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Publication Order of Sam Perry Mystery Books

K.A. Tracy is a noted novelist from America famous for writing crime fiction, mystery, suspense, and thriller novels. She is particularly popular for writing the Sam Perry Mystery book series. In this new series, author Tracy has introduced a new sleuthing character named Samantha Perry. Tracy has described Samantha Perry as working as an investigative journalist, who goes after crimes and criminals, and strives to help prevail the justice system by assisting the police authorities in catching the culprits. Sam is depicted as living her life all alone as she prefers to keep her personal life away from her professional one and have peace in it. Author Tracy became very famous for the creation of Sam Perry’s character. She was noticed by numerous renowned critics and prominent fellow writers, who praised her for the excellent writing style, interesting storyline, and unique character descriptions. Even though her debut novel worked wonders for her and became very much successful in all the places of its release, author Tracy has not been able to finish writing the second novel of her writing career so far. She says that she is trying to come up with a story like no other and as soon as she gets hands on anything like it, she will develop it into a story and publish it for her fans. Until then, she has requested her fans to have patience and keep believing in her so that she can remain confident and motivated in creating her next novel. With just one novel to her name, author Tracy has managed to gather a huge fan base. She was able to gain the support a large group of fans from every place her book was published, and within a very less time the book reached out to the masses throughout the world. It was liked by almost all the fans of mystery, crime fiction, and detective stories. The readers responded with great reviews and ratings, which allowed the book to achieve much more success in the literary world. Author Tracy hopes to achieve the same amount of success, or even more, with all her future projects, and prays that she is able to keep up with the high level of work as in her first book. Tracy also hopes to give her best so as to meet the expectations of the critics, her fans, and all the supporters. And last but not the least, she is quite happy with the way she has fared in the literary career so far.

The debut novel of the Sam Perry Mystery series written by author K.A. Tracy is entitled ‘Deadline’. It was released by the Diversion Books in the year 2015. This book features the lead protagonist in the role of Samantha Perry, who lives in Southern California and works as a crime reporter. In addition to Sam Perry, the other important characters mentioned in the novel include Jeff Rydel, Ellen Konrad, and several others. Author Tracy has done the setting of the novel’s plot in Palm Springs. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Jeffy Rydel is a young drifter, whose dead body is discovered from the desert just outside Palm Springs. Suspecting it to be a murder case, the police begin the investigation. However, they are not able to reach any conclusion, nor they find any success in finding any evidences or clues to help them solve the case. When Sam Perry learns about this mysterious murder case, she begins her own investigation and goes on to dig deep enough to reach the bottom of the mystery. Sam Perry works the case backwards and tries to put together the pieces of the mysterious life of the victim, Jeff Rydel. The investigation leads Sam Perry into the shining resort town’s seedier side. She even gets drawn to blackmail, betrayal, and the strip club life. At first, all of Sam’s suspicions point to a former popular actress Ellen Konrad, who has now runnning the election for getting elected as the town’s mayor. Sam Perry is quite able to figure out Ellen Konrad, but she seems highly intrigued by her. The mutual attraction of Ellen Konrad and Samantha Perry grows, bringing them much closer. Soon, Sam discovers many more clues that make her add many other people to her list of suspects. Sam finds out that many of the suspects are keeping hidden secrets and have the perfect motive of killing Jeff Rydel. But, the closer Sam reaches to untangle the shocking mystery, the more threats she faces on her life and the lives of her dear ones. Sam Perry does not fear the grave danger she faces, but she cannot let her close ones become targets of the killer. So, she starts watching her every step and moves ahead carefully. Finally, she ends up catching the murderer and making him pay for his deadly crimes.

At the beginning of the series, author Tracy has mentioned about the life of Samantha Perry prior to getting involved in her first mysterious case. Some ten years back, Sam Perry was a top reporter of crimes in Los Angeles. She was so much involved in crime reporting that she became sick of the death and violence. Later, Sam receives a lucrative offer for the film rights of a novel that she had written a few years ago. She accepts the offer and subsequently shifts to Palm Springs. Sam Perry takes semi retirement from her reporting job and starts working as for an advertising agency in new town. The job gives her the freedom of freelancing as it requires her to put out paper only on weekends. Six months go on like and Sam Perry becomes bored of everything. She does not find anything exciting to do other than investigating about flea infestations and bingo games. The situation becomes so dull for Samantha Perry that she starts longing for the old adrenaline rush. She knows that such an exciting adrenaline rush can only be brought by a real crime. This is when she learns about the murder case of Jeff Rydel. Jumping into the case’s investigation with the first opportunity she gets makes Samantha follow a gripping and taut chase of a cunning murderer.

As the investigation moves forward, Samantha keeps getting engaged in more and more questions and hardly any answers. Her suspects list keeps growing longer. A point comes in the case when Sam Perry realizes that she might be wrong in thinking the case is too complex. A possible explanation to this is that sometimes people tend to look for more complex solutions when in fact there is just a simple solution to the problem. With this, Samantha starts looking into the case with a different angle. Overall, the story flows quite well. It keeps the readers intrigued till the last moment and does not waste any time of the readers. The way the narration flows shows how efficient author Tracy is in her work. She seems to have done a tremendous job in describing the mystery. She has kept things simple yet there are a lot of suspense and mystery. This way, the readers don’t have to scratch their heads in understanding the mysterious plots and they can also enjoy the story thoroughly.

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