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Publication Order of Dark Horse Cowboys Books

Do or Die Cowboy (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hot Target Cowboy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
When to Call a Cowboy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboy Christmas Homecoming (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Garrett Family Saga Books

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Forever My Cowboy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dreaming of a Cowboy Christmas (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Risk It All on a Cowboy (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Visit to Rambling, Texas Books

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June Faver is a bestselling romance author that is also an adventurous foodie and cook.

Growing up, her parents sent her to Catholic schooling. This is where she met her amazing second-grade teacher Sister Anastasia who would have a huge influence on her later career.

Her teacher was a Carmelite nun that had come to the United States from Island. June always loved how she had smoky and amazing blue eyes and black hair that went nearly to her waist.

During this time she was very shy and if it had not been for the nun’s encouragement, she would never have made it. The nun also left her behind at recess and she spent that time drawing out the outlines for her plays.

Thanks to her, Faver got to cast, write, direct, act in her own plays, and create settings.

The former healthcare professional and teacher currently makes her home in the Texan high country.

While she currently makes her home in Texas, June Faver was brought up in provincial Oklahoma. She can still remember how great it was including the four seasons of the Earth. She also liked how warm it was as she got to experience and had the opportunity to try out many of the clothes she wore at different times.

Living with her grandmother who was a very independent woman for her age, she still ranks her as one of her biggest inspirations. Her grandmother was the owner of two large tracts of land where she grew grain crops for her cattle and cotton. In addition to her interest in cattle rearing, she was also quite the storyteller.

On the other hand, her grandfather was a wild young man that once ran away from a Catholic boys’ school. He would later on become a seller of patent medicine before ultimately becoming a banker.

With everyone in her family having some interesting story or being a great storyteller, it was not surprising that she would end up an author. When her grandmother took her to college, she decided to study creative writing.

June Faver has been writing all her life and has written for more than a decade at any time of day. Still, she tends to be more creative during the night particularly at 2 am.

She has asserted that she is both a pantser and plotter, as she has never plotted any of her novels before she starts writing. She usually writes about fifty pages and then starts working on a plot.

She had once tried writing a detailed plot when she was doing NaNoWriMo in 2007 but gave up since she found it so boring writing in such a manner. She then started writing something new and within eighteen days she had a 56 thousand word manuscript.

Since NaNoWriMo proved to be quite a productive month, she has always taken part in the yearly writing ritual. It was from her first draft that she published her debut novel.

“Do or Die Cowboy” by June Faver introduces Tyler Garrett, a man with a dream of becoming a country singer and an iron determination to achieve it. At the opening of the novel, he is working towards becoming the winner of Country Idol and is traveling to Dallas for that purpose.

Accompanying him is his dog Lucky and his stallion Prince who rides in the trailer behind his truck. He leaves his family ranch where his father is still angry about his decision.

When he turns aside to a roadside tavern for a meal, he finds a woman and her child that seem to be fleeing from some enemy. He is drawn to the woman and her daughter and wants to help them before continuing on his journey to Dallas.

Leah is running from some very evil man but when she arrives at her destination she quickly realizes that she may have to contend with more than one man. She has led a difficult life but is good at making the best of difficult situations life throws at her. Moreover, she will do anything to ensure that Gracie her daughter is safe.

On the other hand, Ty has a dilemma of whether he should pursue his dreams by continuing on to Dallas or stay behind and keep Leah safe.

June Faver’s novel Hot Target Cowboy introduces Colt as a man that is the eldest son of a ranching family. As the eldest son, he is responsible for caring for the livestock at the ranch and his siblings which he takes very seriously.

But he is also a man that will never turn his back on any man o0r woman in need. This attribute soon gets him to fall, for his neighbor Misty who will bring nothing but trouble to his doorstep.

He falls head over heels for the woman and will fight to protect her and everything she holds dear. Misty comes with a world of trouble but it is only when she has to deal with death in her family that she gives in to Colt’s advances.

Hitting rock bottom, she gets back to work, tries to inculcate herself in society, and falls in love with Colt. But the young and inexperienced Misty is not having it so easy as she also has to deal with a history of romance, secrets, and murder in her family.

“When to Call a Cowboy” by June Faver opens with Dixie Moore being informed that her father who resides in Langstone has been murdered. It has been years since she last saw him and according to her mother, he had turned them out of his house.

She goes to his lawyer to settle her father’s estate and learns that she is the sole beneficiary of everything he had owned. but she has to live in town for a year to qualify for inheritance or else, Big Jim Garrett his long-time friend will inherit.

For Dixie coming back to town is out of the question as Beau Garrett her young lover is still residing there. Her mother told her that Beau had rejected her when she was in her senior year.

She high tails it to Dallas but her best friend tells her to consider her father’s wishes for the sake of Ava her daughter. She believes Beau loves her and could take her back if only Dixie is upfront with him.

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