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Publication Order of Judd Ryker Books

The Golden Hour (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Minute Zero (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghosts of Havana (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow List (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Judd Ryker series is a series of suspense, mystery, thriller, and fiction novels written by a popular American author named Todd Moss. This successful series is comprised of a total of 4 books, which were released between the years 2014 and 2017. Each and every novel of the series depicts the lead character in the form of Judd Ryker. Author Moss has introduced Judd Ryker as the director of the Crisis Reaction Unit of the State Department. As author Todd Moss was an American diplomat himself, he has used his real life experiences in describing the frustrations and exhilarations of the modern diplomacy in the US Government. His description of Judd Ryker is based more or less on his professional life as a top level American diplomat. Author Moss was stationed in West Africa, while Judd Ryker is shown as working mainly in the United States. However, the events in the books are set in numerous places of the country as well as abroad, including Washington, Mali, Europe, the Sahara Desert, Cuba, etc. The central theme of the books’ stories is based on dealing with international politics and diplomacy with the intention of helping the US in overcoming the crisis situations. Judd Ryker helps his country react in the times of crisis in the foreign lands as soon as possible.

The debut novel of the Judd Ryker series written by Todd Moss is entitled ‘The Golden Hour’. This book was released by the GP Putnam’s Sons publication in the year 2014. Author Moss has set the book’s story in Washington and Mali. Moss has described the plot in the form of an extraordinary thriller of the 21st century espionage. The book’s story deals with international politics, a coup situation, and efforts of the diplomats like Judd Ryker to handle the situation and prevent it from causing greater damage. At the start of the book’s story, Judd Ryker is introduced as being appointed as the new Crisis Unit’s director at the State Department. With this important new role, Judd is required to assist the US government in responding quickly to the foreign crises on a mandatory basis. However, he realizes that he is not ready to face the intense turf battles and infighting between the Defense, State, White House, CIA, and Pentagon that he will come across in the future. Soon after, Judd Ryker learns that a coup situation has arisen in Mali, which requires his immediate attention. Judd seems to have a theory of his own known as the Golden Hour, the ongoing coup in Mali could be a great chance for him to prove that the theory actually works. Judd Ryker realizes that the hours move at a very quick speed in the real world. Also, they include certain things that he had not imagined ever before. During the course of the story, Judd Ryke races against time from Washington to several places in Europe. Wherever he goes, he finds that the loyalties, personalities, and pretty much everything that he thought he was well aware of begin to change and shift under his feet. Judd also comes across enemies and friends in a variety of forms.

Another mind blowing book written in this series by author Todd Moss is called ‘Ghosts of Havana’. It was also released by the G.P. Putnam & Sons publication in 2016. Once again, Judd Ryker is depicted as the main lead of the story. Author Moss has done the setting of this book’s story in Havana, Cuba. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that 4 sport fishermen from America stray into the waters of Cuba and subsequently get arrested by the navy of Castro. Following this unfortunate event, the crisis manager from the State Department of the U.S, Judd Ryker, is ordered to look into the matter and enter into a negotiation for the release of the fishermen. But, as Judd Ryker begins to dig into the case, he comes up with certain suspicious things. And the deeper he digs, the more things he finds that do not seem to fit into the situation. Judd faces a lot more difficulty in getting the fishermen released because of the increased tension between Cuba and the United States and the supposedly thawing relationship of the two nations. A point comes in the case when Judd Ryker is forced to question the identity of the arrested men. He wonders what were they involved in at that time that they did not realize they had crossed the international water boundary. Judd begins to suspect the actions of his own government. He becomes so much fed up with the proceedings that he questions about his real mission. Also, Judd becomes desperate to know what is being hidden from him by his government. Some people seem to be in favor of the success of the new initiative, while a few others want it to get stopped at all costs. In spite of all that is happening around in the case, other people see it as a chance for something more radical. And the common factor for all of them is that the time is right to take an action.

Judd Ryker finds himself caught surrounded by the Havana ghosts all around. This book was highly appreciated by all the readers. The critics and readers showed a great interest in reading the exciting story. The excitement that sets the tone of the story right at the beginning gets carried till the very end. And this kept the readers involved in it. The way author Moss has depicted the crisis situation and its subsequent resolution was praised by the readers and critics alike. Many of them spoke highly of the cast and the storyline, which gave a moral boost to Todd Moss and motivated him to write many more interesting books in the future. On the whole, the story seems to be quite entertaining and engaging one. It is brilliantly told and fast paced with great characters and setting. Whoever read the book was left intrigued until the climax. The readers feel like being on a journey full of suspense and action. Overall, it is a fascinating thriller and is highly recommended for the fans of suspense and thriller books.

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