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Publication Order of Whitstable Pearl Mystery Books

The Whitstable Pearl Mystery (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder-on-Sea (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
May Day Murder (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on the Pilgrims Way (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Disappearance at Oare (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Fest (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on the Downs (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Strictly Murder (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Mount Ephraim (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Allotment (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Julie Wassmer is a British television drama writer turned mystery novel writer. Wassmer was born in London’s East End and went to Kingston University, after which she worked on a number of jobs before settling on television script writing. Writing for nearly two decades, she was lead writer on some of the most popular of British drama including C5’s “Family Affairs”, ITV’s London’s’ “Burning”, and the very popular “Eastenders” on BBC. Her novel writing career was launched in 2010 when she wrote the autobiographical “More Than Just Coincidence”. The novel told the story of how she was reunited with her daughter who she had lost contact with since she was a teenager. The novel was so popular and was named Mumsnet Book of the Year and got into the top twenty of the Sunday Times Bestselling books for nonfiction. She debuted her fiction writing career with the 2015 published “The Whitstable Pearl Mystery”. She followed her debut with three more titles that were just as popular leading to the series being optioned for TV. She currently lives in Whitstable with her husband and her two cats Poppy and Charlie. In her free time she loves to campaign for environmental issues, and has been most vocal in her fight against fracking.

Julie has always wanted to be a writer ever since she was a child. Going to Kingston for three years was a good opportunity for her to enhance her skills over three years of study. Post-graduation, she got into production working for the BBC, before she pivoted to TV commercial writing. She was soon bored with writing commercials and soon started writing short film scripts, the first of which was accepted British Screen and Channel 4 during the 80s. With her first success, she contacted an agent who got her work writing television drama. Of her many TV productions the “:Eastenders” for the BBC was one of her favorite and arguably most popular. In fact, The “Sonia Jackson” story in the TV drama inspired her debut autobiography, as she drew on her experience giving up her daughter for adoption to write it. While she had been writing since 1989, she made writing look easy with her debut even though she had the usual twists and turns on her path to publishing. Her debut novel tells the story of how she lost her daughter in her teens and later came to meet her in a restaurant where she was waiting tables. Nonetheless, it took almost twenty years of being reunited with her daughter before she finally plucked up the courage to tell the story.

“The Whitstable Pearl Mystery” the first of the Whitstable Pearl Mysteries, is a series of novels about a woman in her late thirties thinking of whether she still has the time to fulfill her dreams and ambitions. She had always wanted to become a detective but had never taken the step to undertake any type of specialized training. Pearl Nolan is a brave and attractive woman in a relationship with Mike Maguire of the city police. Her detective boyfriend has achieved most of what she had always wanted for herself, which makes her vulnerable in the relationship. However, they are polar opposites given McGuire’s reliance on police formality and procedure as compared to Nolan’s more intuitive nature. However, their polarity makes them even more attracted to each other, as the novels are full of tension that is related to their differences in aptitude. The Whitstable Pearl Mysteries have a lot in common with her work on the Eastenders as nearly every book comes with a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter and a hook at the beginning. Even as each novel has its own crime conclusion, the question of where the relationship between McGuire and Pearl is present in all the novels.

“The Whitstable Pearl Mystery” is an intriguing novel set in a gorgeous sea seaside setting featuring a multitasking hero, a murder, and seafood. The hero Pearl Nolan had always wanted to become a detective but had got pregnant while in her teenage years, which closed that door. Instead, she has set up a successful restaurant in Whitstable her hometown, where she sold some of the best oysters along the coast. She is now 39 years old and with her son away at college, she feels very lonely, and thinks that maybe it is not too late to achieve her lifelong dream. She is jolted from her reverie when walking down the beach the night before the city’s annual oyster festival, she stumbles on the dead body of Vinnie Rowe a local oyster angler. Could it be murder, suicide, or a tragic accident? This could just the chance she had been waiting for to make a career in detective work. However, just as she starts working the case, she finds herself clashing with Mike McGuire the Chief Inspector and detective in charge of the case. But when she finds another body, she goes back decades trawling for clues and reliving emotional summers from her past life.

“Murder on Sea” the second novel in the series is set in the festive period, a time when Pearl is having the high season for her restaurant business. She is also planning a big fest for her own family holiday celebrations, and later a low buzz wine party to contribute some money church fundraiser. Then many people in the town start receiving Christmas cards from an anonymous writer full of spiteful venom. The bizarre happenings pique her curiosity though she had promised that she would not take any casework for her new investigations for her agency, and lets DCI Mike McGuire of the Canterbury Police investigate. She invites Mike to her Christmas dinner and church charity event and he agrees. The charity fundraiser turns out to be a great success, the hall is packed with eager contributors, and Pearl gets the chance to spend the evening with McGuire. But it all turns sour when a guest collapses and Pearl cannot help think it could be something more sinister rather than too much of her sweet wine. Murder was the last thing she had on her mind, but it is not long before more people are dead. Will she manage to resolve the mystery and have a great Christmas or will the killer’s plot destroy her life and business by the 25th?

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    have only read a couple of julie’s books but absolutely love them and want to read more

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    Thoroughly enjoyed reading these books. They are brilliant. Do you know when the next boom will be coming out please
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