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Judy Nunn is a popular Australian author, who likes to write literature & fiction, historical fiction, and romance novels. She was born as Judith Anne Nunn on April 13, 1945, in Perth, Western Australia. In addition to being a famous author, she is also a noteworthy screenwriter and actress. Author Nunn has received the Order of Australia from the Australian Day Honors in 2015 for her dedicated service towards performing arts as a screen and stage actor and scriptwriter, and also to literature being an author. For writing some of her books, she uses the pseudonym of Judy Bernard Waite. Author Nunn initially started her career as a leading actress of stage. She received her break in TV shows with the role of the bisexual reporter named Vicky Stafford in the television show called The Box. With her performance in this role, she achieved a great success. The character of Vicky Stafford became a famous cult figure and continued to feature in the series. During the entire run of the show between 1974 and 1977, author Nunn played Vicky Stafford’s role. In 1979, Nunn got the chance to play Joyce Martin for a brief period in the TV series called Prisoner. Following this, she had a long role in the show Sons & Daughters as Dr. Irene. This show ran from 1984 to 1986. The next popular role of author Nunn is Ailsa Stewart, which she played in the TV show Home & Away. Starting from 1988, Nunn was cast in every season of the show for this role of Ailsa Stewart, until the character’s death in 2000. It is considered as the most popular role played by Nunn. In 2002, Nunn played a ghost’s role for a small time in her former show. Author Nunn is married to her writer and actor husband named Bruce Venables. He is also an ex-police officer. Their marriage took place in the same week in which her the filming of her character Ailsa Stewart’s marriage took place with Alf, played by actor Ray Meagher.

The couple used to live in Bondi, New South Wales previously. In fact, they have stayed there for a very long time. But now, they have shifted to Central Coast in NSW. As a screenwriter, Nunn writes for television and radio. She is known to have penned the scripts of a few television programmes, including Possession and Neighbors. During the 1980’s, author Nunn decided to switch over to writing prose. Subsequently, she was able to write and publish a couple of adventure books for children. They are known as Eye in the City and Eye in the Storm. These two books are quite popular in Europe and Australia. Later, she embarked on adult fiction during the early 1990’s and penned 3 adult novels. The stories of all the three books take place around theater, television, and movies. They went on to become bestsellers. Author Nunn is regarded as a specialist of writing period fiction set in Australia. A few of the other books that she has written include Territory, Kal, Tiger Men, Maralinga, Pacific, Floodlite, Heritage, etc. All the careers of author Nunn have been illustrious, multifaceted, and long. She likes to give the credit of her success in the form of a storyteller to her upbringing. She was prepared for such a life right from her childhood. At that time, she used to indulge in activities like fishing, skimming, and many other adventurous events along with her siblings. Nunn was more like a tomboy, and as the days passed by she started getting a sense of the things around her. She started reading to bring about a change in her daily routine. This helped her greatly by developing her interest in various genres. Nunn says that she always wanted to become an actress. But, she never feared to try new things in life, due to which she was able to take up two other careers successfully.

An initial book written by Judy Nunn is entitled ‘Spirits of the Ghan’. This book was released by the RHA publication in 2015. In the story of this bestselling book, author Nunn has described a breathtaking journey into Australia’s red heart. At the start of the story, it is shown that with the arrival of the new Millenium, Australia is about to achieve an old dream. The Ghan railway work is nearing its completion in the Red Center. This rail work is an ancient vision to provide a backbone to the continent. With the completion of this line, it will become very easy to connect Top End with Adelaide. But, certain complications arise during the final phase of the construction between Darwin and Alice Springs. The railway has to pass through a vast area of the Aboriginal land. Jessica Manning is to negotiate the deal with the Elders. The construction wants Jessica to convince them that the sacred sites will not be harmed during the construction. She wonders whether she will be able to gain the trust of the Elders with her understanding of their landscape. Jessica Mannings gains confidence from the fact that she has her roots in the Arunta heritage and hopes that the Elders will understand her proposition. As Matthew Witherton is against the construction of the rail corridor, it does not seem an easy task to establish peace with the Aboriginal people. And as the paths of Matthew and Jessica cross, a collision of their cultures takes place that turns their attention to a more important situation. A mystery is revealed in the process, which Jessica Manning and Matthew Witherton try to solve so that everything gets done peacefully without any casualty or wrong-doing.

Another exciting novel written by author Nunn is called ‘Beneath the Southern Cross’. It was published in 1999 by the Australian Random House publishers. Author Nunn has set the events of the book in Sydney, Australia, at the time of the year 1788. At the beginning of the book’s story, it is depicted that Thomas Kendall is a 19 year old child facing charges for burglary. He is being sent to Sydney Town, where he will find a new way of living among the lawless and wild people. Thomas comprises of a dynasty that will remain for over 200 years. The descendants of Thomas play an important role in forging a nation. However, the family experiences rifts due to prejudice and greed, which echo through many generations. The family reclaims its honor at the beginning of the 21st century with the uncovering of a terrible secret. In this book, author Nunn has tried to trace Thomas’ descendants’ fortunes. With the help of the vivid descriptions of the characters, events, and the issues, the readers are able to understand how Sydney and Australia have progressed through the years.

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