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Publication Order of Morgue Drawer Books

Morgue Drawer Four (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Morgue Drawer Next Door (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Morgue Drawer for Rent (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Morgue Drawer: Do Not Enter! (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clink or Cooler? (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Jutta Profijt is a German author who writes mystery-suspense novels. Born in 1967 in a remote town, Jutta is best known for her stories that feature a ghost who solves crimes.

Jutta Profijt comes from a town called Ratingen near Dusseldorf. The author got most of her education done in Germany, after which she moved to France. Even though she only lived there for a year, the experience changed her life.

The particular town that was her home was famous for the Cognac it produced and it often attracted English speaking guests and tourists many of whom Jutta befriended.

Reading and writing have been part of the author’s life for a long time. However, she did not know that she would go into the publishing business until she actually wrote her first novel.

Jutta had a mind for business and she initially set out to secure a position in the international business arena. And she proceeded to do just when she left France, returned to Germany and became an apprentice at an export company.

Without really meaning to, Jutta Profijt took her first steps towards publishing when she became an English and French translator, passing the necessary international tests and making a living for almost a decade working for import and export companies.

At the time, Jutta was still determined to dominate the international business arena. However, after spending several years with a steel and machinery technology firm, the author decided that she needed a change.

So she started a teaching and translation business. That was in 1996. For the next several years, Jutta lived a very busy life. Her desk was always packed with work and it was only through sheer force of will that she managed to push out a novel in 2002.

It is unclear how far Jutta’s literary career would have gone if her debut novel had failed to gain traction. More than likely, the author would have thrown all her focus back onto her translation business.

Fortunately, the novel was a surprising success, and it gave Jutta the drive she needed to keep pursuing her writing career. For all the interest her work attracted in the years that followed her debut, it wasn’t until the author wrote the first volume in the Morgue Drawer novel that her fame began to spread beyond the borders of Germany.

Her books attracted attention from publishers all over Europe and the United States and it wasn’t that long afterward that English translations of her volumes began to disseminate, raising her profile on the international literary landscape.

According to Jutta, she doesn’t try too hard to adapt her stories to the preferences and sensibilities of foreign audiences. She believes that her books have a wide appeal, primarily because they are so humorous.

The Morgue Drawer volumes are detective novels with elements of comedy. They are written with readers of all ages in mind. The author wants her books to engage audiences with their mysteries and puzzles.

But she also wants her readers to laugh. And her desire is that her fans leave her books having had a great time. Jutta Profijt has imputed her success to her strong will and disciplined approach to work.

The author always outlines her books before she writes them. Even though she claims to be a quick writer, it can take her up to eight months to write one of her books. Most of her work gets done at home.

She has an office there from where she prefers to get most of her writing done. The idea of transporting her laptop to a park or a café or any other location other than her home for the purposes of writing does not appeal to her.

For Jutta Profijt, writing is just like any other form of work. She does not indulge in rituals or music or any other distractions. She merely sits and starts writing. She has no secret ingredients or techniques to which she imputes her writing success.

Despite her disciplined approach to writing, Jutta admits that she needs inspiration like any other author. Jutta cannot simply plant her body in front of a computer and force the ideas to come.

Most of the ideas for her stories are triggered while she is out and about living her life. Her creative process is generally organic. For instance, she was inspired to write the Morgue Drawer series when she went to a Morgue in Cologne and a coroner started telling her and the other writers in her group about the work he did on a daily basis.

As he recounted his experiences, Jutta Profijt imagined how humorous it would be if the coroner had a ghost hanging around him, pestering him as he attempted to keep his visitors engaged.

+Morgue Drawer Four
Doctor Martin Gansewein is a Coroner who loves his job. Shy and reserved, Martin spends his days scrutinizing the dead in perfect peace and quiet. His life of harmony is shattered when one particular dead man refuses to stay dead.

Martin initially doesn’t know what to make of the ghost of a chatty car thief. Pascha just shows up one day and begins to haunt the drawer holding his own body. He has refused to move on because, despite what the police think, he was murdered.

And Pascha refuses to rest in peace while his case remains unsolved. The fact that only Martin can see Pascha means that the coroner is the ghost’s only hope of getting to the bottom of his murder.

+Morgue Drawer Next Door
Once upon a time, the idea of sharing the same room as a ghost would have scared Doctor Martin Gansewein out of his skin. But these days the coroner is happy to chat with Pascha the ghost as he goes about his business.

Of course, Martin would rather be left alone. It took all the strength of will Martin had to help Pascha solve his murder. Now Martin returns to work after some time off hoping to find the Morgue empty.

Not only is Pascha still hanging around but the Morgue is now home to Marlene, the ghost of a dead nun who also needs Martin to help her solve her murder.

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