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Julie A. Richman is a bestselling author of contemporary romance fiction that is best known for the “Needing Moore” series of novels.

She loves to describe herself as a New Yorker who moved to the heart of Texas from where she writes her blockbuster novel.
Richman always loved the creative arts and hence when she went to college, she decided to major in creative writing. Following her graduation, she got into publishing in New York City.
For several years, she had a very successful corporate career as she wrote and created fundraising material, direct mail, marketing, and advertising content for nonprofit organizations, advertising agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations.
She would also win many awards as a nature photographer which is driven by an insatiable wanderlust. She published “Searching for Moore” her debut novel and the first of the “Needing Moore” series in 2013.
Julie Richman and her husband currently make their home in Texas, where they live with their son and Juneau their white German Shepherd dog.

Julie began writing when she was just 5 or 6 and used to pen short stories that she would hide in her school books. She was initially driven by a need to put her secret thought on paper but did not want anyone to see them.
This would ultimately result in a love for writing and a lifelong desire to become an author. However, this dream took a long time before it came true as it was not until she was in her forties that she got her first work published.
Once she published her debut and it became a massive success, there was no looking back. Like many modern authors, she is an independent author since she was so impatient about publishing her first novel which she so wanted people to read.
She had initially intended to get published the traditional way but found the querying process too long and frustrating that she ultimately decided to go the self-publishing route.
As for her influences, she cites New York and especially Manhattan where she grew up, which is the setting of many of her novels.

When Julie A. Richman is not writing her novels, she can usually be found pursuing her many hobbies. She is also a foodie, edge player, avid cusser, warrior for the rights of the planet and people, animal lover, pop culture fanatic, and music addict.

She also loves to interact with her readers through the newsletter on her website and on social media.

Julie A. Richman’s novel “Searching for Moore” is a second-chance love story between Mia Silver and Schooner Moore.
The former is a nineteen-year all-American boy from California who is known for his intelligent, gorgeous, tanned, blue-eyed, and blonde looks.
He is a man’s man who met two girls in college that will have a significant impact on his life even if he does not know it yet.
On the other hand, is former prom queen the beautiful and blonde Mia Silver that was barely sixteen when she enrolled to go to college in California. A true New Yorker, she hated the fake barbies she met when she reported to college and vowed to never be like them.
On that first day, her parents were worried about her welfare and had asked Schooner to keep an eye on her after meeting his family. They had subsequently become lovers only for Mia to leave without a word.
Two decades later, Schooner is a lonely 43-year-old after Mia broke his heart as she disappeared without even saying goodbye. Twenty years after she broke his heart Schooner unearths the betrayal and truth of the vents from all those years back.
He gets all the information after he sends a friend request to Mia Silver. Determined to win back her love Schooner will go on a life-altering quest that might upend his entire life.

“Moore to Lose” by Julie A. Richman explores Mia’s back story as it tells of the events that happened in the two decades she was separated from Schooner.

She has had a very colorful life as she had her moments of weakness even though her strong character always shines through. Mia got into several serious relationships after she quit college and broke Schooner’s heart.
Her first real relationship was with Tom a man who was her teacher and ten years her senior. The man was quite the charmer and had almost all the girls that he taught clamoring for his attention. He was also a very talented man who wrote screenplays and poetry which only made him even more intriguing.

There is also the utterly perfect Michael who is the epitome of the perfect gentleman who bad boy looks and is also considerate and kind.

The novel chronicles everything that happened in Mia Silver’s life, much of which she would rather forget. There is drug usage and one-night stands but ultimately, she pulls through to become a renowned businesswoman.
She believed she had put her past behind her when Schooner contacted her on Facebook. But with all that had happened over the years, will they be able to overcome the damage of more than two dozen years that they have been apart?

Julie A. Richman’s novel “Moore than Forever” continues the emotional journey of betrayal and love which began in the debut novel of the Needing Moore” series in “Searching for Moore.”

The lives of Schooner and Mia Silver were massively upended in “Moore to Lose.” However, Schooner the handsome entrepreneur from California, and the sassy and sharp Mia Silver who is the successful owner of an advertising agency still have to confront the harsh reality of being separated for more than two dozen years.

In the present, Mia Silver and Schooner Moore are facing the ultimate challenge and are asking if they were ever meant to be together, as their pasts threaten to tear them apart.

Following the birth of Nathaniel their son, Mia and Schooner need to decide if loyalty and love for each other are strong enough to keep them together as a couple. Maybe what they had always dreamed about was all a teenage fantasy.

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