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Killing State (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Curse the Day (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sleep When You're Dead (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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An Unnecessary Assassin(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Judith O’Reilly is an author of fiction as well as nonfiction novels. When she is not writing or drinking tea she may be blogging, which she enjoys and has even got print attention for doing!

Wife in the North as well as her novel A Year of Doing Good were her nonfiction novels, published in 2008 and then 2018 by Viking Penguin. North hit the best selling novels chart in the U.K. at number three and remained in the top ten list for a couple of weeks and also had a similar run in Germany.

The book ended up being sold in multiple countries abroad and was also optioned to be delivered to readers in serial format by multiple print outlets. It focused on the writer accomplishing one good deed per day for the course of an entire year.

Judith O’Reilly was born in Leeds. She is a former political producer that has worked on Newsnight for BBC 2 as well as Channel 4 News for ITN. She also worked for The Sunday Times as an education correspondent and she would cover general news as well as politics while also doing some undercover reporting. She still writes for them.

O’Reilly says that her claim to fame is having one of her very own novels be selected for ‘Book of the Week’ by Radio 4. She first became an officially published author for the first time with the release of her book Killing State. The political thriller is her first book in print and she’s very proud of it, describing it as Robert Harris meets Lee Child.

Judith has not only written a few novels, but she also has taught students at Newcastle University, instructing them on memoir writing as well as blogging. When she has the time, she also gives her advice when it comes to strategic communications. She enjoys reading and writing when she is not teaching.

Judith O’Reilly is the creator and author of the Michael North series of fiction. The series kicked off with the release of the debut novel in the series, Killing State. The sequel is titled Curse the Day. The author describes the books as having a ‘very British’ and young action hero as well as female characters that are both dynamic in personality and compelling.

Killing State is the exciting debut thriller novel in Judith O’Reilly’s Michael North series. In this exciting page turning first story from this acclaimed author, readers get to meet the main character for the first time.

Michael North has been shot by a bullet and lived to tell the tale. He is known as a hero and still has the metal in his head to prove that fact. Even though most people would have died, this has become a rare case where the bullet that is lodged into his brain has actually rejuvenated the neural pathways as well as increased his intuition like crazy.

So he basically has become like an X-man overnight, and with all of these new super talents like his intuition, you would think that North would be psyched to have enhanced ability. The truth is that it’s actually driving him crazy, and the worst part is that it’s not even the toughest problem in his life. A woman would be the cause of that!

The bullet isn’t that fun, but North has a job. He works for The Board, an agency that exists outside of the official government books. He is very adept at taking out the bad guys, but when it turns out that he is ordered to try to kill someone and he doesn’t agree with the mission, will he turn against duty and opt to go rogue?

The thing that used to make his job easier was the fact that he actually was going after the bad guys. What happens when he is asked to target someone that he believes to be innocent? There’s a new star on the political horizon, and some people don’t like what Honor Jones is doing. She’s asking a lot of questions about people that would be rather left alone.

Can North turn away from an assignment, or will loyalty be his downfall in the end? North is used to following the orders that he gets. This is one mission that is going to test him right down to the core– and in the end, determine everything about who he truly is. What will happen at the conclusion of this book? You’ve got to read Killing State in order to find out for yourself!

Curse the Day is the second novel in the Michael North series by talented and acclaimed author Judith O’Reilly. If you loved the first book in this fictional political thriller series of novels, then you may just want to check out the second novel in this series.

Tobias Hawke always was a rising star. He was not only a genius in the tech world but the boss of an esteemed institute for learning. The British institute was where he devoted all of his energy, but now they’re going to have to find a replacement.

His corpse has been discovered in the lab, and there’s no doubt about it– he’s been murdered. So what is anyone to do? The suspicious death was almost certainly a murder. The timing of it all could not be worse; Tobias was just about to make a breakthrough when it comes to A.I. and it could have revolutionized the field itself.

So what was the big device? Syd was his creation, a device that was machine and could also learn. It imitated thinking just like a human and could have impressed and inspired countless scientists. However, her creator has been killed and now the machine is going into shutdown as an emergency precaution.

But are there secrets lurking in that artificial mind of hers? Michael North may just be willing to find out. He’s teaming up with a teen hacker and the widow of Hawke to try and figure out who murdered him– and why. What will they discover? Read this book and find out!

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    just read killing state in one sitting. was surprised at the ending have to get curse the day now to see where the star north is. great first book michael


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