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Julia Blake Cozy Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Julia Blake Cozy Mystery Books

Virtually Scared To Death (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Party To Die For (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Secret Killer (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Takes A Trip (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Fair Murder (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Shows Up (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Makes A Claim (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Knitting And Murder (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death At The Spa (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Exercising The Past (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Gillian Larkin is a mystery novelist best known for her work on the Julia Blaze Cozy mystery series. She has been very interested in mystery stories throughout much of her life. She has especially been interested in the work of Agatha Christie.

A native of the United Kingdom, Larkin enjoys mysteries for how they always leave the reader onto great adventures. They can learn about all sorts of interesting things relating to how people find the bad guys and how even it takes a great deal of skill and work to really stand out. The effort that Larkin puts into writing intricate and appealing stories is something that can be noticed in many of her works.

Larkin has written numerous mystery novel series with many of them being available through Amazon in a series of sets containing many stories. The work that she has produced over the years includes many great stories but some of the best ones that she has worked on are in the Julia Blake Cozy mystery series. The fascinating work that she puts into her novels makes them among the most attractive stories for people to check out today.

About the Series

The Julia Blake Cozy mystery series is about Julia Blake, a woman who operates her own cleaning business. She works with a number of activities all around and enjoys the many things that she does for helping people.

But throughout her work there are plenty of mysteries all abound. These include some mysteries where people are found dead. It is often up to her to find answers to some of the mysteries that come about within her work. The stories that she gets into are fun and fascinating for all the read and delve into.

The novels focus on cozy mystery concepts. This is a type of mystery where the deaths are typically bloodless and violence or sex is heavily downplayed. The main focus is on figuring out what could have caused someone’s death. In many cases the stories take place in a more tight-knit environment. With Julia working for all kinds of small-scale clients and people who have specific needs, the stories involved are very specific and unique in their own particular ways. Seeing how many of the stories take place in some unsuspecting environments, there are many mysteries that will come about in each story that deserve to be noticed.

Noteworthy Books

Virtually Scared to Death

The first book in the series is the 2013 story Virtually Scared to Death. This story is about Julia finding one of her regular clients dead in his luxury apartment. She knows that the man talked about things that he was worried about in his life. Also, while many assume that he committed suicide, Julia knows better as the pills next to him are not the usual ones that he takes.

This leads to Julia feeling that someone could have killed this regular client of hers. There is also a mysterious game being played on his computer that leads Julia into wondering if someone could have gotten into the home and caused something very dangerous. The mystery surrounding what has happened is eating at Julia as it is up to her to figure out what could have happened.

Death Takes a Trip

In this next book in the series, Julia see an elderly client of hers dead at the base of his staircase. Julia feels that the building contractors at this property could have had something to do with it as they had been trying to get the old man to sell his property. But soon it gets to where another suspect appears in the case. It becomes all the more complicated and interesting from this point onward. The added mystery only adds to the confusion as Julia is looking to figure out what could have caused such an incident as this to have occurred.

Knitting and Murder

Julia’s good investigation partner Cain plays a key role in this story. Cain tells Julia to help him with finding a way to get a little closer to this one woman that he really likes. This leads to Julia coming along to the knitting class that this woman attends.

But soon the peace of the situation is disrupted as someone in the class is found murdered. What makes this even more concerning is that there are fears that the woman Cain really likes is a suspect. This leads to Julia having to find a way to figure out how to investigate the case without letting Cain know that the woman he has fallen for could have been a suspect in this case.

Death at the Spa

Julia and her mother head out to a spa for an enjoyable and relaxing time. But as she gets to the spa, a good friend encourages them to take a look at what the chocolate therapy sessions have to offer. These sessions offer an intriguing flotation tank filled with chocolate materials that help people relax and feel comfortable.

But soon a dead body is found in that chocolate space. While Julia is confident in allowing the police to take a look at what could have happened in this case, her friends encourage her to take a look at what has happened. This puts Julia right into the investigation although at the same time it might be a suggestion that something specific or interesting could be afoot in the case. It is up to Julia to see who is being honest and if others close to her have something to hide about the dead body.

The appealing stories in the Julia Blake series are fun for all people who love cozy mystery stories to read. These are stories that feature number entertaining situations as they highlight entertaining ways how Julia can solve mysteries. The work that she completes in these stories show just how intense and strong her work is and especially highlight what makes her one of the more intriguing figures to check out in today’s world of mysteries.

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