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Julia Whelan is an award-winning audiobook narrator, lifelong actor, screenwriter, and bestselling author. Over the years, he has become one of the most sought-after audiobook narrators with more than 500 titles to her name.

She penned “My Oxford Year” her debut novel in 2018 and the work went on to become a bestselling title. The internationally acclaimed bestselling title that she wrote and narrated was the winner of the Society of Voice Arts Award.

Whelan has also been nominated for a Grammy award for her work in audiobook directing. She also calls herself a certified tea sommelier, half-decent amateur baker, and former writing tutor.

Similar to many audiobook directors and narrators, the 38-year-old expert never intended to work in audiobooks. However, acting is something that she knew she loved right from when she was very little.

In a recent interview, she said that maybe she came out of the womb loving acting. Right from the time she was 5, she started doing local children’s theater.

As an only child, she had no audience to practice on and hence she used to dictate her stories to babysitters and thereafter act them out. As such, acting was something that was imprinted into her psyche very early on.

Despite the fact that Julia Whelan was not born into a family that was involved in show business, it was not long before she got involved in just that.

She starred in “Once and Again,” the ABC family drama which ran for three seasons. She also played the titular role in “The Secret Life of Zoey,” the Lifetime TV movie in addition to other projects.

Whelan has said that she never set out to become famous as she just loved acting and wanted to experience life with as many people as she could, which she could only achieve through acting.

As a teenager, Whelan decided to leave acting for a while so that she could go to college. During this time, she went abroad to study at Oxford and also at Middlebury College.

When she finally returned to acting this time in her twenties, she realized that it was not the same industry. She had gone to college believing that she would graduate and pick off from right where she left off.

She sincerely believed she would head to Los Angles and find her old job and several TV shows waiting for her. But she was soon hit by the realization that is not how the entertainment world works.

Following a year of struggling to find something to do in entertainment, Julia Whelan ended up taking side gigs that included tutoring. It was at this time that she made the decision to tap into a resource she got offered upon her graduation from college.

At the time, one of her best friends informed her that she was the daughter of an audiobook director and producer.

When they met at the graduation, she told Whelan that she would be a great narrator given that she loved reading, had a degree in English and Creative Writing, and had also worked in acting.

When she was at the end of her rope, she called the contact who gave her a demo and the rest is history. She would, later on, use her experience as an audiobook narrator to pen her fiction novels in “My Oxford Year” and “Thank You for Listening.”

“My Oxford Year” by Julia Whelan introduces Ella Durran, an American woman that has been planning the same thing ever since she was in her early teenage years.

She has always wanted to go to Oxford and she finally got a Rhodes scholarship at 24 and is heading to England. But then she is invited to take up an enviable position in the presidential campaign of a rising political star.

She has been promised that she will be able to work remotely and be able to go back to Washington when she is done with her year at Oxford. This means she will be free to enjoy what she believes is a Once in a Lifetime Experience.

But then on her very first day, a quick and smooth-tongued local runs her shirt. When Ella learns that her course in English literature will be taught by Jamie Davenport, she could not have been more livid.

It is the same local who she had a run-in with and this may just ruin her time in Oxford. However, she finds an unexpected connection with the man, which soon develops into a casual fling that threatens to turn into a lot more.
Still, things become complicated when Ella discovers Jamie’s life-changing secret. Ella is confronting what seems like an impossible decision.

She could either be there for her man during the tough times or turn her back on him, even though she is falling hard for him.

Julia Whelan’s novel “Thank You For Listening” is the story of audiobook narrator Sewanee Chester. She had always dreamed of becoming an A-list star but that dream certainly is beyond her reach now.

Instead, She has found satisfaction and success in the sound booth. The money she makes from it has made it possible for her to be able to take care of her aging grandmother.

Upon arriving in Las Vegas for a book convention she accepted at the last minute, she finds herself falling headlong into a whirlwind romance with a charming stranger.

When she returns back home, Sewanee finds that she had been contacted by one of her favorite novelists that wanted her to perform “Brock McKnight” her latest book.

Sewanee stopped buying romance novels following the cutting short of her dreams, which also caused her to stop narrating them. But she has huge admiration for the author and since she needs the money she decides to take up the gig.
As she begins working on the novel, her old love for romance is resurrected even as she forges s real connection with Brock, as she hides behind the comfortable veil of anonymity.

Soon enough, her dream is coming back even as the realities of life and secrets are revealed. If she manages to learn how to risk all she might discover a new world of acceptance and intimacy she never imagined she could ever enter into.

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