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Publication Order of Vampirates Books

Demons of the Ocean (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tide of Terror (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Captain (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Heart (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Empire of Night (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Immortal War (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Enemies Of The Prince Books

Allies & Assassins (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Conspiracy of Princes (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Usborne Puzzle Adventures Books

Escape from the Blood Castle (By: Graham Round,Jenny Tyler) (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Curse of the Lost Idol (By: Graham Round,Gaby Waters) (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on the Midnight Plane (By: Graham Round,Gaby Waters) (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Incredible Dinosaur Expedition (By: Karen Dolby) (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Danger at Demon's Cove (By: Karen Dolby) (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Time Train To Ancient Rome (By: Gaby Waters) (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Journey to the Lost Temple (By: Susannah Leigh) (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Haunted Tower (By: Kim Blundell,Brian Robertson,Brenda Haw,Roy Preston,Karen Dolby,Susannah Leigh,Sarah Dixon) (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ghost in the Mirror (By: Karen Dolby) (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Search for the Sunken City (By: Martin Oliver) (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Usborne Book of Ghost Puzzle Adventures (By: Karen Dolby,Gaby Waters,Susannah Leigh,Sarah Dixon) (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Agent Arthur's Arctic Adventure (By: Martin Oliver) (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Second Usborne Book of Puzzle Adventures (By: Karen Dolby,Susannah Leigh,Marjorie Everitt,Martin Oliver) (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vanishing Village (By: Sarah Dixon) (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Agent Arthur's Puzzle Adventures (By: Paddy Mounter,Martin Oliver) (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Intergalactic Bus Trip (By: Brenda Haw,Martin Oliver,Martin Newton) (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fourth Usborne Book Of Puzzle Adventures (By: Paul Stewart,Mark Burgess,Martin Oliver,Michelle Bates) (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pyramid Plot (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mutiny at Crossbones Bay (By: Mark Burgess,Phil Roxbee Cox) (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Third Usborne Book of Puzzle Adventures (With: Michelle Bates,Mark Fowler) (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Emerald Conspiracy (By: Mark Fowler) (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Agent Arthur's Desert Challenge (By: Martin Oliver) (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mystery on Main Street (By: Tony Allan) (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Uncle Pete The Pirate (By: Susannah Leigh) (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Voyage to the Edge of the World (By: Lesley Sims) (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Castle of Intrigue (By: Paul Stewart) (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fifth Book of Puzzle Adventures (By: Mark Fowler,L. Simms) (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Crimebusters Investigate (By: Michelle Bates,Mark Fowler,Corinne Stockley) (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Agent Arthur's Island Adventure (By: Lesley Sims) (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Usborne Big Book of Puzzle Adventures (By: Jenny Tyler,Karen Dolby) (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Adventures in Puzzle World (By: Susannah Leigh) (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Justin Somper was born on August 18th 1975 , in Hertfordshire . He is a Bestselling British author renowned for the ‘Vampirates’ and ‘Allies and Assassins’ children’s novel series . Justin was associated with many professions including an author , a publicist and a trainer . He lives in Crouch End , North London with his partner and their two dogs. In spite of his demanding career , Somper manages to find time to enjoy cycling and long walk with his dogs in the local area including Highgate Woods and Hampstead Heath, the places which have been an inspiration for the world of ‘Allies and Assassins ‘ one of his prominent works.


Justin Somper attended his school at St. Albans and went to study English and American literature at the University Of Warwick. Shortly after graduating , he received his first publishing contract by Usborne Publishing for their bestselling Puzzle Adventure series , this marked the beginning of his career in the literary world .

In 1992 , Justin published his book ‘The Pyramid Plot ‘ which is still in print for over 20 years of its release . Then , in the mid 1990s he wrote three successful short novels featuring teenage vampires published by Penguin Books . The books gained appreciation though they are not in print now. His career as an author took a huge leap with the publishing of ‘Demons Of The Ocean ‘ in 2005 the first book of his popular six book series ‘ Vampirates ‘ , from then he published one book of the series each year ,the last being published in 2011. Soon after the completion of the Vampirates he wrote another book ‘Allies and Assassins’ which also gained prominence among both critics and readers.

In 1992, Somper joined Penguin Books as a junior publicist where he worked with leading names and creative talents such as Roald Dahl’s literary estate ,Anne Fine and Raymond Briggs . Later , in 1996 he joined Random House as a Children’s Publicity Director continuing his work with the leads of the literary world. Further , in 1998 he set up business as UK’s first children’s books publicist . He is also acknowledged as one of the most famed publicist . He has independently worked with star authors such as John Connolly , John Grisham and David Levithan.

Somper also has an established name as a trainer since 2011 , when he co-founded Authorprofile along with Phillip Norman , which provides training focused on the needs of contemporary authors . It covers media training and developing online strategies for successful devising and delivery of events.



In 2005 , Justin published first book of the Vampirate series which proved to be a life changing event in his life gaining him abundant popularity and appreciation worldwide. Vampirate named after the vampire characters of the book who are pirates , has been published in over 20 languages in 35 nations. For Vampirate , Justin was titled as “the Next Big Thing” by Sunday Times Magazine and a natural successor of J K Rowling by Waterstone’s Harry Potter Report. Somper described his journey of the ‘Vampirates’ as a ” roller coaster ride” . It also secured him the Solihull Children’s Book Award and an opportunity to write a short story of extra adventures of Vampirates for World Book Day 2007 along with 100,000 sales in UK of ‘Demons Of The Ocean’.

Vampirates : Demons Of The Ocean

The first book of prominent ‘Vampirate ‘ series is set in the year 2505. Connor and Grace Tempest are twins who set out into the sea to find a place to live after their father’s death . In the midway ,they are separated by a storm which wrecks their ship leaving them to struggle for life in cold water . Connor is rescued by pirates of the ‘ Diablo ‘ ship where he has to pursue the life of a pirate. He tries to adjust in his new life trying hard to determine if he is really meant for it ? On the contrary , Grace is saved by different kind of pirates and she lands on a strange ship of vampires called the ‘Nocturne ‘. But all the vampirates around Grace are good till she follows the rules set by Captain except for Sidorio who has cruel intentions.

Vampirates: The Tide Of Terror

The second book of the ‘Vampirate ‘ series and a sequel to the ‘Demons Of The Ocean’ further extends the adventurous journey of Grace and Conner making Conner a pirate protege who has his loyalties torn between his love for his sister and his pirate mates. Grace , on the other side leaves the vampire ship to resume her journey in some other direction but she still cares deeply for all those vampirates. Conner and Grace set out on an unbelievable journey for fourteen year old teens which include their visit to the pirate academy and various other incredible yet dangerous pathways.


Justin Somper got the idea of ‘Allies and Assassins’ series from a librarian friend Hedd on his tour to wales . Hedd accidentally puts a seed of idea in Somper’s mind by providing him thorough knowledge of the culture and history of Wales which sets the world of ‘Allies and Assassins’ indirectly . With research of famous landmarks Somper wrote another incredible piece which transports readers to the land of Archenfield , where the ruler Prince Anders is assassinated and his younger brother Jared has to take over and at a very tender age solve his brother’s murder and make princedom safe , dealing with a row of chaos and conspiracy.The book has richly-drawn cast of characters, including members of the royal family and the Council , who assist Prince Jared .


Conner Tempest : A young athletic teen who turns out to be a pirate protege
Grace Tempest : Twin sister of Conner Tempest who is intelligent and deeply connected with vampirates
Lorcan Furey : Vampirate who saves Grace and later they both share a bond
Sidorio : A member of Nocturne Crew who is evil , unlike all other vampirates


There has been no information regarding adaptation of Vampirates books into movie or television series though it might happen as the fans are keen to watch the characters and plot of the books . Although , there has been stage adaptation of ‘Demons Of The Oceans’ by Scene Productions which took successful extensive tour throughout UK in 2011-12 .

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