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Joey Kelly (known by his pen name Julian Michael Carver) is an American writer and documentary film editor. He was born in 1992 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and grew up in the Mt. Vernon area of New Kensington, a Pittsburgh suburb. Having grown up loving dinosaur movies like Jurassic Park (1993), The Valley of Gwangi (1969) and The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953), Carver transitioned this passion from childhood to his adult writing, deciding to exclusively write stories about dinosaurs and prehistoric monsters. As a child, he also showed an interest in art and drawing, often creating books made out of paper and colored pencils.

In 2013, Carver graduated from the defunct Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor’s in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, pursuing a career in the vast world of commercial advertising. Carver graduated at the top of his class, specializing in film editing and motion graphic software such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Upon graduation, Carver was awarded the Best Portfolio Award in the Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Department. He has since worked on thousands of commercials for many high-profile clients, predominately in the cable television industry. Several of his cinematography clips and motion graphics pieces have been featured on Ancient Aliens, Roseanne, CNBC, and recently the trailer for Hunter Killer (2018). He is currently the lead editor for the 2020 film Making Contact, a documentary exploring the question of extraterrestrial life.

In 2015, Carver wrote his first novella, an unpublished work entitled: Embryo, but decided not to publish it, determined to hone is craft more. After a few years of an absence of writing, he decided to create his own publishing imprint, Pteranodon Press which releases exclusively children’s dinosaur books. In 2019, Pteranodon Press released it’s first book, entitled: A Raptor Ate My Homework!

To date, Carver has written two other children’s dinosaur books: Camp Raptor and Will You Be My Raptor? All three of these books have been released as a series that Carver dubbed The Backpack Dinosaur. These cute stories revolve around two children, Andy and Anna, and their pet velociraptor, Tennyson, that hatched in an alley near their home. The books often involve the children getting into various predicaments where the raptor usually comes in handy solving the problem. Carver cites Goosebumps, Hank Zipzer, and A to Z Mysteries as inspiration for the series.

Carver uses his skills that he learned in college to produce his own trailers, which he airs on YouTube through Google AdSense. He also creates his own marketing materials and posters, which he distributes to all of his social media outlets.

Since publishing The Backpack Dinosaur books, Carver has also begun writing adult novels featuring dinosaurs, in the vein of science fiction or “creature-feature” horror. In late 2018, he began writing his first novel, titled Triassic: Awakening, later renamed Triassic. Since then he has also been working on a second novel, Deino. He plans for both Triassic and Deino to eventually taper off into their own series, and plans to have them both traditionally published. As for his writing influences, he cites Michael Crichton and Steve Alten for inspiration.

Currently, Carver lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, Cloey, and continues to push forward in the literary world in his efforts to bring back dinosaurs into the literature spotlight.

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  1. Kim Lesh: 2 years ago

    Hello Joey, I am a distant relative of yours. I guess your mom is my 3rd cousin. I text with your grandma Pat all the time. She was 1st cousin of my mom. When I worked in downtown Pittsburgh I would meet your aunt Sandy for lunch and she always talked about her Joey. I am an avid reader and have read one of your Backpack Dinosaur books and enjoyed it. I’ve read it to my toddler nephews and elderly mother-in-law! I’m getting ready to purchase your creature feature books. I just wanted to say your background and work is very impressive and I admire all that you do.


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