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Juno Rushdan is a bestselling romantic suspense author who has asserted that she finds inspiration for her works from her former life as a United States Air Force Intelligence Officer.

Still, none of her works come with classified leaks instead incorporating pure fiction stories. Rather her novels usually come with strong heroines and kick-ass heroes fighting for their lives, which more often than not end in happily-ever-after stories.

Even though Juno was born and bred in New York, she has always been afflicted with a strong wanderlust, which has taken her all over the globe. Fortunately, she got married to a man who shares her passion for fantastic food, movies, and travel.
Over the years, she has been to more than twenty countries across the world and has also lived in Germany and England.

She has said that her favorite relaxation destination is the Italian Amalfi Coast with its to-die-for vino, stunning seascapes, amazing pasta, terraced vineyards, and cliffside lemon groves.

Like many authors, Juno Rushdan was encouraged to become an author by her family. At the very early age of seven, her grandmother started encouraging her to pen stories in her head.

She believes her family got a little worried about her at that young age since she used to write pretty dark stories that always came with some very tragic endings.

It was not until she got into romance in her teenage years that she began writing stories that came with a happily ever after. Rushdan got interested in paranormal romance when the Twilight series was at the height of its popularity.
However, her debut work did not get any traction. According to her agent at the time, she had a gift for writing intrigue and suspense and could pen some intense action scenes.

It was this agent who pressured her into writing romantic suspense and she cannot have been more grateful for her advice.

Since she grew up reading her grandmother’s novels, Danielle Steel’s Thruston House and Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity are the two novels that have had the longest-lasting impression on her.

As she started discovering authors on her own, she got into other great writers such as JR Ward, Anne Rice, and Nora Roberts.

Juno Rushdan currently makes her home in Virginia where she lives with her husband children and several very spoiled rescue dogs.

When she is not penning her novels, she can usually be found grabbing some red wine and chocolate and spending time with her friends and family.

Rushdan also loves to connect with her fans and readers on her social media profiles on BookBub, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She will also provide sneak peeks, giveaways, and exclusive content in the newsletter on her website.

“Every Last Breath” by Juno Rushdan is the story of Maddox Kinkade, who is the best at doing the impossible. At the opening of the story, she has been charged with neutralizing one of the most dangerous bioweapons ever invented.
She turns to the only man she is sure can help her stop the threat of a global pandemic. He is the love of her life who is still mad at her for some supposed betrayal.

Recruiting Cole to come work with her to supposedly save the globe may be harder than swatting off their immense chemistry. Still, Maddox intends to do whatever it takes to make things right.

When Maddox makes a comeback into Cole’s life, he has a strong urge to push her away as he wants to hate her. However, the crisis she tells him is about to unfold is not something to laugh at.,
Soon, the two find themselves working together as they try to stop the worst bioweapon that could destroy their world as they know it.

It is a work that is full of simmering romance, questionable loyalties, garrote sharp emotions and raging tempers. It is a brilliant romance story wielded by one of the best maestros of the game.

Juno Rushdan’s novel “Nothing to Fear” introduces Gideon Stone, a Fearsome Gray Box operative who is devoted to his team and his work.

He has never once made anyone doubt how loyal he is until he is put in charge of investigating a beguiling cryptologist named Willow Harper. The target is a suspect in the highly illegal sale of deadly bioagents on the black market.
Willow has been protesting her innocence and Gideon is tempted to believe her. He is also cognizant of the fact that if he does not protect her she will be dead in a few hours.

Soon enough, they find themselves in the middle of an intricate international plot and Gideon vows that he will do anything to ensure Willow’s safety. But that may mean that he will go against some of his own people.
They do not have much time but they can rely on unlikely bonds which forge strong loyalties. Some nefarious traitors are watching their every move hoping to destroy them if they make just a single mistake.

Similar to the debut novel, the author writes some interesting stories with some brilliant characters that you cannot help but cheer them on, even as you are afraid they may not make it out alive.

“Until the End,” by Juno Rushdan is the story of Castle Kinkade, a Gray Box operative who is known for always completing his assignments no matter how hard they may be.

But when he agrees to protect Kit Westcott a white hat hacker, Castle’s loyalty could not have been more strongly tested.

Finding themselves in close quarters and protective instincts being triggered, the ice around his heart is melting and he knows he is ready to do everything in his power to ensure Kit’s safety.

He is even ready to defy some of the rules that have made him into what he is. Castle is the last person he should be confiding in, let alone be attracted to but unfortunately, there is no one else left.

Threatened by a chilling conspiracy and imminent attack, Kit and Castle are forced to put their lives and hearts on the line. They will stop at nothing as they confront the greatest danger in their lives.

It is an impressive story that has some intense visual experiences that evoke these of the Mission Impossible/Bourne/Bond movies.

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