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Julie Soto is a USA Today bestselling novelist, actress, and playwright who is best known for her romance fiction works.

Originally from Sacramento in California, she published “Forget Me Not” her debut novel, which was blockbuster work that set her on the way to becoming one of the most promising voices in the genre.
She has also been involved in writing music and “Generation Me” her musical was the winner of the Best Musical Award at the “New York Musical Festival” in 2017.

She is now best known as an author of many spicy fan fiction works, fandom nerd, and musical theater geek.

After bouncing all around the place between New York and California, she now makes her home in Fort Bragg, California where she lives with Charlie her dog.
When she is not writing her novels, she can often be found reading and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Even though “Forget Me Not” was Julie Soto’s first published work, she has been writing tension-filled romances on “Archives of Our Own” for years.
This is a platform where fans usually bring their experiences about relationships and other things in life.

From very early on, he was a huge fan of Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, and Harry Potter Fandom.

But it was with the publishing of her novel “The Auction,” which went on to get millions of reads on “Archives of Our Own” that she began thinking of becoming an author.

Since her writing had become popular with many readers, it was easier for her to ultimately publish her debut novel in 2021, as there were many people ecstatic about her formal debut into publishing.
In addition to writing the enemies-to-lovers forced-proximity romance fiction work, she also collaborated with Nikita Jobson in the design of the cover for her debut novel.

Since the latter had become known for the making of some beautiful fan art for many of Soto’s fanfiction novels over the years, the fact that they would once again collaborate resulted in much more excitement when her work came out.

Growing up, and even into her adult years, Julie Soto always knew that she wanted to write books and this is why she got into fanfiction writing.

During the time she was doing fanfiction writing, she was also doing a lot of playwriting and also writing musicals.

While she had a lot of success in fanfiction writing, it took a lot of confidence to take the plunge since there are many differences between traditional publishing and the immediacy of the fanfiction community.
She loved that in fanfiction, you can post a chapter even before editing or getting feedback. Sometimes people love the story a lot and start asking for more resulting in a lot of dopamine.

As such, the transition to having to write eighty to ninety thousand words before you knew what response would get was scary.

However, getting all that love from the fanfiction world was just what she needed to take the plunge into traditional publishing.

Luckily, things went so well for her when she decided to publish in the traditional format that she could not have been happier that she took the plunge.

Julie Soto’s novel “Forget Me Not” tells the riveting romance fiction story of Ama Torrest and Elliot. Ama finds herself having to work with her grump floris ex Elliot whose heart she broke several years earlier.
There is nothing Ama Torrest loves better than working as a wedding planner. But since her mother has been in too many marriages which never worked she has come to believe marriage is not for her.

She loves weddings and finds them amazing and since she runs a wedding business she does her best to get the best vendors to ensure her clients get the best wedding they can.

As for ex-boyfriend Elliot, he hates working as a florist and thinks it a huge burden running the business his father left him, even though he stuck with it.

Nonetheless, the business of flowers seems to be growing on him just like his ex-girlfriend and main collaborator Ama once did. The good thing about flowers is that they would never run off and refuse to speak to him as Ama did.
When Ama gets the contract to plan a celebrity wedding, she knows she will be getting national exposure, only to learn that the contract for the flowers has been granted to Elliot.

Things are not helped by their clients who see the obvious chemistry between Elliot and Ama and are determined to set them up, even though they do not know about their complicated history.
Throw in a reality TV film crew documenting everything and a meddling ex-boss and they soon find their hearts in jeopardy once again.

“Not Another Love Song” by Julie Soto is a thrilling work of romance that will have you on the edge of your seat from the first page right to the last.
It is all about two string players who reject their attraction for each other while competing for center stage in this emotional and spicy romance.

Xander Thorne and Gwen Jackson are musical prodigies but they have had very different paths to reaching the top.

Gwen had a natural ear for music and a kind shop owner helped her out while Xander was born into a family that had a reputation for producing the best in classical music.
When she is invited to perform at the wedding of one of Xander’s friends, she is embarrassed and ashamed that the man has no clue who she is since they had played together at the “Pops Orchestra” for about a year.
She is furious when he blatantly criticizes some components of her performance.

When Gwen is asked to be the First Chair of the orchestra which Xander has dreamed about for years, their hostility could not get worse.

However, they respect each other’s music and have some insane onstage chemistry. Exploring their feelings for each other they find their fragile romance growing and they are box office dynamite, which could just result in a massive publicity furore.

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