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Publication Order of FBI/US Attorney Books

Something About You (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Lot Like Love (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
About That Night (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Irresistibly (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
It Happened One Wedding (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Suddenly One Summer (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Thing About Love (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Just the Sexiest Man Alive (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Practice Makes Perfect (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Julie James is New York bestselling author specializing in writing Romance themed novels. The author is popularly known for her FBI/ US Attorney series. She went to the University of Illinois, studied law and worked for the United States Court of Appeal in Jacksonville Florida. Later she practiced law with one of the largest law firms in the United States for several years before quitting writing screenplays after two Hollywood producers approached her. Several of her books have been translated into over ten languages.

Several of Julie’s books have been listed on the American Library Association Reading List, Amazon’s Best Books, and also have been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine Read Hot read. The author lives with her family; husband and two children in Chicago.

FBI/US Attorney series consist of 5 novels. The debut novel in the series is Something About You published in 2010. The sequel to the debut novel A Lot Like Love was released a year later in 2011. The latest book It Happened One Wedding was published in 2014. Julie has also released singles such as Just the Sexiest Man Alive in 2008, The Thing About (2017), Suddenly One Summer (2015).

Something about You

Something about You is the first book in FBI/US Attorney series by number-one New York bestselling author Julie James. In this novel, Cameron Lynde, the Assistant United States Attorney is residing in a hotel room with next to an adulterous politician, she also witnesses a murder, and since she is seen and heard something, this means that she is not going anywhere soon.

Special Agent Jack Pallas is placed in charge of the investigation into the murder case. He also blames Cameron as the person responsible for ruining his career some few years back. Work with the Attorney again? Could this be a joke? At first agent, Jack thinks that this is some joke, but it is no fun as the pair must have to deal with their rock past and put more focus on the case at hand and only if they can control the razor sharp and sizzling sexual tensions.

Julie James developed a great story for this novel; the plot is fast-paced and well-crafted throughout. Also, the dialogue is so funny and smart.

A Lot Like Love

In the second book of FBI/US Attorney series, Julie James again showcases her outstanding writing skills of contemporary romance. In this novel, Nick McCall is a special agent working with the FBI based in Chicago, and he is one of the undercover officers working for the agency.

Nick comes from the family of three where he is the eldest, and their father served for 30 years in law enforcement department, and with Nick and one of his brothers following their father’s footsteps. After working for six years within the New York Police Department, Nick went for more training to become an FBI agent. He also loves his undercover job with the challenge it brings.

Surprisingly, Nick is one person who does not do relationships until his latest one on one encounter that leaves him feeling and wanting more than he should and this makes him want to break every single rule in his dating guide.

Jordan Rhode, a 33-year-old billionaire and one of the top-ranked wealthy women in Chicago. She is not a typical type of wealthy lady, she and her twin sisters have been taught on how to get what they want in the world regardless of how rich their dad could be possible. She is stunningly beautiful, a svelte figure, long blond hair, and a Caribbean Blue eyes. For Jordan, she is not all prepared when the tall, dark agent Nick walks in seeking for assistance in an undercover mission and providing her with an offer that she can never turn down.

Jordan makes a deal to work alongside with the FBI and aid in the arrest of Xander Eckhart, a man accused of laundering huge sums of cash for Roberto Martino- a crime syndicate who was recently arrested. This offer puts Jordan close to Nick, and before she can realize it, it is already too late since Nick is already under her skin unlike all other men that she has ever known.

Nick assignment is to help the agent in charge with his first undercover mission. Unfortunately, circumstances force him to play the designated undercover job.

Nick is prepared to dislike Miss Rich Princess all the way, but to his surprise, Jordan is one type of woman who makes him lose all his senses and break every rule in his “dating constitution.” The attraction that results from this professional union is one that neither Nick nor Jordan can resist.

A Lot Like Love is a great read, Agent McCall is handsome, Jordan Rhodes is smart, beautiful and down to earth lady and she is the perfect match for the for Mr. Tall who is in his last stages of bachelorhood.

About that Night

Even though Rylann Pierce tried to ignore that sparks of love that she felt for the billionaire Kyle Rhodes on the night they first met, it was evidently clear that their mutual attraction was undeniable.

However, after Kyle failed to show up for their first personal date, Rylann and she never expected to set her eyes on him again. Nine years later they meet face to face in a courtroom, Rylann serving as an attorney she finds herself still attracted to him.

After being released from state penitentiary, Kyle Rhodes is a witness in a murder case. When the attorney comes knocking on Kyle’s door, he finds he that she is one lawyer that she cannot say no to. To Kyle, she is still beautiful as she was back in the days, only that she plays by her rules this time and she does not mix business with sexual pleasures.

However, Kyle is one type of a man that won’t give up on something that he wants so quickly- and want he wants now is one woman that his heart has never forgotten. About that Night is a great contemporary romance novel; the plot development is fantastic, as well as the character interaction. If you love contemporary romance novels, then Julie James novels are the ideal novels for you.

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