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Justin Halpern is an American television producer and author best known for the “Shit My Dad Says” series of novels. He grew up in San Diego in the Point Loma neighborhood to an Italian American mother and a Jewish father. Halpern went to Point Loma High School, where he started honing his interest in baseball by playing as a pitcher. He then proceeded to San Diego State University and during his time there played on the baseball team. Once he was done with school, he moved to Los Angeles where he found work as a screenwriter. His father practiced as a medical doctor of nuclear medicine at the University of California before he retired. He was a blunt man that said whatever he wanted and from his childhood, Justin got a ton of expletive laden but memorable comments and advice from his father. The elder Halpern has been described as a scatological Socrates, a profane comic genius who showered his son with unparalleled wisdom.

While success as a screenwriter had eluded him he found a job as columnist for the online publication of “Maxim Magazine” 2009. He had just recently moved back home in San Diego and wanting to share his father hilarious comments and advice he started a Twitter account. @ShitMyDadSays was supposed to chronicle the funny things his father had said over the years. He was surprised when the handle became very popular. It was not long before the publishers came calling and he signed a TV deal with Warner Brothers and a book deal with Harper Collins. By 2014, the Twitter account had amassed more than three million followers. “Shit My Dad Says” was published in 2010 and it was not long before it was on the New York Times bestseller list where it did not budge for eleven weeks. It has sold more than 1 million copies since then and CBS would also premier a sitcom based on the work.

Justin Halpern’s “Sh*t My Dad Says” is the story of the things his father said while he was growing up. He tells the story of how his father took him to a thyroid cancer lecture he was giving to a group of medics which is nothing but hysterical. He was supposed to stay quiet in his chair for two hours but once his Snickers bar ran out (within minutes) he started crawling under the seats. He intended to crawl to the back of the auditorium and the end result was nothing that his father was looking for. There is no big life lesson to the stories in the novel but just humorous stories great for passing the time during a lazy afternoon. The big lesson though is that his father blunt as he may be, was always there for him. He always pushed Halpern to be better and believed in him regardless of what he did or what he was.

“I Suck at Girls” the second novel by Justin Halpern is a hilarious take of how he had all manner of failed relationships before finally finding the one. Halpern tells of his first crush and the bizarre ways he tried to express his love. He tells of his first encounter with porn magazines that he pilfered from some homeless camp. Deep down in the canyons he had been chased by homeless bums looking to get back their magazines. He got his first kiss following the homecoming dance at his high school but still had a lot of trouble professing to the girl of his dreams. He was afraid that she would flat out reject him and after graduation travel to Europe to nail and party with broads. There is also the tale of his fantasies that were 45 minute romps that had multiple orgasms for himself and his partner. But then his first came around and it was a party minute and 36 seconds. Just like his first work this is a feel good and humorous reminisce of the life and times of the elder Halpern.

“More Shӿt My Dad Says” by Justin Halpern is a journey through his childhood until when he proposed to his girlfriend punctuated with some great comments from his father. At the most critical moments in his life, his father is always there to leave some hilarious commentaries and advice. There are several stories where his father does not appear but they are still funny. Taking his father’s advice he traces his journey through childhood, his angst as a teenager, trials in his career and the complications of love, sex and relationships. It is an enjoyable memoir and at just over 150 pages it makes for a quick read that will lighten a morning commute.

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