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Publication Order of Shot Clock Books

Shot Clock (With: Caron Butler) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shot Clock #2 (With: Caron Butler) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Opposite of Always (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Early Departures / Forever Ends on Friday (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's the End of the World and I'm in My Bathing Suit (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Running in Flip Flops From the End of the World (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Graphic Novels

Miles Morales: Shock Waves (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miles Morales: Stranger Tides (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Justin A. Reynolds is a renowned American writer of contemporary, young adult, and speculative fiction stories. He made his debut in 2019 with the novel called Opposite of Always. This book succeeded in reaching out to a large number of readers across the world and also received excellent reviews from the critics. Thus, allowing Justin to get noticed by the who’s who of the writing world. Justin has also finished writing the second novel of his career and is waiting for its publication in mid-2020. Before stepping into the field of writing, he was involved in several other works. He has worked as a night security guard, salesman of faucet fixtures, pest control operator, janitor, carpet-flooring installer, and intern at the Glenn Research Center at NASA. In between these jobs, Justin studied at a few colleges and universities. Finally, he went on to settle in at the University of Cleveland State and obtained a degree in creative writing and English literature.

During the course of his academic studies, Justin received several fellowships. One of his fellowships is the diversity award at Skidmore College’s NY State Writer’s Institute. Recently, he was employed as a registered nurse and specialized in oncology and hematology. When Justin felt that the time had come to pursue his dream of becoming a writer, he decided to trade his stethoscope for a pen. However, Justin likes to think that both the instruments work towards revealing the heart. Currently, Justin resides in northeast Ohio and enjoys the snow, Cavaliers, and Lake Erie. In his debut book, he has described the story of Kate and Jack, who meet at a party and immediately fall in love. Everything goes smoothly in their lives until the sudden death of Kate one day. In his attempt to get his wife back, Jack undergoes time travel and makes repeated attempts to prevent the death of Kate.

Several panelists have dubbed Justin’s debut work as suspenseful and funny. Some of them have also labeled it as a wonderful story of love filled with honesty, hilarity, and friendships. Justin says that he was inspired by his childhood friendships to write his first book. His work is greatly influenced by the way he and his best friends talked, bantered, and supported one another through the trials and tribulations of their teenage years. Justin likes to read out his dialogues loudly to ensure that they sound genuine and lively. He tries to make them as authentic as possible. When his work gets compared with other writers, Justin feels encouraged and motivated. It feels to him as if his work is getting validated. Justin wishes that time travel would have been real as he sees it as an amazing ability to travel back in time and cherish and relive the stories through memory. He is also a great believer in love at first sight. Whenever he comes across such people, he feels connected to them instantly.

Justin thinks there is some undeniable chemistry between such people and it is always wonderful to write about them. That being said, he thinks that it is not always about romantic love, but sometimes it is the best friends that fall in love and go on to cherish an amazing relationship. Author Justin is highly grateful for all the support and love he has received from readers all over the world for his debut novel. He hopes that they will continue to provide this support for all his future works and help him to become much more successful. With his second novel in line for publication, Justin is now working on the development of his third title and is expected to finish its writing part soon. Justin likes to express his gratitude to all the critics who have liked and appreciated his first book. Their kind words have motivated him to continue walking the path of writing.

The debut book written by author Justin A. Reynolds is entitled ‘Opposite of Always’. It was released in 2019 by the Katherine Tegen Books publication in 2019. The lead characters mentioned in this novel include Jack Ellison King, Kate King, Franny, Jillian, and a few others. Initially, Jack E. King is introduced as a man of high stature and charming personality. But, he has the habit of experiencing almosts in his life. When it begins happening too many times, Jack begins to fear that he might never achieve anything fully in life. Then, he meets Kate at one of the parties. The two get indulged in one another immediately and continue to cherish their new bonding until the next morning. After spending the entire with Kate and enjoying their favorite flicks and drinks together, Jack senses that he is falling in love with Kate. But, he decides to take each step forward carefully in this new relationship.

Jack brings Kate to meet his best friends Franny and Jillian in order to find out she is meant to stay in his life and move out. To his surprise, Kate bonds very well with his friends and even wins them over too easily. This gives him the feeling that he curse of not achieving anything completely is finally gone. However, the love story of Kate and Jack turns out to be much more complicated than either of them had imagined. Jack experiences his happily ever after almost because soon after his marriage to Kate, she dies. As a result, Jack is left all alone once again. Now, the love story should have ended at this point. But, Jack imagines the time he first met Kate. He finds Kate as beautiful and radiant as she was. She appears to be charming, happy, and healthy as ever.

With all this going on, Jack wonders if he has started to lose his mind. Nevertheless, he makes up his mind that if he will get a chance to save the life of his beautiful lover, he will not hesitate to take it. He even develops a belief in time travel. Later, Jack comes to know that his actions do not come without serious consequences. And as one of his choices puts the lives of those he loves in danger, Jack wonders if he is willing to do and let go to save the lives of the people he loves.

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