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The American author Jus Accardo is well regarded for her fun and inventive Young Adult novels that really capture the imagination of her readers. Creating fiction that really immerses her readers, her stories are steeped in an ambiance quite unlike any other out there. This is something that she’s really worked on over the years, building up a strong voice and brand that is completely different.

With something to say and an articulate straightforward style of writing, she definitely makes an impact with her writing. Speaking directly to her readers, her approach is direct and to the point, with strong protagonists carrying the stories forwards. Her characters are very well developed, resonating with her readers, something that will continue for some years to come yet.

Early and Personal Life:

Born in New York City in the United States, Jus Accardo would not just love learning to read as a child, but she would have a passion for cooking. Both of these interests would come to inform much of her adult life greatly in the following years to come, creating her own style as an author and chef. With these two interests she would move forward as a chef initially, but it would be her love of fiction that would finally win through.

Accepted into the Culinary Institute of America, she was all set to pursue her career as a chef, but would change her mind at the last minute. Moving towards her love of fiction instead, she would go on to become a writer, and she wouldn’t look back as time went on. Still interested in cooking though, this continues to be a pastime of hers, informing how she looks at her writing greatly.

Moving into the world of writing full-time, she’d quickly become adept at producing fiction and creating stories. Focusing largely on fantasy, she’d explore the full scope of her imagination, as she would take her audience on a journey of it. This was a skill that she’d develop over time, building upon it and her style, finding what it was that she wanted to say.

With stories of paranormal romance and Young Adult fantasy novels, Jus Accardo would soon be well on her way to becoming a household name for many. Originally from New York, she now lives with her husband isolated in the countryside, where she carries on writing to this day. With more planned for the future, there’s plenty to come, with her showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

Writing Career:

Starting out in 2011 with the novel ‘Touch’, Jus Accardo would begin her career with the first in her soon to be much loved ‘Denazen’ series of novels. These would be a collection of Young Adult fantasy stories about a mysterious corporation running tests on its young prisoners. This would prove to be enormously popular, and would secure Accardo’s status as a household name for many young readers.

With stories of romance and the supernatural, Accardo would write from the heart, playing with the conventions of the formula. Whilst it may seem to use many of the Young Adult fantasy conventions on the surface, she would make it her own, saying something unique in the process. Reaching scores of readers worldwide, she’d fast become a fan favorite, with many eagerly awaiting each new release from her.

Receiving a lot of acclaim and attention for her work, she’s gone on to create numerous series, much like her first. These include ‘Darker Agency’, ‘Eternal Balance’, and ‘Infinity Division’, all of which also tell fantastical stories from an imaginative and exciting world. Creating some stand-alone novels too, she’s ventured into the thriller genre as well, setting her up as a writer to pay attention to in the years to follow.


Published through the ‘Entangled: Teen’ publishing outlet, this would originally come out in 2013 on the 7th of May. It would be the third part in the ongoing ‘Denazen’ series of novels, continuing on directly from the last, and paving the way for the next. There would be four books in the series in total, with more planned on the way, and two spin-off novellas from the first two titles.

As a young adult fantasy novel, this manages to immediately capture the attention of the reader from the very first page. Knowing her audience well, Jus Accardo manages to speak directly to her readers in a straightforward and easily accessible style. Continuing the pace of the previous title too, it really manages to capture the tone of what came before and build upon it.

Almost eighteen now, Dez Cross feels that she’s on a precipice, as she struggles not to completely lose her mind. With the drug known as Denazen being used to enhance her powers, she’s witnessing those around her turning away from the Underground to fight for the wrong people. Now it appears there’s a new drug trial planned, and the second trial is about to be obliterated, all whilst Dez needs to find a cure for the defects on the trial. Can she manage to overcome the obstacles and find the cure? What is going to become of the second trial? Will she tremble?


Once again released through Entangled Publishing, this would come out on the 28th of March in 2016 to much acclaim. Setting up the third title in ‘The Eternal Balance’ series of books, it would also carry on the franchise from what came before. Working as a Young Adult fantasy franchise, it would involve a story of demons and warriors trying to make their way in the world.

Sharing his body with a demon that’s called Azirak, Jax Flynn is attempting to keep his head above water. That’s when he ends up killing its mate, bringing everything to the surface, with Azirak rising up and taking full control of Jax. This threatens Jax’s entire world, including that of Samantha’s, the woman he loves, as Jax starts to fight back for his soul. Can he save himself and Samantha? Who, or what, is the demon Azirak? Will he ever truly be released?

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