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Julie Kaewert is one of the bestselling authors from The United States. She is particularly famous for writing books based on book publishing, which she believes is an intriguing business. All her mystery books have topped the list of bestseller books throughout the country. The books written by her feature the main character as Alex Plumtree, who is described as a London-based publisher. Author Kaewart says that the studios Alex is the James Bond of the world of book publishing. According to Alex, publishing is quite a dangerous profession. Author Kaewart has stated in the series that Alex goes on to discover several secrets from the beloved collection of her family’s antiquarian books. It was in the 6th grade that author Kaewart decided to take up writing, which she got interested into while writing a novel as an assignment for her English class. Being a Nebraskan native, Kaewart carried her love for the place to the Dartmouth College. There, she was involved in writing an honors thesis based on the Willa Cather characters. She used to contribute frequently to the Daily Dartmouth at that time. But, when she did not receive any success at writing fiction, she decided to give up writing and went on to pursue a career in the field of book publishing. With respect to this, she worked for the David Godine’s publishing company in Back Bay, and then for Addison-Wesley. This gave her the opportunity to meet some of the bibliophiles who inspired her to develop the Plumtree series. After her marriage, Kaewart moved to London and then took transfer in the Bedford Square branch of Addison Wesley UK. She was very much impressed by the Georgian building of the publishing company with its geraniums and ballroom, located in the center of Bloomsbury and chose to use it as the setting of her bestselling series. Author Kaewart and her husband used to live a small town in Hertfordshire called Chorleywood. Their house was located on a narrow lane on the border of Buckinghamshire. A secluded farm located at the end of that lane was selected by Kaewart as the family home of Alex Plumtree, The Orchard. Author Kaewart says that the place became unforgettable and even more beautiful because of the hedges, beech tree forests, wide open fields having grazing cows and bulls, rose plantations, helpful neighbors, and public footpaths made of stiles.

Kaewart lived in Chloreywood for a period of years. She and her husband were involved in teaching English to the teenagers and serving youth groups at Christ Church among many other things. When author Kaewart moved to Massachusetts, she was briefly involved in artificial intelligence world at the Digital Equipment Corporation. It was here that she developed the plot of her first book, which is a text on Artificial Intelligence programming. Following this, she was involved in works of adult literacy and obtained her Ed.M from the Harvard Graduate School. This gave her the confidence to try and write her debut novel. The first novel of the Plumtree series came into being after the birth of the first child of Author Kaewart and Bill. Currently, Kaewart is working on developing a prequel novel of the series. She is also planning to research and write the series’ second wave. As of today, Kaewart lives in Colorado, along with her daughters named Alexandra and Sarah, and her beloved husband Bill. Her family also comprises of a Welsh Terrier named Ian. After working with a great dedication for all these years, author Kaewart now enjoys being with her family at home and engaging herself in reading, mentoring teenage writers, running, riding bike, etc. She is still researching for writing new plot featuring Alex Plumtree.

The Plumtree series, also known as the Booklover’s Mystery, is comprised of 5 books, which were released between the years 1994 and 2001. One of the initial books released in the series is titled ‘Unprintable’. The Crimeline publication released it in the year 1998. At the start of the book, that a repugnant fiction novel is about to get published by the Plumtree Press owned by Alex Plumtree. As it was one of the most renowned publishing houses of the country, no one was able to understand as to why it has agreed to publish the controversial novel under its publication. Even Alex is not talking anything about this new novel and why she has agreed to release it. But, hardly anyone seems to know that he has decided to publish it to favor the Prime Minister. In addition to the hateful reviews and bad press, Alex lands himself on a lawsuit’s wrong side, betrayed, bugged, implicated, and roughed up in a murder case. The conditions become so harsh and difficult for him that he does not understand whom should he trust. It seems that someone is determined to bring down the business of his press and turn it into a disaster. Now, Alex begins to realize that agreeing to publish the controversial book has landed him in a great trouble. And it may not just cost him the reputation of himself and his press, but also his life.

Another popular suspense book written in the series by author Kaewart is titled ‘Untitled’. It was released in 1999 by Crimeline. The story of the book opens up by showing that Alex Plumtree is hoping to go through the most exciting week of publishing career. At first, he gets the possession of a century old and rare book that was rumored to have been destroyed on the orders of Edward IV. This is followed by receiving an unimaginable honor of being invited to become a part of the society of selected book collectors. The members of this society are believed to be the most people in England and the invitation makes Alex a powerful man too. However, the happiness of sudden triumph turns sour very quickly when he learns that the rare book has disappeared from his office. Also, Alex faces more problem when his initial weekend at the Dibdin Club gets rife with appalling accidents and bizarre behavior. And a death occurs at the club that sends him reeling. The incidents make Alex realize that the ancient book is more valuable than it appeared at the first glance. Later, it is revealed that the book consists of a secret that is so shocking that it could very well change the books’ history forever and also the modern world’s face. For not letting this secret out, a several powerful people and foreign powers would go to any extent. Now, all Alex is required to do is to find out the secret hidden in the old book’s pages and while doing so, he has to prevent himself from getting killed by the ones trying to keep it hidden.

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