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Joss Stirling is the pseudonym of young adult romance author Julia Golding. As Stirling, she is an urban fantasy, young adult romance, children’s fiction, and mystery author. She made her debut under her new name with the publishing of “Finding Sky,” the first of the “Benedicts/Savant” series of novels in 2010. While she had a lot of success with young adult titles, she also hit it big with the bestselling psychological thriller “Don’t Trust Me” that she published in 2018. She is also the author of the single-standing novel “The Silence” that tells of two young teenagers that live in a creepy house. Her “Savant” series of novels tell the stories of the “Benedict Brothers” who come from a family that has extraordinary gifts. She is known for combining travel, mystery, and romance in the creation of some very alluring heroes and heroines. For readers who love fairy tales, she has written about three cursed sisters in the “Three Sisters Trilogy.” Young adult readers will love the single standing novel “A Girl’s Best Friend is Her Wolf” among many other stories. Stirling currently lives in Oxford in the UK from where she writes her novels.

Stirling has said that she owes much of her career to the existence of the British intelligence agency – the Scotland Yard. Her father was a detective in the Metropolitan Police during the 1960s, which was the time he met a nineteen-year-old girl then working as a clerk for the Yard. Their love for criminal records would result in them spending a lot of time together and eventually love blossomed. Unlike many unhappy police detectives that always get divorced, her parents brought her up and are still married. Joss was born on the boundary between Essex and East London and went to college at Cambridge as a teenager. After graduating from college, she went on to work as a policy advisor on arms and conflict for Oxfam and also worked for the British Diplomacy services. While she was working and enjoying a very successful career, she went back to school and attended Oxford University from where she got a Ph.D. in English Literature. As an author who writes under several pseudonyms, she has more than fifty novels that have been published in tens of jurisdictions across the world. She has won many awards in both the young adult and children’s fiction categories over the years. “The Diamond of Drury Lane” which was the debut of the “Cat Royal” series was the winner of the Waterstones’s Children’s Book Prize. She was also the winner of the 2015 Romantic Novel of the Year for the novel “Struck” and made the shortlist for the 2013 German Children’s Literature Award for the novel “Finding Sky.”

Joss Stirling’s “Finding Sky” is a thrilling debut that stands out in a market full of subpar adult paranormal romance novels. The lead protagonist of the novel is Sky, who has been living with her adoptive parents ever since she was a ten-year-old child. She does not have much remembrance of her life before she was adopted. Her parents have just been invited to go to the US to run the newest arts center in the state of Colorado. Sky loves her home in Richmond, England but the entire family is excited about starting a new life in America. In the United States, she settles into a new life and it is not long before she is attracted to Zed the school’s bad boy. Zed initially ignores the new girl but Sky now starts hearing him talking inside her head and thinks she is going mad. Could there be an explanation for the bizarre happenings and will she accept it when she is informed that Zed is her soul mate? Slowly Zed starts telling her about her powers and abilities as a savant and the fact that they belong together. She does not believe him and it seems that it will take a long time for her to trust him and the things he is telling her.

“Stealing Phoenix” by Joss Stirling is the story of Phoenix, a girl with a lot of burdens to bear and a ton of secrets to hide. She is the child of a pack of wolves, and her parents are people that use fear to subdue and exploit anyone weak enough. She was born a savant and her family forces her to make use of her powers to steal for them. If she refuses or is unable to find any loot, then her nights will be full of displeasure and abuse. Given what awaits a day of failure, she has become so good at what she does that almost no mission has ever been impossible so far. But then she is charged with taking out the handsome and smart American Yves and for the first time, it seems that she is going to fail what her superiors deem one of their most critical missions. She is forced to lie to placate the leader of the wolf pack known as “The Seer.” In the meantime, she is making an elaborate plot that will make it possible to get closer to her target. But the smart American outwits her again and she finds herself in a trap she set for the target. With a setting in the glamor of London, Phoenix and Yves are in a race against time and facing dangerous enemies even as they learn that they are soul mates.

“Seeking Crystal,” the third of the “Benedict-Savant” series of novels tells the story of Crystal. She is a woman that was born to a family of savants though she has always felt that she does not fit in. She happens to be the only member of her family that does not have the powers of telepathy, What she does have is the ability to find things that other people have lost which she thinks is a very useless power. Much of the time she is sought out when people lose their car keys and not for much else. When she travels with her sister to the Denver conference, she is left at the sidelines once again when her sister recognizes her soulfinder and quickly gets engaged and is set to be married. Back home in Venice, Crystal has to come up with the hen party of the year and is competing with Xav to determine who can come up with the best plan for a night out. Crystal and Xav instantly disliked each other but all that evaporates when the family is attacked and they have to work together to find a solution to the crisis.

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