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The Magnificent Sons (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Justin Myers, aka The Guyliner, is an author of general fiction books, freelance writer and columnist for GQ and Gay Times. His work has appeared in the Guardian, the Irish Times, the Sunday Times, among others
Myers’s debut novel, The Last Romeo, was published by Little Brown in 2018. The Magnificent Sons was the second published in 2020.

The Last Romeo
The story begins as James is 34 years old and fed up with everything.

His 6- year relationship with Adam has just hit a rock, and he does not like his job of making up celebrity gossip magazines. Bella, his best friend, has just informed him, she’s relocating to Russia.

Determined to come out of his lonely and drunken state, Bella advises him to join online dating and blog any encounter as the mysterious Romeo.
He later gives in, and after some exciting encounters on the dates courtesy of the dating app, he decides to start an anonymous blog on his mission to find Romeo. After some time, the blog kicks off and starts getting a huge number of fans and the validation he’s always been dreaming of.

After his breakup, he starts uploading his attempts on the dating world on a blog while keeping things anonymous but not as anonymous as they should have been.
The dates range from uncomfortable to the weird and awkward to gross, then to the heart flutter and love-struck men.
One day, when his wild night a sports star, Nate, goes viral and his Twitter fame goes up, James comes to realize that while looking for happy-ever-after, some things should not be shared.
Justin Myers does an excellent job of drawing the reader right into the story and getting them vested in James’ search for The Last Romeo.
The story is utterly charming, and you’ll go through James’ quest to find love and the problems that come his way for being too open on the internet.
James is very genuine, insecure, far from perfect, and he doesn’t appear to value himself. His experiences in the dating site were the usual things most of go through when dating.

Nate and James’ relationship is funny and interesting, heartbreaking yet enjoyable. The author wrote stories about their lives brilliantly to make the reader want to know more.

How is it like to date someone who is entirely the opposite of you and ends up dampening your spirit and ability to be the real you?
The story is too funny, sharp, and emotional at the same time for anyone to like it.

The Magnificent Sons
The book gives a story of two different brothers on two separate journeys but with the same hope for a magnificent future.
Jake D’Arcy has lived most of his twenty-nine years living his life the right way.

He is almost reaching his goal with a lovely girlfriend, a stable job, and good friends around him. He is also in a good distant relationship with his cheerful family.

All the above is exactly how he wanted things to be. So now, why does he feel that everything is wrong?
When Trick, his teenage brother, announces that he is gay, Jake has so many questions about his bisexuality and doesn’t want to wait long to get the answers. Their parents are not supportive, and Jake’s heavy comment on the issue sours the already agitated relationship.

Jake is already struggling to discover his sexuality, and although he has a girlfriend, he feels that he can’t hide his sexuality anymore.
He later comes out as bisexual, which does not make his parents happy. They seem a little confused and unsure what bisexuality means, and Trick does not support him in any way.

The two brothers have opposing personalities as when one is a person; the other is very social.
Their age gap is almost over ten years, as Jake is 29 and Trick is 17, making their relationship even harder.
They are inflexible and unwilling to go far from their generation’s values, worldview, and beliefs.
As Jake thinks that Trick is spoiled and pampered, Trick thinks Jake’s a weird and boring loser.
As Trick starts exploring the deep waters of an adult relationship, Jake comes up with a plan to destroy the good relationship he had with his girlfriend, Amelia.

No one has ever thought that Jake might not be straight, and his acceptance and announcement frighten those around him.
As he evaluates his life, he realizes how his coming out has affected how his close friends, colleagues, and family see him.
He’s forced to deal with the distance between himself and his family. Jake is so jealous of how everyone embraced Trick for who he is so easy but when it comes to him; they are all against him.

It’s so heartbreaking how Trick easily embarrassed his elder brother, and I often pitied him.
He soon gets new friends, few inhibitions, and a portion of the magnificent life he never thought of.
The story narrates about two different brothers who are in search of the life they want and the person they want to be.
The two siblings spend the entire novel talking about their differences instead of their similarities.

The book has a sense of humor in this profoundly moving story. Jake is the most fleshed-out character, likable and interesting. While some of the characters didn’t respond well to Jake’s bisexuality, it’s lovable how Myer portrayed his sexuality in a unique way.

The author addresses bisexuality and how it can be found in people who believe in themselves to be open-minded. At the center of the story is family, and even though it’s not dysfunctional in any way, it makes Jake feel that he is not part of it.

The author does a great job of revealing Jake’s feelings of disconnection from the straight and gay worlds and how discrimination and negative attitudes are still a thing up to today.

It’s such an incredible and engaging story on growing up, coming out, and connecting with yourself and those in your inner circle.

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