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Publication Order of Fogas Chronicles Books

L'Auberge (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Parisian's Return (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The French Postmistress (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Fête to Remember (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Christmas Wedding (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last Chance in the Pyrenees (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Julia Stagg is literature, fiction and mystery author. She has lived most of her adult life travelling in many countries such as Japan, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom. At the same time, she has held some jobs working as a bookseller, a check-out chick and as a waitress among many others. Julia is also fond of riding when she is not writing. The experiences and thrills she gets as she travels and working in many countries has enriched most of her books
Most of Julia Stagg’s fictional books focus a lot on culture. The author is recognized for The Fogas Chronicles Series consisting of six books. Her work is exceptional and very authentic and is driven by her love for diversity. The combination of careers has given her most of the materials that she needed to come up with books that give her readers the best making her one of the best authors today.


L’Auberge is the first book in the first book in the Fogas Chronicles Series. It is a story that is set out to expose a conflict that seems to exist between two sides, the French and the English, and more so on the matter of cooking, food and a bit of culture.

A couple decides to purchase an auberge in a small commune in the French Pyrenees. Lorna and Paul are Englishmen who make the decision, and this creates a huge problem for them when the mayor realizes this. Serge Papon is not pleased with this and is seen going to extreme extents to ensure that he purchases and runs the business instead of these two persons. The misconception that the English do not have adequate skills at cooking is the reason that is fueling this antagonism between the owners and the mayor.

However, there is an individual who is also highly referenced by Papoon when it comes to making political decisions and who tries to offer an alternative solution to the problem at hand. The story becomes interesting as the author introduces different characters in the book and also gets to bring out different themes such as forgiving others and not judging others.

The message emphasized by Julia is that of new business people being viewed as not worth especially in the remote areas. She communicates this message incredibly as she develops the character in the story where their opinion seems divided though most of them are against the couple and their auberge. It draws the attention of the reader as they try to connect the events introduced in the book which also has the element of suspense. In the midst of this antagonism, Julia Stagg is able to bring out some humor especially when it comes to the main players from the way she elaborates on their characters.

The Parisian Return

The Parisian Return is the second book in The Fogas Chronicles Series. It is set in the stunning Fogas commune in France painting the image of love and the machinations of the inhabitants. It focuses on a community that has a hard time accepting change especially that which will affect how they carry out basic activities.

A character, le Parisien, moves into the local town with the aim of getting an inheritance but finds the opposite. His coming is not well accepted as he is introducing a new culture to the residents bearing in mind that this is a village that’s conservative in its culture and way of doing business. Stephanie, on the other hand, is trying to pull up her business but has difficulties doing so and in the midst of all this finds herself falling madly in love.

Julia has brought to light many things concerning the way of life in such a setting something that makes the reader almost feel live in the story. She has an incredible way of drawing characters from the way she places them on different occasions in the book making it a must read from the humor, emotion, and tension that is created.

The French Postmistress

The French Postmistress comes third in The Fogas Chronicles Series. In this book, the focus is on a postmistress whose office burns down plugging her into frustrations as she tries setting everything back to normal. At the same time, the village is on a political crisis especially with the planned introduction of bears. The author well exposes the bureaucracy present in the government as the concerned authorities are seen to make decisions without the consultation of the residents, and this later turns out to be detrimental for the sheep farmers and other residents among them Veronique who are determined to give their best but have their efforts thwarted each time. The village losses people as they move to other areas in the search for better jobs since there seems to be none or little being found in this area. She has a good hit on the problems that small communities do face.

The mayor is deep in grief for the loss of his wife and seems to have set aside the village politics. The town is small but the activities and events that it harbors seem to contradict its size with residents who are ever ready to give their best for the city. It is a story that is full of drama, power-hungry individuals, and love of the town by its residents. Stagg gives the reader a great description when it comes to the scenery, events and the characters helping them have a clear picture of things.

Julia Stagg has created an entertaining and informative book reflecting on the various themes that would be found in any other normal village. Drama after drama, the author manages to capture the attention of the reader as they get the urge to find out how each is solved and as you continue on more of this happens. She has a special way of connecting the different events developing tension, humor from the twists and turns that make the piece.

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