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Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany: A Ditty Bag of Wonders from the Golden Age of Sail (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Julian Stockwin is a renown author of fictions of historical adventure. Born in Basingstoke City in England in 1944 but has stayed in many parts of the world including the Far-East and Australia. Currently, Julian lives in an eighteenth-century house famously known as “Corinthia” in a very quiet part of Devon.

Likes of Julian Stockwin:

Julian has a strong passion of the sea and would want to go to the sea as often as possible. As a young boy, Julian used to go to the sea as a sailor with his uncle, Tom Clay, who was a seaman with a squared-riffed ship that used to sail within Cape Horn in Cutty Sark. In most occasions, Julian and his uncle used to sail around the National Maritime Museum and Julian used to read everything about the sea. However, he was greatly terrified about the storm on the sea and did not wish to witness any storm while sailing. Despite Julian being a fancy of the sea and sailing, non of his parents had a connection with the sea because his father was an army officer during the war and mum didn’t know much about the sea.


Julian wone a scholarship inviting him to a fine English grammar school in England though his mind always stuck on the sea by seeing how sips used to slip away in the horizons. On his way, to school, Julian used to pass the sight of the sea everyday, and this made his scholarship performance suffer a great deal.

With the aim of knocking the nonsense about the sea from Julian’s head, his father sent him to the indefatigable at a tender age of only fourteen years. However, this transfer only strengthened his love for the sea since in gave Julian an opportunity to join the Royal Navy in Australia just a year latter. At the Royal Australian Navy, Julian showed a great service after a period of eight years, he was rated a pretty navy officer. During his time at the Naval career, he managed to visit many parts of the world including South Sea Island, Far East, and Vietnam. As a Vietnam officer, Julian was part of the members at the Melbourne at the time of the peace tine collision in Voyager.

Leaving the Navy:

A time came when Julian had to leave his passion of the sea by leaving the Navy. Although this was a huge wrench to him. But he had to let go and take up the education he had missed. He had been challenged several time for not having considerable academic qualifications. Julian then joined the University of Tasmania and graduated in Physiology and Far Eastern studies. He then become a teacher for two years and then started practicing as a physiologist. Julian then met Kathy, and they decided to seek adventure in Hong Kong, China.

As a physiologist:

At the beginning of his career in physiology, Julian did post-graduate work with cross-cultural physiology with the use of computers. Because of consistent use of computers and having gotten disillusioned with academic life, Julian developed a quick interest in computers and got involved in computer development, programming, and later software development. On the other hand, Kathy got into the career of journalism and enjoyed social life through advanced interactions with a foreign correspondent. At this time in his life, Julian renewed his involvement with the Navy and got awarded with a honor in MBE and later retired as Lt Navy commander at Royal Australian Navy.

Writing career:

In 1990, Julian returned to the United Kingdom and started being involved in bigger projects about merchant shipping. This was a very high-pressure commitment, and Kathy joined in 1996. However, Kathy discouraged me from this job and advised me to get a life, and her suggestion was that Julian to write, and more so about the sea. Julian agreed to this suggestion. Though Julian did not sea his potential in writing, Kathy saw it and advised him to take a part-time job as a lecturer and devote some time to absorb the craft of writing.

Being an old Navy officer with deep understanding and admiration of Navy service, Julian decided to write about the Navy. He chose to write during the Nelson time, which was the climax sailing when it comes to sea tales. During this Nelson time, the sea was respected with seamen who didn’t have brute force or steam engines. Furthermore, Julian wanted to bring a more meaningful picture of the sea itself and its prominent role. However, to achieve this prominent role of the sea, Julian had to take perspectives from sea personnel who did the job out in the sea.

Then Julian begun, to write, although he had to borough a lot about Navy from people who had more experience about the sea than him, he also realized that he had a number of things he could write about from his time in the navy. Though they seem small, Julian knew that there are some things that could evocate to today’s generation. Things like the sound of voices from the invisible night watchkeepers, a Shimmering moonpath glittering on the water, the comfort of a still hammock when the ship rolls and the rich stink of land after a month at the see. According the Julian, there were lots of darker moments in the see too, and these could prompt him to write about Savage of the storm and when you feel the presence of nature in the sea like wild beast.

Kathy’s skills as an editor played a great role in Julian’s development as a writer, and this made them go further to become one of the greatest all-time authors.

To date, Julian Stockwin has written a number of historical adventure fictions as well as the latest book the Kydd Series, PASHA and The Silk Tree. Kathy has also discovered a silk scarf in the Grand Bazaar. Since Julian decided to become a writer, the juices of writing are still flowing to date and Julian still belive he still has a lot off stories to tell the world through his writing skills.

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3 Responses to “Julian Stockwin”

  1. Phil Sullivan: 2 months ago

    I’m currently on book 8 in the Kydd series,The Admirals Daughter and I’m completely gripped by this character and his loyal right hand man Ramsey.
    The whole series has been well researched and from the first page has taken me into the Workd of Kydd.
    A welcome release from the stress of every day life.
    I’ve gone through the Douglas Reeman series and did try reading his other name Kent but it wasn’t hitting the mark for me.
    I hunted out an author from this era and Julian hasn’t disappointed me in the slightest.
    I have them in paperback but I’m also listening to them on Audible.
    Thank you so much Julian for giving me Tom Kydd and his many adventures
    Phil 👍

  2. Russell Gilmour: 2 years ago

    Julian , As a 14 year old boy I wished to be in the Navy. My mother would not allow it. As she had lost 2 brothers at sea in 2 W.W. So reading your books has given me great pleaser. I am up to THE LBERIAM FLAME and looking forward to SEA OF GOLD Thank You .

    • Phil Sullivan: 2 months ago

      Absolutely breathtaking adventures of Tom Kydd and his loyal friend Ramsey. I’m on book 8 so far I have them on audible and also paperback.
      He’s saved my sanity lol
      I think he’s captured the hardships of the era very well and hearing the narration on audible really does get my pump going but the paperback is also at hand. I know il race through the whole series but I don’t want it to end. Best wishes fellow enthusiast
      Phil 👍


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