

Laurie tries to have a simple, friendly relationship with Jack that will see her not come in between Sarah and jack.

Sarah comes to Laurie to ask for her opinion on him before they can marry but the meeting of the two changes her life altogether. It is a fierce inner battle as the two try to ignore the feelings that shout and ache inside. Laurie lives a life of regret, pain and sometimes joy seeing the one man that she lived to look for with her best friend.

One Day in December is a story that is charming, romantic yet complex. The events and characters will make you feel the characters. It is a journey of the impossible love coming true yet through the hard and bitter way. Josie makes an original plot with a series of events intriguing through the lives of these characters from the start to the final page.

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

The best-selling author of the One Day in December introduces another captivating story, The Two Lives of Lydia bird. Lydia had a perfect love life with Freddie. Everything seemed indestructible in their life until death snatches away Freddie.

Lydia and Freddie had been together for ten years till, on her 27th birthday, he dies in a road accident. Her world comes crumbling down forcing her to retrieve and live most of her life indoors and sobbing the significant loss. Deep inside her, she realizes that Freddie would have wanted her to live a happy life even with his absence. With the help of her sister and Freddie’s best friend, she starts a new life and learns how to let go of the past and build everything anew.

Something happens which changes her sorrows and gives the possibility of her living the kind of life she had with Freddie. Life seemed to have come to an end not only when it comes to love but in every other way but all these changes when an inexplicable thing happens. It is, however, tricky to rebuild what she already had for over ten years and which had come crumbling down with the death of the man she strongly loved. It is a chance that she thinks will be better off with no incidences such as the ones that had happened robbing her the joy and happiness that she previously had when Freddie was alive. Lydia learns to forget the bitter and painful things that have been coming her way over the past few months.

She has to weigh her choices and find if she is willing to love again even though she fears that it might end up taking her down the same road. Every decision that she makes has a consequence though all she wants is to have a life peaceful, romantic and full of love. Lydia struggles with the past though she lives in the present with the present weighing more forcing her to take another chance at love. The captivating journey of Lydia from love to heartaches, denial, and romance take her down a road that she never thought of before when everything was just quiet and peaceful.

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird is that story that is characterized with warm, romantic and suspenseful series of events. The setting is perfect just as the flow of events unpredictable yet excellently woven to deliver a masterpiece. Silver creates characters and happenings that will undoubtedly find their way in your heart. Anyone who believes that there is the possibility of true love after such a fatal and painful loss will definitely find the story incredible.

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