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Julia Derek
Julia Derek is a mystery and historical writer best known for her unique and intriguing thriller stories. The Sweden-born author always knew that she would eventually live in the U.S., where she currently works as a physical trainer. After a day spent whipping her clients into Shape, Derek loves to create her stories at night. Her list of thrillers continues to grow, and only time will tell what Derek has in store for her fans.

Born Evil
Born Evil is a heartbreaking story. What would happen if, as a mother, you discovered your child is a psychopath? A child without a soul who has killed a few people in his short life? Well, for Jennifer Hanson, this is not a nightmare but reality. After a few instances that seemed accidental at the moment, it becomes clear that Jenifer has to protect her son. This all starts when Shane takes his father’s gun from the closet and shoots him dead while sleeping. Jenifer swears that this was an accident. After all, what does a six-year-old know about guns, and why would a young boy want to kill his father?
When Shane is twelve, Jennifer catches him, stabbing the family cat to death. Even though Shane doesn’t see her, the young single mother starts to question her son’s mental status. Could all the efforts she has made to raise her son right been in vain? Jennifer’s fear rises when she sees the photo of a dead girl in her son’s camera. Everyone assumed the young girl’s death was an accident when they found her body at the ravine. When she questions him, Shane claims that he found the girl dead but was afraid of speaking up because people might have accused him of being involved in her death. Then Shane’s therapist is found dead in his home, and Jennifer knows that there is no way her son can get out of this mess without facing some consequences.

This is an intriguing story with twists and turns that will leave you feeling dizzy. It is easy to understand Jennifer’s love for her son, but it is distressing that she lets things go far without taking any action. Even when it is no longer secret that her son is a psychopath, Jennifer’s first instinct is to protect her son, the same boy responsible for her husband’s death. The author lets you see how this mom agonizes with what she knows before she decides to take action. With the changing viewpoints, it is easy to see what different people thought about these cases.

Born Evil is a well-written tale that reads like a true story. Do you believe everything written here can happen in real life? Whether you can believe it or not, this story will stay in your mind long after you are done reading. The characters here are unique, and Jennifer’s love for her son is believable. It is fun interacting with all of them and seeing how they relate and act around Shane. The pacing will leave you breathless, and the rising tension will make it impossible for you to put the book down. If you are looking for a good psychological thriller you can gobble up on a cold night, this book is ideal.

Sins of the Past
Sins of the Past is the first book in A Copper and White Mystery series. The book tells the story of Kate Martinez, a stay at home mum whose life has just been turned upside down. Kate is shocked when her husband, Diego, is stabbed to death at central park. Aside from the pain of losing a man she loves, Kate has to find a way to raise their two children. For Kate, this looks like a case a robbery gone wrong. As far as she is concerned, she and her husband have no enemies. Their life has been quite uneventful, and this attack came out of nowhere.

Diego has a pretty decent life. The young man has a great job, a loving wife, and two adorable children. For a while, Diego convinces himself that he has put the past behind him. He doesn’t share with his wife about his involvement with a brutal gang since this is a life Diego has no intention of going back to. Well, the attack proves that you cannot run away from the truth. It doesn’t take long for Kate to discover her husband’s lies, and this leaves her devastated. With little support and no one else to turn to, Kate reaches out to the only man she considers a friend, Trevor.

Diego always got mad at Kate whenever Trevor’s name came up. He did not want his wife to see or talk to him at all. Kate thought Diego’s reaction was just jealousy, so she also doesn’t reveal much about their past. However, the animosity between these two runs deeper that Kate would have thought possible. Turns out that Trevor is a member of a rival gang, and by getting closer to him, she is just welcoming the devil into her home. Trevor is on a revenge mission, and Kate is right in the middle of his plans. How will this story end for Trevor and Kate? Will Kate also discover the truth about Trevor’s association with violent gangs?

Detective White and Cooper are involved in this case that first appears like a simple robbery before hidden secrets are unearthed. The detectives get more questions than answers as they look into Diego’s past, and they try hard to piece the puzzle behind his death. However, the killer always seems to be one step ahead. Is there a chance that Diego’s killer is secretly following their steps? Who else in Diego’s circle could haven’t revenge enough to kill him?
Sins of the Past is a sad story that shows how gangs affect families. Long after Diego has forgotten his past, it catches up with him leaving his family vulnerable. The story is action-packed, and the tension rises as the detective closes on the killers. There are many twists and turns, but in the end, all your questions on Diego’s death will be adequately answered.

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