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Judge, Jury, & Executioner Books In Order

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Publication Order of Judge, Jury, & Executioner Books

By: Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle

Craig Martelle is a published American author of fiction.

The author previously served in the Marine Corps. for over twenty years. He has also been to law school and started a career in business consulting. All of it has been incorporated in some way with his experience contributing to creating fully formed characters and a world in which both they and the place they live in is believable. He has written in a variety of genres and takes pride in creating compelling characters that are in-depth and contending with issues that anyone in modern America could relate to.

Craig is married and lives in Fairbanks, Alaska along wtih his wife. How they got there is a strange series of events. Craig didn’t anticipate moving to a location where the golf courses there only are open for 25% of the year. The place may be off of the beaten path but the author truly loves living there. They can see northern lights standing right outside their own home and own a dog that loves the big space and nature. The area may get really cold and vary from having too much daylight to not enough, but Craig figures it comes with the territory if you want to live someplace beautiful like this.

He views the things that he has done in his past (what he calls his ‘other lives’) now as though they are all stories taken out of a book. Likewise, with his books, he sees them as if he were the one living there and knows the characters and is friends with them. What we remember is behind us, the author says, while what we imagine lies ahead of us. The concepts of his books and his memories from the past both reside in his head. Craig is proud of the fact that his books have been nominated for awards as well as have become best sellers in different countries.

Craig truly cares about the themes and the practice of loyalty and honor as well as justice. He tries to work them into his books as the focus as they are also a focus of his life. He sets his stories mainly in fictional, created worlds. Craig’s always had an affinity for writing and reading, always carrying a book along with him everywhere that he went in the past. New technology now allows him to binge read through the many different books that he is able to load onto his phone.

Some of his literary inspirations include J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, Robert E. Howard, and Robert Heintein, among others. He has also had others bring up Andre Norton in relation to his work, something Martelle says is ‘humbling’. Martelle has written several series, including the Nightwalker series with co-author Frank Roderus, the Kurtherian Gambit series with co-author Michael Anderle, the Free Trader series, the Cygnus Space Opera series, and more.

Craig Martelle is the creator and the author of the Age of Expansion Judge Jury and Executioner Series. The series first got started in 2018 with the publication of the debut novel You Have Been Judged. That was followed by the second installment in the series, Destroy the Corrupt. The third novel in this series came out shortly after and is titled Serial Killer. It was followed by Your Life Is Forfeit and several more novels in this engaging series.

You Have Been Judged is the first novel in the Age of Expansion: Judge, Jury and Executioner series by Craig Martelle. This book does have some cursing inside so be forewarned.

When it comes to main character Rivka Anoa, she’s got a galactic mandate as well as a gift to contend with. She works as a lawyer, but now she’s interacting with the legal system in an entirely new way. Rivka’s been accused of murder. In this case, she did it. Rivka’s ready to take whatever fate is handed down to her.

But when a second chance comes her way, should she take it? Will she take it? The offer is for her to transcend her position as a lawyer to become more. To become an individual that judges others and punishes them when they are found to be guilty. Even though she’s committed transgressions herself, can Rivka handle dealing out justice on that level?

As she accepts this position, she’ll find out on the job. Now all that’s left is to go to space to judge criminals and serve not only as their judge but their jury and executioner too. There’s nowhere to run. What will happen? Read this book to find out!

Destroy the Corrupt is the second novel in the Age of Expansion series by Craig Martelle. The series is full of stand alones so you don’t have to read the other novels or the first book to understand what’s happening in this one (although you can if you want!). If you’re a science fiction fan or just looking for something new to read, check out this series.

In this sequel, no one in the Federation is able to run their racket for long and get away with doing so. Especially when it’s taking away business that could be going to The Bad Company. The people that have come in might be running a racket or just superior when it comes to doing business. Still, it must be investigated, so send in a Magistrate.

Can Rivka find evidence that something untoward is going on? If she does find out that’s something’s happening, will she be able to hand down justice and if so, what type? As she pulls at the various threads to see what shakes out, Rivka feels like she’s being drawn someplace and cannot resist following, despite the fact that it feels like it’s a set up.

Criminals run. Her job is to run faster. No one here can withstand the law. When you are judged, you get justice handed out to you. Follow this adventure and find out what happens and what Rivka does! Pick up a copy of this book today.

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