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About Julia Fine

Julia Fine is an American author who has captivated readers with her imaginative fantasy literature. Her books are known for their richly drawn characters that leap off the page, immersing her audience in the vivid worlds she creates. Her knack for crafting relatable protagonists allows people to see themselves in her stories, making her work especially engaging. With each novel, Julia demonstrates her ability to spin an entertaining story that keeps readers hooked from the first page to the last.

As a writer, Julia’s talents extend beyond just creating fascinating characters. She is adept at spinning compelling stories that weave together intricate plots and subplots. Her narratives move at a pace that invites readers to sink into the story without feeling rushed, allowing them to savor every twist and turn. The balance she finds between character development and plot progression shows her understanding of what makes a story stick with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

Julia Fine has a gift for storytelling that enchants a wide audience. She knows how to construct a world that feels complete and lived-in, whether it’s grounded in reality or the realms of fantasy. Her ability to entertain through her words is a testament to her skill as a writer. The engaging narratives Julia Fine conjures are what makes her a beloved author in the world of fantasy and literature.

Early and Personal Life

Julia Fine was born in Washington, D.C., and throughout her upbringing, she found herself enthralled by the magic of reading and writing. This passion for storytelling eventually led her to pursue a more structured study of the craft, guiding her to Columbia College Chicago where she completed her Master of Fine Arts degree. Now she teaches writing to students at DePaul University, as she continues to write.

Based in Chicago, the city’s vibrant culture inspires Julia’s evolving perspective as an author. Her environment, an ever-present backdrop to her personal and professional life, provides endless resources. She lives her husband, with whom she shares her life and creative endeavors.

As Julia Fine’s path as an author unfolds, her journey is marked by continuous learning and growth. Tutoring at DePaul University, she continues to immerse herself in literature. With plenty more to come, her work resonates with her audience worldwide.

Writing Career

Julia Fine launched her writing career with a spellbinding entry, ‘What Should Be Wild,’ in 2018, which was shortlisted for the esteemed Bram Stoker Award for Superior First Novel. Her work stood out early, marking her as a significant new voice in the realm of fantasy and literary fiction. She followed this success with the publication of ‘The Upstairs House’ in 2021, which earned the Chicago Review of Books Award for Fiction, underlining her storytelling prowess.

With a trajectory marked by acclaimed works, Julia added another novel, ‘Maddalena and the Dark,’ to her portfolio in 2023. Each of her books is a stepping stone, building upon her reputation as an author of intriguing and imaginative narratives.

As Julia continues to write, readers eagerly anticipate the worlds she will conjure next in her literary journey.

What Should Be Wild

Julia Fine’s debut novel, ‘What Should Be Wild,’ hit the shelves on May 8, 2018. The stand-alone horror fantasy was published by Harper. With this release, Fine established her presence as a new voice in fantasy fiction.

Maisie Cothay has lived a sheltered life, isolated due to her unusual ability to kill or resurrect with a touch. Although her father cautions her against entering the enigmatic woods near their home, he neglects to mention the legacy of women in her family who have disappeared there.

When her father goes missing, Maisie is compelled to leave her seclusion, discovering a world full of marvels and illusions. Drawn inexorably back to the woods, Maisie must confront her power and grasp her true nature.

Readers will find Julia Fine’s debut a rich tapestry of fantasy and suspense. Its pages weave a captivating tale of discovery and self-acceptance through the story of Maisie Cothay. This novel enthralls with its blend of magical realism and dark folklore. A must-read, Fine’s work is a refreshing addition to the fantasy genre.

The Upstairs House

‘The Upstairs House,’ a stand-alone fantasy thriller by Julia Fine, was released to the public on February 23, 2021. This novel is another of Fine’s captivating works published by Harper. Its arrival marked a further milestone in Fine’s growing literary career.

Megan Weiler, recuperating from childbirth and overwhelmed by the solitude while her husband works away, confronts the apparition of children’s book writer Margaret Wise Brown in her home. Brown, invisible to others and known for the iconic ‘Goodnight Moon,’ has an unresolved past with her lover, the renowned socialite Michael Strange.

Megan is forced into the specters’ tumultuous relationship. The safety of Megan and her infant hinges on her ability to silence these persistent ghosts.

Its story hooks readers with its intriguing blend of the supernatural and the struggles of new motherhood. Julia Fine delivers another spellbinding narrative filled with layered characters and a gripping plot.

Her ability to mesh the fantastical with the everyday makes the book a standout read. One’s imagination will be ignited by this extraordinary encounter between a modern mother and a ghostly figure.

Maddalena and the Dark

Julia Fine’s latest novel, ‘Maddalena and the Dark,’ was released on June 13, 2023. This stand-alone Gothic historical fantasy is published by Flatiron Books, expanding her collection of intriguing works. The novel marks a new chapter in Fine’s career as she continued to enchant her readers.

In 1717 Venice, Luisa, a 15-year-old with a singular dream to excel at violin, practices fervently at the Ospedale della Pietà, aspiring to be mentored by the renowned Antonio Vivaldi. Although skilled with the violin, Luisa feels isolated amongst her peers until she forms a unique bond with Maddalena, a girl sent to the Pietà after a family scandal. Maddalena secretly plans to reclaim control of her future and draws Luisa into a risky scheme with the promise of fulfilling her aspirations.

Together, they navigate the seductive yet dangerous world beyond the Pietà, confronting the cost of their ambitions.

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