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Stealing Embers (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forging Darkness (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unleashing Fire (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Supernova (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Shadow Angel: Book One (With: Leia Stone) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow Angel: Book Two (With: Leia Stone) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow Angel: Book Three (With: Leia Stone) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Sun Still Rises(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Julie Hall is a multiple award-winning and USA Today bestselling author from Colorado. The author is a huge writer and reader of fantasy and young adult fiction novels, who drinks Red Bull and loves doodle dogs not necessarily in that order.
Even though it does seem like “Huntress” her debut novel came effortlessly, behind it is a story of faith, learning by trial and error, dedication, and hard work.

Growing up, she never thought she would ever become an author since she hardly could read or write. In fact, it was not until she was in the third grade that she could finally read.

Ironically, this is something her family never lets her forget, even though she had now become the clan’s most-known writer. For Julie, she felt that her early resistance to writing had something to do with God’s mission for her life.
Later on, she felt that God wanted to show his sovereignty through her as he turned a very resistant reader into a bestselling fiction author even if she never wanted it. Interestingly, God did it by taking her hand and leading her one step at a time.

When she finally learned how to read, Julie Hall loved reading young adult fiction, which she still does even as an adult as she finds the genre so enjoyable.

During her time reading in the genre, she developed an awareness that there was a dearth of Christian young adult fiction and particularly speculative fiction.

This got her thinking that the best way to fix this issue is to pen the novels herself so that she could put God’s truth in them. Instead of writing only for Christian audiences, she felt that she had to impact and reach non-Christians too.
It was at this time that an idea for her most popular “Life After” series began to take shape. She would get ideas from all over the place. A lot of her ideas came from Bible studies on Revelations and Hebrews, which she used for inspiration.
She began writing with the knowledge that her first work would form the debut in a trilogy with each title centered around one of the God Heads. While part of her decision was structural, she also had a secondary reason.
She has said that she introduced God in the first novel to hook people so that she could then more easily introduce them to Jesus and ultimately to the Holy Spirit.

The writing process was never easy for Julie Hall as she was woefully inexperienced when it come to writing. Ultimately, writing her debut manuscript for “Huntress” would take several years.
The struggle of her lead has many parallels to the author’s own life as she tries to come to terms with her fate just like Julie was doing for much of her earlier years.

Just like her lead, it was from her trials that Julie came to a deeper understanding of the character of God and this is evident in many of the novels in the “Life After” series.

For the most part, it was all about sending the message to her readers that God loved them. She would then get into the revision and editing stages where she learned a lot and cut out almost 30, 000 words from her original manuscript.
Julie Hall published “Huntress” in 2015 and followed it up with “Warfare,” which was published in 2017. She now has at least a dozen works to her name among them several series of long-form fiction novels and at least one collection of short stories.

“Stealing Embers” by Julie Hall is an interesting work about the Nephilim who have many earthly problems. The lead is a woman named Emberly who is oblivious to the fact that she is a Nephilim.
All she knows is that she has led a very tough life and had to build up all manner of defenses so that she would not get hurt. She knows that she tends to see things only visible to her and to avoid getting committed to a mental institution she runs away.

While she is out on the streets, she gets dragged to a special academy where she finds a lot of people that are very much like her. Except for her hair color which is very unique.
Emberly also comes to realize that she is a Nephilim and that the monsters she often sees that others cannot see are not a product of crazy or a figment of her imagination.
At last, she makes friends at the academy who are fully accepting of who she is but she is not sure if she can accept their extended hand or even who she is.
It makes for an exceptional story with fantastic world-building that sets the stage for what promises to be a very interesting series of novels.

Julie Hall’s novel “Forging Darkness” sees our favorite characters Steel and Emberly make a comeback alongside several other new characters.
At the opening of the novel, Steel had left to go find his sister Silver who has to be one of the most villainous characters ever.

For several months, Steel had been communicating with Emberly while trying to make Silver her sister come around and forgive her.

Ultimately, Steel asks Emberly to help him but upon arrival, she finds that Steel is not the same boy that she had gone to school with at the Seraph Academy.
He is haunted and darker and Emberly cannot cross the distance between them by flapping her wings as she used to do.

When a battle with the “Forsaken” results in some horrible consequences, Emberly awakens as a prisoner in what she soon learns is a Fallen stronghold. She has been captured by a secretive, manipulative, and enigmatic man named Thorne.
She is not buying it, particularly given that the attractive offer to uncover the mystery of her seraph ancestors may bring the end of the Nephilim.
It could burn their world and blur the realism between the realism and she is not so sure if she can deal with the darkness on her own.

“Unleashing Fire” by Julie Hall sees Steel and Emberly heading to Eden, which is supposedly safe for Emberly.

But ultimately they learn that it is not as safe as they believed it would be. London and several other cities have come under attack from the Fallen forces led by Thorne.
The entire community of angels needs to come together to fight a common enemy. However ancient prejudices and feuds are making collaboration between them particularly difficult.
All this time Emberly has been keeping a dark secret that may just doom them all. A lot of things have happened and it is not long before some dark secrets come to light.

It makes for an interesting and fun adventure in which the relationship between Emberly progresses amazingly.

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