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Judithe Little is an American author of historical fiction books known for her award-winning novel, the Wickwythe Hall.
Her books are specially focused on the 20th century times, whose intelligence and imagination have made her one of the most respected voices in this field. Her research and dedication to historical accuracy led her to create a series of exceptionally well-documented historical fiction novels.
Judithe graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Affairs. She has studied in France and worked as an intern at the US Department of State. The author resides in Texas with her husband and their three children.

Wickwythe Hall
The Wickwythe Hall is a compelling debut novel that illuminates survival costs on both sides of the war. It is told in first-person voices through the eyes of three people who meet at an English estate where they are brought together by secrets and deception.

What begins as a tale about love becomes a story of sacrifice, conspiracy, and hidden identities—a nail-biting suspenseful read with twists straight out of Le Carre’s The Constant Gardner.

Some of us may not be aware that Wickwythe Hall is a popular estate in England and plays a pivotal role in this fictional story of the Second World War. The story narration switches from one character to the next, all of which play main roles.

Mabry, Annelle, and Reid. Mabry is an American pilot who loses his life in the war and sees the other dynamic characters as they appear to him as a ghost.
Annelle runs from her past as she studies as a pastry chef at Wickwythe Hall, where Reid manages the estate and its crumbling buildings. He sees through her facade to protect her from those who would do her harm.

The story kicks off as Hitler’s army makes way through the Maginot Line, putting at risk the nunnery where Annelle is an amateur. The nuns stand their ground, but Annelle sprints out and joins other people escaping and dying on the roads while running away from the German army.

Fate lands Annelle on a boat that’s sailing across the channel. She lands in England and meets Mabry, a volunteer taking care of the British soldiers escaping from France.

Mabry quickly takes in the distressed Annelle to the Wickwythe Hall. On the other hand, we meet Reid, who is on a presidential assignment to England as a linkage to Churchill. Mabry and Reid meet years later after fulfilling his duty and accompanying Churchill’s visit to Wickwythe Hall for a weekend of respite and rest.

Annelle’s first night there, she runs into Mabry, and he sees that she is running away and has secrets of her own and tries to help.
The three become friends, but only after Mabry saves their lives does everyone realize how important it is for them all to meet before tragedy strikes. In addition to romance, World War II plays an integral role in the novel.

Readers experience how it changes three lives and has a lasting impact on them all.
The book is written from different points of view, which gives it more authenticity. Reid comes across as a mysterious character because he knows more about Annelle than she lets on, but at first, it is unclear how they know each other or who he really is.

It takes a while for things to come together, and you have to wait until the end to actually understand what happened, so read this one slowly if you want to get everything out of it.

Within the pages of the Wickwythe book lies a story of heart-wrenching loss, unrequited love, danger, and more love, all set in the splendid English estate known as the Wickwythe Hall. You will get a chance to meet most interest folks, including Winston Churchill and a horse called Valhalla.
If you love Downton Abbey, a British Drama series available on Netflix, then you will definitely fall in love with Judithe Little book. For one, the novel contains the same architypes as the Netflix show; enchanting relationships, lush English manor, fascinating and scandalous guests, and of course, a war that brings them all together.

The Channel Sisters
The Channel Sisters is the second standalone novel by Judithe Little. It’s a historical fiction story featuring Channel sisters and is narrated from the perspective of the youngest sister from their time in a convent orphanage until her demise in 1921.

Antionette is the youngest of the three sisters, and their story is narrated from her point of view. They triumph over poverty, hard work and finally establish their own business. The author unapologetically describes the demeaning French society and the classism they had to struggle against.
The sisters strived hard and refused to settle as members of the merchant class to become financially independent. With the rise of “Coco,” Antionette is by her beloved sister’s side, helping the business grow and continually fight against the limitations placed on women in the early 20th-century society.
The author provides a fascinating perspective at the early start of a new fashion style and the beginning of a business empire operated by women in a society dominated by men.

The story is not just about the Channel sisters though, in fact, it’s also about their customers and friends.
The novel has many layers to it, but Judithe Little presents them in a simple way so the reader doesn’t get confused or lost when transitioning from one character to another. Judithe Little masterfully tells this larger-than-life story.

Judithe Little’s writing style can be described as smooth and captivating, which makes for an easy read.
The attention to detail makes it possible to visualize the setting where the characters are at any given time without being too heavy on the description so as not to disrupt the flow of the story.

All in all, The Channel Sisters is a highly recommended read. If you enjoy reading historical books, then I would highly recommend Judithe Little books.

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