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Missing from the Village: The Story of Serial Killer Bruce McArthur, the Search for Justice, and the System that Failed Toronto's Queer Community (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Justin Ling
Coming from Montreal, Canada, the investigative journalist and writer Justin Ling is well known and well regarded for his incisive commentary. Getting to the heart of any subject matter, he really manages to dive deep, understanding the topic from inside and out. This is something that has attracted many to his work over the years, as he’s taken on a range of various different subjects. Speaking directly to a global audience both online and off, he manages to convey himself in a direct manner that’s straight to the point. This has included writing for a variety of different publications, many of them highly prestigious in their own right. Often found writing on Canadian politics, he has a strong understanding of the subject, looking at it from a global perspective and the country’s place on the world stage.

Many of his interests concern privacy in the modern age, and the laws surrounding this, something that he’s written on extensively. Along with this he’s also written on a number of other contemporary issues too, such as QAnon and the growing security threat around it. Looking at these many themes and ideas, he’s become well versed in the subject, studying the online space, and making its many issues accessible to a modern audience. Not only that, but he’s also an engaging writer, articulating himself in a straightforward manner that appeals universally. All this while bringing to light various different important social issues that need to be brought to light, allowing them to be heard. Getting involved in the stories himself, investigating from the ground level, he manages to capture what it’s actually like to be there.

Often his work touches on important social issues, looking at different people, something which his first book looked at too. Delivering stories about real people, he really manages to capture a sense of who they are, and why their story needs to be told. Looking at the past as well as the future, Justin Ling is a versatile writer, portraying issues from history that reflect contemporary times. All this while keeping his writing compelling, so as to ensure that his readers are hooked every step of the way. Continuing to write both as an author, and as an investigative journalist, he’s got plenty more planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life
Although quite an elusive figure, his work has become well known and synonymous with a certain brand of journalism. Working on developing his style from an early age, he would refine and hone his voice, along with his craft overall. Taking in ideas from the world around him, he’d always be looking to put it back into his work, creating a style that was very much his own.

Continually inquisitive, he’d apply himself to a variety of different subjects through the years, creating a unique name and brand for himself. This would see him build upon this brand both online and off, establishing himself, becoming more and more prolific as time went on. Still writing to this day from his home in Montreal, he’s got a lot more to come yet, as he carries on writing, on into the future.

Writing Career
In 2020 Justin Ling would publish his first novel, and it was titled ‘Missing From The Village’ looking at a real-life serial killer. Using his skills learned working as an investigative journalist, he’d manage to tell a true-crime story that may have otherwise been overlooked. He would also discuss the importance of it, bringing a range of different social issues to the forefront through the release of his debut.

Previously he has also worked on the podcast ‘Uncover’ for CBC in 2019, taking the position of host for the duration of its third season. This would look at many cold cases brought up from the 1970s, which were re-released due to the MacArthur investigation. He’s definitely a writer to watch in the following years to come too, as his writing career continues to grow from strength-to-strength.

Missing From The Village
Originally published in 2020 on the 29th of September, this would also go under the subtitle of ‘The Story of Serial Killer Bruce McArthur.’ Published as a true-crime account of the real-life story of Bruce McArthur that had taken place not long before, it managed to capture a sense of what really happened. Investigating much of the case himself, Justin Ling offers his first-hand account, lending the book an air of authenticity and realism.
The book itself is written with a real sense of empathy for the victims, as it looks at a major injustice that went unsolved for a long period of time. Making for a thrilling true-crime novel in the traditional sense, it is also a testament to those involved and effected by what happened. Not leaving anything out, Ling makes it a powerful and important work in every respect, really bringing the story to life.
It also works well in bringing the Toronto setting to life in greater detail, making it accurate and detailed. Running it in conjunction with some of the work done on his podcast, Ling gets to the bottom of a serious and horrific case file. This manages to provide a lot of background, as well as establishing the people involved and who they actually were.

Looking Toronto’s gay community, this looks at the disappearance of eight men, and how they were the victims of notorious serial-killer Bruce McArthur. Opening the case in 2013, the Toronto Police Service would state that the disappearances of Majeed Kayhan, Abdulbasir Faizi, and Skandaraj Navaratnam were all interlinked. Taking place from 2010 to 2017, eight men would disappear from the neighborhood of Church and Wellesley, which is part of the gay community in Toronto, Canada. In 2015 Justin Ling would file for reports on the case, getting involved himself, and on January the 18th, 2018, Bruce McArthur was finally caught, being sentenced in February, 2019, for first-degree murder and given life imprisonment. This book takes a look at the investigation itself and the events surrounding it, and why it took so long for police to even admit there might be a serial-killer on the loose.

Various Articles
Over the years Justin Ling has written for many different publications, and this has included articles in print, as well as online. These include The Guardian, Vice, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, among many others just to name a few. Still producing these articles, along with his podcast work, he continues to be a prominent voice, bringing to life true-crime stories and different social issues.

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