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Judy I. Lin

July I. Lin is an exciting new author with the fascinating, highly praised Book of Tea “duology” of stories for Young Adults. Blending magic and Chinese tea to create the first novel, A Magic Steeped in Poison, we are introduced to the world the ancient and magical art of Shennong-shi- tea making.

Ning travels to the imperial city to compete with masters of the ancient, venerated art of tea making. This is more than a simple contest for her. It is likely the only chance to save her sister, Shu. Ning lost her mother when she unknowingly gave her a poison tea and her sister’s life is hanging in the balance from the same poison. Ning must triumph in this competition.

The winner of the kingdom’s greatest Shennong-shi will receive from the crown princess a magical favor, which could be Ning’s only chance to save her sister, Shu.

Ning is young and from the country. This is her first competition so she isn’t prepared for the bloody politics in court and the backstabbing amongst competitors. There is also a handsome and mysterious boy who harbors a shocking secret. Along with the other challenges of the competition, Ning might be in mortal danger. More than tea is brewing as feuds create more troubles and obstacles to a much needed victory.

A Venom Dark and Sweet is the exciting conclusion of Ms. Lin’s Book of Tea duology. Ning survived the Shennong-shi competition but her life is in no less mortal danger.

The Banished Prince returned to the kingdom of Daxi, attempting to seize power. His evil methods to rise to the dragon throne include mass poisonings- which keep the people highly distrustful and overly fearful.

Ning is young but a powerful wielder of magic using her considerable skills of Shénnóng-shi, the very delicate and equally ancient are of tea-making. Ning has escorted the Princes Zehn into exile. The princess’ devoted bodyguard, Ruyi, and Ning’s newly healed sister, Shu, are traveling throughout the kingdom. The four young women are searching for allies to help them expel the evil Prince and help Princess Zehn regain her rightful place on the throne.

Ning’s constant nightmares of a golden serpent are still beleaguered with horrid visions of bloodshed and war. A malevolence has been awoken, one far more primeval than the trivial hostilities of current men. The power of her magic might not be strong enough to prevent this evil before it consumes the world.

Ms. Lin has been interviewed about her new stories and shared these thoughts with her readers. As she started her research to build the fantasy worlds she wanted to achieve and she was developing her information about tea as it relates to Chinese culture, she was frequently referred to the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through that research, Ms. Lin learned that tea has been used medicinally for hundreds of years.

It is documented that teas have been used as a medicinal ingredient, even as antidotes for poison. A legend about Shennong, a mystical figure in ancient Chinese history, is he tasted one hundred plants and found in them seventy-two poisons. To each one, tea was the antidote.

Shennong is also considered the God of Medicine. This aspect inspired her to toss around the concepts of tea becoming a magical ingredient when combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients.

Ms. Lin shared that stories of legends and folklore from across all cultures have intrigued her. The first book that inspired her was The Singing Stone by O. R. Melling. This fantasy is about a modern young girl who travels to Ireland and is transported back in time collecting treasures and meeting royalty and falling in love.

Stories that are inspired by history and mythology that has been reimagined are exciting and interesting to Ms. Lin.

Ms. Lin was born in Taiwan but moved to Canada when she was eight years old. Like all good writers, she spent her youth with her nose in a book and fell in love with the imaginary worlds reading brought her. She feels fortunate that even though she moved from Taiwan to Canada as a young girl, she was able to maintain her capability to read Traditional Chinese. She said her ability to write Chinese is disappointing but she can type Chinese characters. This was a huge help that allowed her to gain access to many resources that aren’t available through English translations.

She investigated the ancient tea culture of the Song Dynasty and books on foods of the imperial palaces of the Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties. She was able to build her fascinating, real world details from Chinese history in her stories.

An exciting and favorite piece of knowledge she came across during her research is relating how her family prepares tea for a type of tea ceremony. “Gongfu Cha”, involves the ritual preparation and presentation of tea and translates to “tea made with skill”, and is very prevalent in the Taiwanese culture. Ms. Lin says learning this through her research gave her a larger understanding and appreciation of her culture. She was excited to write the Gonfu Cha ceremony into her story as it allowed a personal connection with her heritage. It creates instant fond memories of visiting tea shops and drinking tea with friends and family.

When not writing she’s an occupational therapist and lives on the Canadian prairies with her daughter and her husband.

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