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Publication Order of Sydney Brennan Mysteries Books

Back to Lazarus (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets in Stockbridge (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Perils of Panacea (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Safe Winterport (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Braving the Boneyard (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
River Bound (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grave Truth (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Memory Lane (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Dead Hollow Books

Judy K Walker
Judy K Walker is an American mystery, suspense, and thriller author best known for her Sydney Brennan series. A criminal attorney by profession, Judy writing shows her expertise in matters investigation in her books especially in the Sydney Brennan Mystery series. Other notable works by Judy include the Dead Hollow, a trilogy based on a true story. She loves hanging out with her husband and taking care of her dogs and cats in her home in Hawaii when not writing.
Back to Lazarus

Back to Lazarus is the debut novel in the Sydney Brennan Mystery series. The book features Sydney Brennan, a Florida private investigator who leaves no stones unturned where her job is concerned. Sydney’s past is not perfect, but perhaps this is what makes her great in her work. Sydney is asked to investigate the death of a client’s father. It has been 24 years since the said father killed himself in prison. Noel wants to know why her father, who was incarcerated for murdering her mother waited for years before he committed suicide. While Sydney is in no position to answer her client’s questions immediately, the talented private investigator is determined to do anything in her power to unravel the truth. Sydney also has a few questions of her own. For example, why did Noel remember so little about her childhood?

Sydney starts her investigation in the prison where Noel’s father died. She later travels to other areas within Florida in search of the truth. The journey is not going to be all smooth. Sydney will be beaten to close an inch of her life while encountering a lot of resistance along the way. She will soon realize that there are people determined to ensure that no one wakes the sleeping dogs and investigate something that happened over twenty years ago.

Noel’s curiosity was triggered by newspaper clippings she gets in her mail. The question that had always lingered in her mind is why her father killed himself after spending years in prison. Sydney finds bits of answers at every stage, but in the end, she unravels more than was anticipated. There a lot of action as Sydney crisscrosses Florida trying to reconstruct the tragic history of the Thomas family. The family history connects to a web of corruption and deceit from a man who will go to any length to ensure his secrets are safe.

This book comes with an exciting cast. Sydney is a lovable character that many can identify with. While she is older and nothing like the average private investigator, her smart mouth and desire to see justice done makes her stand out. She is not afraid to fight, and she will get her hands dirty to get the truth that her clients seek. It helps that Sydney comes with a reliable support team, so accomplishing challenging tasks is made easy. The support characters are dimensional and add a lot of character to the story. These, combined with the author’s storytelling talent, turns this into a page-turner.

Back to Lazarus is a perfect choice if you are looking for a thriller that combines both mystery and adventure. With a fast pace, likable characters, and snappy dialogue, you will have a hard time putting this book down. The ending is epic and will leave you searching for the second book in this series.

Prodigal is the debut novel in the Dead Hollow series. The book stars Adam Rutledge, a drifter who has been away from his hometown for two decades. Even though Adam has been away from home for ages, he had never forgotten how hopeless he felt when his best friend Danny was abducted. As it turns out, the town of Cold Springs has not forgotten Adam either. People have not gotten over the mistrust and the heartaches that orphaned Adam left in his wake.

Adam, Danny, and J.J. were best of friends, and the three spent all their free time together. Life is all fun until Danny is stolen. A while later, another little girl is taken. While an intense search is launched, the two children are never found. Thanks to the guilt and grief that follows Danny’s disappearance, Adam moves from his hometown and stays away for a long time.

Adam gets a strange dream, and he decides to go back to Cold Springs. He reconnects with his friend Jenifer Jane Tulley, the only person who still believes Adam. To Adam’s shock, Jane narrates about another innocent life that has been taken on the day that Adam returns to Cold Springs. Fortunately, this time around, the abducted girl can be recovered. The two friends can make use of Adam’s special powers to ensure that Rachel is found alive.

Adam and Jennifer set on a journey that takes them back to the events that happened twenty years ago. As the duo works to solve the riddle of the strange disappearances, Adams deep and a dark secret is going to come to light. The visions that Adam has been burying throughout his lifetime are unearthed, and he has a hard time maintaining his sanity. On the other end, Jenifer will be working hard to protect Adam and keep him alive.

Jenifer and Adam are determined to bring Rachel home. The only problem is that Adam is not sure that anyone will believe his terrifying visions. It doesn’t help that both Adam’s father and grandfather are deemed mad by the residents of Cold Springs. Adam’s grandfather had been sent away from this rural town many years ago, and Adam is afraid that by speaking his mind, he will face the same fate.

Prodigal is a thrilling story characterized by evocative settings, authentic characters, and just the right dose of paranormal. Follow Adam and Jenifer as they cover vast forested lands in search of Racheal. The two are rushing against time as Racheal will not be able to live long without her Asthma medication. If you are a thriller fan, you can be sure that you will enjoy this haunting series. The suspense is on another level, and the story is superbly written.

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