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Nothing But the Truth (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Overboard (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
North of Beautiful (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return to Me (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Blind Spot for Boys (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lovely, Dark, and Deep (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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With Twice the Love, Dessie Mei (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Justina Chen is an American author.

She was able to write her first novel when she was very young. At the age of just eight years, Justina composed a book that was made up of fifty pages. She’s come a long way since then and now her books are available in libraries, book stores, and online!

Chen has been awarded prizes and awards for her work. Her debut novel won her the Asian Pacific American Award. Nothing but the Truth was also nominated for the original voices award from Borders, and it has also been recognized by the New York Public Library.

Justina attended Stanford University and graduated with honors. After she left college, she entered the real world and landed a job at Microsoft working as a marketing executive.

Her book Girl Overboard came out in 2008 and earned high praise. Publishers Weekly wrote a favorable review of the story, saying that she has written a tale that is destined to ‘stand out’ through offering girl power as well as a back story of a family that is beyond ‘intriguing’. It has been selected as a youth book by the Junior Library Guild.

Justina currently resides with her family somewhere in the Pacific Northwest and loves spending time with her husband as well as their two children.

Nothing but the Truth is the first full length fictional novel from Justina Chen. Readers looking for a new voice to check out will surely find the interesting narrative of this book intriguing enough to stick with and has been described as having a wide appeal. Readers that are interested in a heroine that is able to be related to and yet has a spunky spirit will definitely see the appeal of this main character.

Patty Ho is just like every other girl out there, if by that you mean totally different from the average girl her age in quite a few ways. She has a mixture of the old and the new world to contend with and tries to do her best to navigate what is the world of being half white while being half Asian (something that is referred to as ‘hapa’).

Patty does enjoy her life and while she might want to go to the spring dance like the other kids will be doing, part of her is happy to sit there and get her fortune told. A Taiwanese grandmother (what they call a belly button grandmother, actually, to be precise) is going to feel in her navel and somehow be able to tell her a lot about herself and even her future.

Hey, why not? It’s definitely a lot more interesting than going to the dance. Patty Ho is determined to try and make the most of her identity, even if it is kind of currently sending her into a crisis mode. She’s not gong to let a temporary tail spin get the best of her, though. She may have a dual heritage to contend with, but Patty is going to try and draw from the strengths of this instead of being taken down by the weaknesses.

With all of this going on and school to contend with, she also has to deal with her mother. Patty’s mother has a tendency to be a little domineering in nature, and Patty is constantly having to fend her off. She wants nothing more than for her daughter to turn out to be a respectable Taiwanese girl. For her mother, this may mean certain attributes that Patty isn’t sure that she can achieve or summon.

Her mother wants her to be a good girl, but Patty knows that some things just are not going to be able to be achieved. Maybe her mother wants her to be graceful and elongated, with pale white skin that resembles that of a China doll. It must be even more particularly her fault that this is not the case because her father who has since passed had that pale white skin that seems so desirable on her mother’s part.

Struck between the pangs of the past and the demands of the present, Patty does not think that she can ever live up to the high standards that her mother has for her. Can she shake off the expectations that are pretty impossible to meet and just try to live her best life for herself?

Pick up this book to find out for yourself what this heroine will do.

Girl Overboard is the exciting second fictional novel from accomplished author Justina Chen. If you enjoyed the voice of the debut novel from this writer, then you should definitely make moves to check this one out too!

When it comes to Syrah, everyone just thinks that her life is so perfect. Why wouldn’t they think that? They all seem to know that her father is the billionaire Ethan Cheng. If they didn’t know that, then they’d probably eventually get the picture from noting that she pretty much has the rich kid’s life on a platter.

Syrah lives in a huge mansion that sits on the waterfront. She enjoys everything from fancy custom snowboards to riding in a private jet plane on a regular basis. People think that she has everything– but their assumptions would only ever be half-right.

They would be viewing her life through rose gold covered glasses. The truth is that Syrah has her fair share of struggles. She may have half siblings, but they also despise her. She has a best friend, but now her new flame is slowly killing their relationship– they may soon no longer be friends.

Syrah also has a boyfriend, but it’s starting to look like even he will betray her. She’s starting to suspect that he is only with her in order to benefit from the connection to her father. With everyone turning on her, Syrah must go to the mountains.

But even there she gets into an accident and can’t even be there. Can this rich girl get it together and heal her heart and knee in the process? Read this awesome second book from Justina to find out!

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