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Publication Order of Detective Bernadette Noel Books

About Joy Kluver

The British writer Joy Kluver is well known for her extremely engrossing crime thriller novels that instantly grab the reader from the outset. Largely focusing on crime fiction, she’s fast become a key fixture of the literary scene, creating highly inventive and innovative novels. Keeping the reader glued to their seat, she perfectly understands what her books entail, bringing them to life. Her books are subdued in an atmosphere and ambiance unlike any other, giving them a real air of mystery and suspense.

Speaking extensively on her craft, she’s a talented storyteller when it comes to the art of crime fiction, really making the most of the genre. Creating suspense-fuelled narratives, she really manages to deliver on every front, pushing the boundaries of the format in the process. This unique approach of her has seen her become hugely popular worldwide, building a real sense of rapport with her loyal following of readers. Providing them with what they want, she also says what she wants to say in the process too, establishing both her own voice and message.

Her characters really leap out from the page, too, providing a definite sense of personality and presence in the process. Knowing the audience well at this point, her protagonists have a life of their own almost, particularly that of her much loved ‘Detective Bernadette Noel’ series. Delivering her material in a straightforward style that immediately gets to the point, she really doesn’t waste any time. With so much more to follow, too, she’s a writer who has plenty more to offer in the near future, as she carries on writing for years to come.

Early and Personal Life

An avid reader since she was young, Joy Kluver always had her head in a book, continually reading and writing from early on. This passion of hers would develop over time, as she would come to refine and hone her craft as a writer and novelist in the years to follow. Prior to writing fiction, she worked as a book blogger, immersing herself in the field of fiction and learning the craft inside out.

Organizing author talks for her local library, she’s constantly reaching out to the literary community at large and has become a key member herself. A mother with three children, she writes on a regular and consistent basis as she draws inspiration from the world around her. Currently living in Southwest London, she continues to write, with a lot more planned for publication on the horizon.

Writing Career

Starting out with her ‘Detective Bernadette Noel’ series of mystery crime novels, Joy Kluver would begin her literary career with the book ‘Last Seen’ in 2021. She would quickly follow this up with ‘Broken Girls’ that same year and then the third book, ‘Left for Dead,’ the following year in 2022. These books would see her make a name for herself, becoming a fully-fledged household name for many in the world of crime fiction.

Featuring the same character throughout, they would appeal to a wide range of readers both nationally and internationally. Solving a new mystery in each novel, Detective Bernadette Noel would fast become a welcome fixture for many, with her unique manner of solving crimes. Represented by the Kate Horden Literary Agency through Anne Williams, she will carry on growing on building a profile both online and off.

Broken Girls

Originally coming out in 2021 on the 27th of July, this would first come out on the Kindle platform, with it being the second in the ‘Detective Bernadette Noel’ series. Following on from the first, ‘Last Seen,’ released just a few months before in March, it would pave the way for the third book in 2022. Providing a stand-alone mystery, it can be read on its own, although there’s plenty for returning fans to enjoy here too.

Strangled and left dead in the undergrowth, a young woman has been murdered by someone once close to her. Now Detective Bernadette Noel must find the killer, and that is when she learns that the rings on the victim belonged to a missing au pair. Then another victim turns up dead, and Detective Bernadette Noel is in a race against the clock to track down the killer before it’s too late. Will she be able to find them in time, can she bring them justice once and for all, and just who killed the broken girls?

A great second novel, it really does deliver on the promise of the first book, making for an engrossing and intelligent thriller. The mystery is held together by well-written characters who speak directly to the reader, as Bernadette really feels like an authentic character. Giving the story a sense of drive and purpose, Kluver creates a fully realistic and three-dimensional world for the reader to explore here.

Left for Dead

This time coming out through the Bookouture publishing label, this would initially arrive in 2022 on the 10th of January. Marking the third novel in the ongoing ‘Detective Bernadette Noel’ series of mystery books, it would carry on with another case to solve. Carrying on in a similar style to the previous two books, it has plenty of twists and turns of its own and can easily be read as a stand-alone. Once again, the book works well within the context of the mystery genre, and there’s so much to enjoy here every step of the way.

Left barely alive, Keira Howard remains unconscious in a hospital bed as DI Bernie Noel races to her bedside. There’s been a string of attacks in the area on young women, and the detective vows to catch the man responsible for these crimes. Then she hits an obstacle after her prime suspect dies under police watch, meaning someone out there wants the case to be kept quiet, as she’s taken off the investigation. Will she be able to persevere, though, and find the real culprit, can she stop them from killing again, and what will happen as another victim is left for dead?

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