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Publication Order of Jaguar Stones Books

Middleworld (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The End of the World Club (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The River of No Return (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost City (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

J &P Voelkel
J &P Voelkel is a collective name for couple Jon and Pamela Voelkel best known for their Jaguar Stones series. They come from different backgrounds, with Jon having grown up in Central and South America and Pamela coming from a small town in England. The two met by chance in a London advertising agency and shared their love for writing.

To research for their series Jaguar Stones, the couple and their three children have explored more than 40 Maya sites in Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize. They currently reside in rural Vermont, and so far, they have three children together.

Middleworld is the first book in the Jaguar Stones series. The book stars Max Murphy, a fourteen-year-old who loves everything video gaming. Max is not at all pleased when his parents cancel a family vacation for work. Now the parents who work as archeologists have to go to Central America. The unfortunate thing is that Max has to accompany them. When Max gets there, he is shocked to discover that his parents are nowhere to be found. A little digging confirms that his parents have been transported to the Maya underground, and the young boy will have to move quickly if he dreams of ever seeing his parents again. This marks the beginning of an adventurous journey where Max will need all the courage he can muster to overcome the challenges he will encounter.

In Central America, Max meets Lola, a Maya girl who talks fast and thinks just as quickly. Lola and Max become fast friends, and they begin the search for the truth together. As soon as the search begins, the duo unlocks ancient secrets that put them in grave danger. The two will be forced to run for their lives inside a dangerous rainforest where they will encounter mysterious strangers. Danger lurks everywhere they go, but there is no giving up on this journey, and the two friends have no choice but to toughen up and soldier on.

As the search intensifies, Lola and Max will realize that things are not as they seem. While some of the strangers they meet lead them to the right path, some will work hard to ensure the two teenagers do not succeed. Faced with a challenge of such a proportion, Max will move fast and sometimes think on his feet, but the good thing is that he is brave, and the ever-resourceful Lola is right there beside him. Can a teenager whose most significant strength is playing video games be successful in saving his parents from the underworld while avoiding the lords of death?

This story is designed for young adults and comes with characters that the people in this age group can identify with. The hero in the story is flawed, yet his dedication to saving his parents is admirable. With a simple plot, this story covers a battle between good and evil. There is also a bit of humor, and the dialogue between Max and Lola is quite impressive. So, how did Max’s parents get sucked into the underworld? Will Max’s efforts to save them bear fruits at the end of the day. Find out all this and so much more in this intriguing series. Middleworld is a perfect read for the young ones who are looking for adventure and a fiction story that comes with a different planet. The book is action-packed, and the hazardous activities the teenagers engage in will leave you at the edge of your seat.

The End of the World Club
The End of the World Club is the second book in the Jaguar Stone series. The Mayan Calendar is coming to a close soon, and Max Murphy and Lola have to rush against time and outsmart the Lords of Death. The duo’s adventures take them to Spain, a land where superstition and bizarre tourist festivals are the norms. The journey through Spain is riddled with betrayal and utter madness. First, there are the hellhounds who will always be on the teenagers’ heels as well Count Antonio de Landa, who is also chasing them. Can these two outsmart the monster who seems always to be a step ahead of them?

Even when the odds are not in their favor, the two teenagers fight on and depend on each other when things get tough. It is amazing to see the two have grown since the first book, and decision making has become much easier. The bond between Max and Lola continues to grow, and the trust they share helps them overcome challenges faster. Even in this story, Max is involved in Maya traditions. The end of the Maya Calendar can be likened to the end of the world that most, if not all, of us, approach with dread. Despite the monsters chasing him, Max is lucky to have someone who understands the myths and Maya customs better that he does. There is also the new characters and the different culture the duo experiences in Spain.

Just like in the first book, Mayan Mythology is adequately covered in a simple language, the target audience can understand. The authors have done their homework as the descriptions bring to life the feel of Central America. From the weather to the food, this intriguing story will transport you to this part of the world where the Mayan community expected the world to end in the year 2012. The plot is excellent, and the story comes packed with action, complete with monsters. There are also many unexpected turns, not to mention the new characters who join Max and Lola’s journey.

The End of the World Club is a perfect read for boys, especially those who get excited about gross things like flatulence and pus. There are different storylines here that work great to keep the young minds engaged. This is one fun series, and just like in Middleworld, the ending will send you searching for the next book. This is not to say that the book ends with a cliffhanger. You can rest easy knowing that most of the questions you have about the different characters will be answered before you get to the last page. Join Max on this intriguing journey and get to experience the Central American jungle in all its glory.

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