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Author Julie Mellon is a Central Kentucky native. After she got her degree in English, she picked a career in higher education finance.

After fifteen years went by, she decided to let her inner creative genius loose and start writing. Her entire life, she has been an avid reader, loving mysteries especially, so she thought it fitting that she make her first novel a suspense.

Growing up an Army brat, she lived in the states as well as several foreign countries all around the world. To this very day, she still enjoys traveling around to new places and taking in new cultures.

When she is at home, she is likely to be found enjoying some extreme sports, like: scuba diving, rock climbing or whitewater rafting. The willingness she has to enter into activities of mortal peril is balanced by her commitment to ensure animals’ quality of life through her service with various dog rescue organizations. She has three dogs of her own.

Julie writes paranormal romance and mystery novels. She writes the “Devil Mountain Shifters” series, the “Katie Freeman Mystery” series, and the “Tip of the Spear” series. Her work began being published in the year 2014, when “Free to Kill” was released.

“Free to Kill” is the first novel in the “Katie Freeman” series, which was released in the year 2014. FBI Agent Katie Freeman’s life has just been upended. After she was reassigned from Louisiana to the middle of Tennessee, her new bosses think that her reassignment was caused by an indiscretion with her previous partner. Her and Michael Powell, her new partner, are asked to help on the case of a woman that was abducted, tortured, and then left for dead on her own front porch.

Before they are able to make any progress, a second woman goes missing. While the number of missing women increases, Katie and Michael have to figure out how these women get abducted and where they are being held. Are they going to be too late in order to save the most recent woman? Making things more complicated is a cold case that Michael’s former partner left behind. Who could have killed Henry Stephens twenty-six years back? What happened to Henry’s wife? Why does a suspect act like he actually knows Katie?

“Free to Deceive” is the second novel in the “Katie Freeman” series, which was released in the year 2015. Katie and Michael step in to help the local authorities after thirteen bodies are found buried in a small park. The chilling pose each body is making and the gruesome manner in which they were killed indicate a particularly sadistic murderer.

Katie and Michael quickly find that they have more questions than answers with this one. Could these be hate crimes or could they be crimes of passion? How could so many men go missing without somebody noticing it? How are each of these victims linked? With more bodies than they are able to handle and time running short, will they be able to reach the killer before another victim disappears, or are they going to lose one of their own before it’s all over? While Katie continues to navigate the case, guilt over the secrets she hides from Michael threaten to overwhelm her focus. Can her career and their partnership survive should the truth come out?

“Free to Live” is the third novel in the “Katie Freeman” series, which was released in the year 2015. Katie Freeman has got a secret, and it is one that she only shared with Michael. While looking through the files of a cold case, she finds a potential personal connection. Is her mom the woman that went missing twenty-six years back? Was she the one that killed Katie’s dad? If Katie’s mom is the missing woman, how is this going to affect her career with the FBI?

Now that she has dragged her partner into all this mess, will the calls come falling down onto him as well? Adding to this stress is Katie’s relationship with an FBI agent. She keeps secrets from the guy that impede their ability to take their relationship forward. Will Katie resolve this situation before she loses all that she has been working on?

“Free to Believe” is the fourth novel in the “Katie Freeman” series, which was released in the year 2016. Suspended. It is a word that Katie never believed she would hear. Now, she has a whole week to think about her possible ruined career. To make things worse, she had taken her partner, Michael, down with her. That changes when Michael and Stan Odenthal, Michael’s former partner, turn up at her door with a complicated cold case that has been haunting Stan for the past two decades.

Twenty-three years back, three women were killed and their bodies were left in a field. All the evidence pointed to ritualistic killings. The case stayed unsolved, and it bothered Stan. All the unanswered questions and avenues of investigation that were not explored. Why did the killer stop killing after three women? What did the markings on the bodies actually mean? Why did they pick these women?

With some free time on their hands, Michael and Katie agree to help Stan out with the last case he was unable to solve. With just four days to find a killer, Katie and Michael have to beat the clock to find out answers before hearing whether or not the ax is going to fall on each of their careers.

“Free to Prey” is the fifth novel in the “Katie Freeman” series, which was released in the year 2017. Now that Katie is no longer suspended, she is determined to keep her head down, and just stay off her boss’ radar. Somebody has got other plans for her. Waiting on her desk is a package that has shocking contents inside, and there is no indication of who sent it. The implied threat lands Katie in the very spot she was looking to avoid.

Not happy to be on the sidelines during the investigation in the mysterious gift, she and Michael are tasked with the brutal murders of a father and his two kids. They never expect the killer’s calling card to reveal one connection to Katie’s own past. The threats circle closer, Katie and Michael have to work quickly to ensure her own survival. Danger hits much closer to home, their teamwork might just be the only thing that ensures they are both able to survive.

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