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Julia Dahl was born in thee Fresno, California area. It didn’t take her long to find the first steps that would inevitably lead to her future as she began by working on her high school newspaper back in 1994. Herself – proclaimed favorite movie was The Big Lebowski that she supposedly watches over and over again when she has the time to do so. She had an interfaith upbringing in her family home which seemed to be evident in her early writing.

Julia Dahl earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in her collegiate studies from the prestigious Yale University. Following that she went on to work toward a prestigious Master’s degrees during which she honed in on her creative writing skills while she was there. But the creative writing did not come secondary to her insatiable thirst to study authoritative journalism as she studied that while attending The New School and also at the well – known American University.
Following her collegiate career, she ultimately decided to live in the neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. She lived there with her loving husband, her betrothed son, and also her sprightly.Much of her career has been spent writing articles for her employers. Her article writing has been impressively featured in Salon magazine, the Columbia Journalism Review repeatedly, and Seventeen magazine. If that were not enough, the articles have also been featured in the Pacific Standard and the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine just to start as far as it is concerned.

She is concurrently employed as a novelist with Stephanie Kip Rostan of Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency that is currently representing her. But she is also doing content writing for as a journalist. She also worked as a freelance reporter reporting to the New York Post at times. For a period of time, she worked as an associate topographies editor for the Marie Claire company magazine. Then she was the deputy supervision editor for The Crime Report.
As a fluent writer, people are usually surprised that she chooses not to do outlines prior to beginning her work. She is more of a fan of free wording through the content, ultimately finding her own way through. She likes to let the words guide her instead of the other way around. It is not a common approach to writing, but she apparently believes it serves her well.

Another uncommon component to her work task pattern is that she is crazy over plot twists in that she likes to take the reader by surprise and ultimately give them something that they were not necessarily looking for in the piece of literature. There is also something to her ability to connect the individual books in a seamless link through a series of trilogies. She uses it as a means to further explore each individual character in a more insightful way, making it somewhat addictive to the reader. The book series carries the person through multiple life events that stand to change the course of their lives by the end of it.

She has been known to let the secret slip that staying abreast of what is trending in the news today helps in her creative writing endeavors. Despite her primary goal, while working for, being to report on the headliner news stories she seems to see value in seeing the bigger picture of the world as a whole as well.

When she is tackling a new literary novel she claims to have one set topic in mind and it is usually violence and crime related topics that are trending in the international news. She is an avid bookstore shopper as she lives in New York City where there is one on nearly every corner as it is mostly known by a number of people.

Her first novel was called the Invisible City. It is a story about a New York City tabloid reporter, Rebekah Roberts, that is ultimately out in the field to investigate a suspected murder of an unknownHasidic female. The woman lived in the Borough Park area at the time of her passing.
Due to her excellence in writing, the novel was consequently put up for the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award. It was nominated for the Best First Novel for her. Then it was called to be the Boston Globe’s Best Books of 2014 which seemed to come as no surprise to her loyal fans. The story also was nominated and won Barry, Shamus, and also the Macavity Awards as it was the author’s Best First Novel attempt in the field of work.
The sequel to the first movie turned out to be called the Run You Down novel. The book was then published in June of 2015 by her publisher. Readers did not have to wait too long for the third book which was called The Conviction. The Conviction is slated to be published in early 2017 for her loyal reader’s delight.

When Run You Down came out, the readers learned that the main characterRebekah Roberts was investigating the enigmatic passing when a Hasidic Jewish female. She was living in upstate New York at the time of death. The turn of events upsets the locals, not surprisingly so, in a place where not much usually happens within the confines of the townships safety.

It is in this book that the loyal readers get to meet Rebekah’s mother, Aviva. It comes as a bit of a surprise when it comes to light that Aviva had run away from the Hasidic communal when she was young. There were several commonalities between the two that captivate the reader’s attention early on in the story.
The reader is further drawn in when they learn how she had faced her own skirmishes during a time of trials and tribulations as she tried to come into her own. As she worked to create a new life for herself, one that was the polar opposite of what she knew growing up, she meets several barriers in plotting out her future.

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